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Google search… A sneak peek into what’s happening

When we were children, our parents were the supreme authority on any topic under the sun. From “Why is the sky blue?” to “Where do babies come from?” our parents learn to come up with quick and innovative answers to our questions. When we reached school, our teachers took over that sometimes uncomfortable job.

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Google’s Rich Snippets, Meta Data and Schema unveiled

Looking good is an ongoing pursuit, for majority. Only exceptions could perhaps be new born babies who are in great shock soon after they arrive. Good looks attract & demand attention. Rulers of nations as well as ordinary people spend considerable time and money to look good. Good looks increases respect in addition to popularity and likability.

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Smart Content Marketing – The need of the hour

What is content Marketing?

A web site can be promoted in many ways. Advertising used to the most common option. In the beginning there was banner advertising. Then came search marketing – search engine optimization and search advertising. As search engines evolved, the importance of content in websites increased. What initially started as a sub set of SEO, is growing steadily in importance. By and by, Content marketing evolved.

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Hummingbird spawns new search canon

Hummingbird Google LogoGoogle’s fifteenth anniversary brought us the Hummingbird update, which is the biggest change to Google search since 2001 and impacts more than 90 percent of worldwide searches.                                                   

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Which search engine is most popular?


Of the 100’s of search engines, the most popular search engines in the world are Google, Bing & Yahoo. Search engines direct search engine users to relevant web sites. Thus search engines generate traffic to web sites. The share of website traffic generated by Google is said to be 78% whereas Yahoo is said to generate 10% Bing is said to generate 8%.

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History of Search Engine Optimisation


In the beginning was the Internet. Then many years later search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing started. When the search engines started gaining popularity in terms of usage, web site owners understood the importance of ranking high in the search results. Before we go any further – lets have a look at the history of Google & Yahoo.

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Story of Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation is essentially the process of making a web site friendly to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. When a web site becomes friendly with a search engine, as in the physical world, they communicate more often.

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