Francis & Elizabeth Kalarickal


Every great venture starts with a calling, an urge to create something new and great. And so in the summer of 2001, a time when digital media was in its nascent stages, Global Media Insight, the first Digital Agency in the Middle East region was born.

The founding team, with a keen understanding of digital advertising and real-world knowledge of the Middle East market was driven by an immeasurable passion for digital. Faith in all things digital, not to mention, an unfailing faith in God, have shaped this strong, vastly experienced yet unassuming GMI Leadership team.

Meet Francis - the impetus and the driving force behind the agency since 2001. His vision, vast experience and ability to identify the potential of digital advertising for the region so early on, have made him an expert in digital in the region. He heads the Online Media, SEO and Listening & Analytics Divisions. So it's no wonder that Francis and his team of experts stand by their numbers and outperform every single time.

Meet Liz - the digital firebrand of Global Media Insight. In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find someone more passionate and experienced about digital than Liz. She heads the Web and Social Divisions at GMI. Liz excels at building relationships that last a lifetime. Leave it to her to build a solid, creative and strategic communication for clients that focuses on performance and results.

At GMI, you'll always find them taking charge and making a difference. Not to mention being accountable for every action of the agency.

So reach out to Liz and Francis today. They'd love to hear from you.

Francis Kalarickal

Director - Online Advertising

+971 50 535 6027

Elizabeth Kalarickal

Director - Strategy

+971 50 535 6027