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Search Marketing

Build an Audience that Builds your Business

business building audiencePreviously we talked about the need for smart content marketing and building a loyal and trusting audience. We discussed why it is important to be the go-to guy in your sphere of business. Now let’s try and figure out how we are going to accomplish all these goals-how to create valuable content and build an audience that promotes your business in the long run.

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Google’s Rich Snippets, Meta Data and Schema unveiled

Looking good is an ongoing pursuit, for majority. Only exceptions could perhaps be new born babies who are in great shock soon after they arrive. Good looks attract & demand attention. Rulers of nations as well as ordinary people spend considerable time and money to look good. Good looks increases respect in addition to popularity and likability.

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Smart Content Marketing – The need of the hour

What is content Marketing?

A web site can be promoted in many ways. Advertising used to the most common option. In the beginning there was banner advertising. Then came search marketing – search engine optimization and search advertising. As search engines evolved, the importance of content in websites increased. What initially started as a sub set of SEO, is growing steadily in importance. By and by, Content marketing evolved.

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Target mobile users with landing pages optimised for mobile users


For regular search it was always known that web pages optimised for mobiles get higher in the search engine results page. We have the latest update that Google has made this the rule even for Google adwords advertisements targeting mobile internet users. Thus Google adwords advertisers targeting mobile internet users, can get more competitive bid amount provided the advertisers landing page / click through page is optimised for mobile internet users.

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