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The Importance of UI/UX in Website Development

Posted by GMI Blogger Posted in Website Development
November 20th, 2017 at 05:13am

Terms like “user interface” (UI) or “user experience” (UX) can often be complicated ideas to understand, especially with the lack of tangible metrics to separate good UI/UX from the bad. Yet, their impact on modern website design and development is enormous and multifaceted.

As we study this impact, we observe that the emergence of UI/UX as one of the most important factors in a website’s success or failure was the result of a series of revolutionary transformations on a global scale. The explosion of the internet and digital technologies inspired increasingly customer-centric business models around the world, where the focus was not just on delivering great products, but also a great user experience.

There’s more to UX than UI
Your website’s user interface is a combined result of all the elements that make up its complete visual structure, like images, colours, and copy. User experience is an even more expansive idea that speaks about the sequence of actions they go through to accomplish something, how they feel during this process, and the impressions they take away from the whole interaction. It combines both the aesthetic elements of UI and factors like functionality, usability and performance.

UI/UX has a powerful and long-lasting impact on how users interact with a brand’s digital assets, and therefore with the brand.

Great interactions deliver high conversions
The end goal with great UI/UX, especially for online businesses, is to deliver a more positive experience, improve average time-on-site and convert visitors into customers. A beautiful and well-designed user interface will hold your attention right from the start, tugging at your senses, both subtly and boldly, to draw you in and lead you to click that link or make that purchase. Ecommerce websites, for example, that deliver great user interactions and simplify the process of selection and purchase, witness greatly improved sales.

Great experiences foster deep loyalty
Not only does great user experience ensure a great first impression for your website and business, but it can almost always guarantee enduring loyalty. Great user experience is achieved through scores of elements that often operate behind the scenes, influencing and refining metrics like speed, functionality, and website architecture, which in the end, have an overarching effect on user journey. Websites that deliver simplified, functional and positive user experiences enjoy enduring brand loyalty and a faithful set of customers that will visit and revisit them not only for the products they host, but also for the experience they deliver.

Great design in the mobile age
The importance of UI and UX is even more prominent in an age where a majority of the population accesses the internet through mobile devices. Modern customers have tiny attention spans and a whole host of options to choose from. Unless websites are intuitive, responsive, and easy-to-use across all screen sizes, they will never be able offer the kind engaging user experience across multiple devices that pulls in new customers and retains old ones.

UX and UI are ever-changing and ever-evolving ideas, and might take a lot of trials and errors before any website starts getting them right. Even as they get there, brands must make sure that they pay attention to user feedback and study user behaviour to understand what works and what doesn’t.

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