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4 Tag Management Solutions For Your Website

Posted by GMI Blogger Posted in Digital Analytics & Business Intelligence,Tag Manager
September 6th, 2021 at 03:04am
Google Tag manager

What Is a Tag Management Solution?

Initially, every time a code/pixel needed to be implemented on the website, marketers had to ask for developer support. A tag management solution (TMS) eliminates the tedious code-editing tasks that formerly required a developer and it helps marketers and analysts easily manage and update tags on a website. It helps you store all the tags on your website in a single master set of code. That means you no longer need to work directly with the website code for each tag that needs to be added, deleted, or modified. TMS provides a user-friendly interface that allows marketers to control and deploy tags. It can help your web pages load more quickly by controlling the way your tags load.

Benefits of Tag Management Solutions

Tag management helps solve numerous issues with manual coding besides certain additional benefits. The best part is it can be done without any technical coding skills. Here are some benefits of using a tag management system:

  • Will make web pages load faster
  • Helps marketers/analysts update tags instantly without developer support
  • Easily track a large number of tags – even hundreds
  • Data accuracy
  • Reduce digital marketing costs
  • Quick testing of different marketing tactics

There are a number of tag management systems available in the market. Also, each of them comes with a unique set of strengths. Here we are listing the top tag management solutions in the market. Read through it and pick the right choice for your website.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) was first introduced in 2012 and has quickly become one of the most widely used TMS solutions in the market. In GTM, it’s easy to add and update any Google AdWords and Analytics tags, DoubleClick Floodlight tags and also many non-Google, third-party tags, directly from the TMS interface.

Key features of GTM:

  • It is free of cost
  • You can add and update your own website tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, etc.
  • It supports all tags and offers easy-to-use templates for Google and third-party tags.
  • Easy-to-use error checking and quick tag loading help you collect critical data accurately and reliably.
  • It works well with websites, AMP sites, as well as with iOS and Android applications.
  • Offers multiple-user access, where each user gets access to view, edit and publish.
  • A new version is created with every published change. You can easily roll back to the previous version if and when needed.

Launch by Adobe

In 2013, Adobe acquired Dynamic Tag Management (DTM), which was later renamed Launch by Adobe. On the platform, marketers can manage tags quickly and easily, and they get access to innovative tools for collecting and distributing data across different systems. Built on the Adobe Cloud Platform, Launch helps you easily access the extensions from a single catalogue. Launch works with both Adobe and non-Adobe products.

Key features of Launch by Adobe:

  • User-friendly interface for both technical and non-technical users
  • Free to Adobe Marketing Cloud customers
  • Timely tag deployment and data capture with an easy to use rule builder
  • Faster deployment with extension catalogue

Tealium iQ Tag Management System

The Tealium iQ tag management system helps you effortlessly control your digital marketing initiatives by making it easy to deploy new vendor tags and edit the existing ones. It has a user-friendly console and a drag-and-drop interface. The platform helps digital marketers and analytics experts to manage tags on their own. It helps to save time and money, improve efficiency and speed up your website performance.

Also, Tealium iQ has built-in turnkey integration with a number of well-known online vendors.

Key features of Tealium iQ Tag Management System:

  • Simplified tag management with 950+ turnkey integrations
  • Controlled, secure deployments
  • Robust privacy capabilities and increased marketing agility
  • Effective variables and load rules management
  • You can easily manage tags on all digital touchpoints – websites, apps and online videos from the same user interface.
  • Available with a 30-day free trial, after which users can select from one of the four pricing plans.

Ensighten Manage

You can choose Ensighten Managesuited if the nature of your business is security-focused, policy and process-driven, and highly collaborative. The platform allows marketers to have technical flexibility in order to meet the demands of configuring and deploying a variety of web tagging requirements. You can also stop data leakage by proactively identifying and correcting unauthorized tags while monitoring for potential privacy and security issues.

Key features of Ensighten Manage:

  • Properly-defined user roles and security access
  • Reliable data centres
  • Mobile App user engagement tracking
  • Collects first-party data about customers from onsite and offsite channels like display advertising, email, videos and Internet of Things device
  • Manage your entire data and vendor tags with a single interface that has more than 1,100 vendor integrations.
  • Custom pricing

Vendors are continually introducing innovative digital marketing solutions. This means that the tag management industry will keep on expanding. If you already have an Adobe subscription, you can easily start using Adobe’s tag management solution. Whereas, if you have several websites receiving high traffic or have other complex needs, Tealium is the best option to keep track of all tags. Marketers and IT staff can use Google’s solution free of cost. Also, It’s easy to add and edit tags for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and so on in GTM.

Don’t know how to implement a TMS, or are you still confused about choosing the best tag management solution for your website? Talk with our TMS certified experts now – we can help you with this.


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