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Google Tag manager

4 Tag Management Solutions For Your Website

What Is a Tag Management Solution?

Initially, every time a code/pixel needed to be implemented on the website, marketers had to ask for developer support. A tag management solution (TMS) eliminates the tedious code-editing tasks that formerly required a developer and it helps marketers and analysts easily manage and update tags on a website. It helps you store all the tags on your website in a single master set of code. That means you no longer need to work directly with the website code for each tag that needs to be added, deleted, or modified. TMS provides a user-friendly interface that allows marketers to control and deploy tags. It can help your web pages load more quickly by controlling the way your tags load.

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Comparison Between Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360

Enterprise businesses need enterprise-level analytics solutions. If you have expired the free features of your Google Analytics Standard subscription, chances are you are looking for a more robust, enterprise-level analytics solution that meets your requirements.

Google Analytics comes in two versions – the free version (Standard Google Analytics) that most people have come to love, and the enterprise version – Google Analytics 360. The Standard version has many great applications, but if you need increased data limits, turnkey data integrations, advanced attribution and reporting models, the Google Analytics 360 is the one to choose.

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Google Analytics Heatmap

An Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics Heat Map / In-Page Analytics

A Heatmap is a great tool for visualizing complex statistical data and understanding what users do on your website, where they click, how far they scroll, where they spend the majority of the time, what they look at or ignore. The ultimate way to measure how your users interact and make use of your website is through Heatmaps and session replays. Nowadays most websites use Heatmaps to make data sets comprehensible and actionable. Also, there are plenty of Heatmap service providers available in the market.

Let’s dive deep into Heatmap and find how you can get started with it.

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Attribution Modelling Google Analytics

Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics

Attribution modelling is no longer a time-consuming process. If you’re reviewing online marketing performance by campaign or channel, it’s time to use attribution models in Google Analytics to make well-informed marketing and investment decisions. Since many online retailers employ a multi-channel marketing model, attribution modelling has become a critical part of eCommerce.

You can learn how customers are finding your site, how they interact with it and which channel drives sales. Once you have a better understanding of your customers’ conversion paths, you can better optimize your marketing channels and conversion funnels to boost sales and generate more revenue.

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ga4 event tracking

Events in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is used as a reporting tool by millions of businesses and websites to track visitor interactions across web domains and mobile apps. Most businesses know this platform as the tool that helps them track the number of web traffic they get, monitor important marketing channels and measure their main KPIs. And now Google is offering a new version that’s Google Analytics 4, which is very different from the normal “Universal Analytics”. The latest Google Analytics platform (GA4) includes expanded predictive insights, deeper integration with Google Ads, cross-device measurement capabilities and better data control.

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GA4 search tracking

Automatic Search Tracking with GA 4

Most probably, you might have a search box on your website. But do you know what your visitors are literally searching for? It takes just a couple of minutes to set up search query tracking in your Google Analytics account. This can actually provide you with great insights into your website content. Visitors who use the search bar on your website are more likely to convert into a customer. This helps convert potential buyers who are aware of what they’re looking for. Auto-complete suggests relevant products that a visitor might not have thought of. Here are some benefits of search term tracking.

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abu dhabi tourism

Abu Dhabi Tourism Overview & Statistics

The capital city of UAE shows all its pride when it comes to tourism. Abu Dhabi is a grand blend of magnificent culture and modern architecture – it has everything from historical monuments to the best theme parks in the world.

With a rich history dating back to 3000 B.C., Abu Dhabi has preserved the unique Arabian culture unlike any other Emirate. At the same time, it has evolved into a megacity with all the glitz and glamour one would expect.

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Staycation in UAE

Staycation in UAE – A Comprehensive Guide

You might have seen the term “Staycation” pop up frequently in recent times. Let’s find out more about this new kind of vacation.

What is a Staycation?

Staycation is when you choose a local stay over a foreign trip. The idea is to spend quality time with friends and family indulging in various leisure activities.

A Staycation can also be about exploring or experiencing indigenous things that are new to your knowledge.

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