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UAE Internet Statistics 2020 (Infographics)

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March 26th, 2020 at 01:10am
internet statistics of uae 2020

The last two decades have completely reshaped the digital landscape of UAE. By creating a conducive environment for digital technologies through infrastructure and policies, UAE has now grown into the most digital-friendly country in the Middle East. By promoting innovators, the country has also been playing a prominent role in the growth of new digital technologies.

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UAE’s love for digital is reflected in the large-scale adoption of digital technologies by the country’s populace. The total population of UAE in 2020 is 9.83 million, out of which the number of active internet users were recorded to be 9.73 million which is 99% of the total population. See below to see Population, Internet, Social & Mobile Statistics of UAE

mobile and internet statistics uae

Think Mobile-First

The scope for internet-based businesses in the country has been growing fast. A whopping 9.06 million UAE citizens are active mobile internet users. So, any new and innovative apps looking to enter this market will have a large user base to target. The last few years have seen an increased focus on the digital service sector. This field is ripe with opportunities in both hardware as well as software field. The increased innovation in the hardware field has led to the rise of super speedy internet connections giving a real boost to social media usage.

Besides the surfing at desktop or tablets, people prefer to be active at social media platforms regardless of time and this reflects the trend of increasing usage of smartphones in UAE. This massive upswing in mobile internet usage can be attributed to the availability of advanced internet facilities like 4G at lower price plans. 53.16% of users connect to the internet using smartphones, 45.30% use computers and just 1.54% use tablets.

Always Connected

uae internet speed

When considering the most preferred mode of connecting to the internet, 53% of the population are completely reliant on smartphones for their internet access. A reason for this could be that while the average broadband connection speed is just 90.57 Mbps, the average mobile internet speed is 86.77 Mbps.

Daily Internet Usage Statistics

internet usage time in uae

The stats indicate that the average Emirati spends 7 hours 03 minutes on the internet every day, out of which 2 hours 57 minutes is spent on social media.

The frequency of internet usage is also very high in the Emirates with 93% of accessing the internet at least once in a day. 6% of users access the internet once in a week and 1% use it once in a month.

Top 5 Websites in UAE

uae top websites 2020, and are the Top 3 websites in UAE according to Alexa . These are followed by and

Top Google Search Queries in UAE

The keyword ‘Dubai’ is the most searched query in the UAE. This is followed by the keywords UAE, Google, Abu Dhabi, Youtube.

UAE is looking at a fully digitized future with internet penetration edging closer to 100% every year. The ISPs have been introducing some of the latest communication technologies to the country and an ever increasing number of services are now linked to the internet. UAE’s digital future is set to put it on par with the best of the world.

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Disclaimer: GMI acknowledges that though we try to report accurately, we cannot verify the absolute facts of everything that has been represented on this infographic. The information represented is based on information researched from various sources on the internet. We are not liable for any errors, financial loss, or damages of any kind that may result from the use of, or reliance on, the information herein.

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