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The Importance of Measurement Strategy, Planning and Execution for your Digital Efforts

measurement stratergy

Dubai has witnessed amazing changes in a short span of time; the city has changed from a desert into a teeming metropolis.

From the beginning, Dubai has been a trading hub. Today, you will notice that retailers who ran shops have evolved into fashionable boutiques and some have even become the largest & best malls in the city. Retailers have also been slowly making inroads into e-commerce, in the recent past.

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Facebook Pixel – Its Beauty & Benefits

XKEYSCORE, Tempora, PRISM, FTM, Tacfin, MUSCULAR, NSA, GCHQ, five eyes and governments don’t need to look very hard to get more information about you than has been publicly available all the while.

It is baffling to see people react to the news of personal data being collected by the above services. This information has been provided online by none-other-than-you-yourself.

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Top 4 Content Management System Platforms (CMS) in the UAE

content management platforms

The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest developing economies in the world today. The country has witnessed an extraordinary growth in terms of the number of businesses and individuals building an online presence for their brand. Businesses from across industry verticals have come to understand that the internet could be the best place for them to reach out to customers, interact with them and positively affect their marketing decisions.

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