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UAE Internet Social & Mobile Statistics 2015 Infographics

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February 20th, 2015 at 08:41am

The year 2015 has proved to be a time of social media prominence with phenomenal digital growth in UAE and across the world. We have seen mobile devices dominating the digital world in 2014 and this omnipresent instrument is slated to gain further precedence in 2015

UAE Internet & Social Thumbnail

UAE has seen stupendous growth in Internet and mobile usage in the past few years. Let us take a look at how the figures stand in the first quarter on 2015. The Infographics below depicts Population, Internet, Social & Mobile Statistics of UAE as on January 2015

UAE Internet Social Media & Mobile Stats

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Internet Penetration stats of UAE

UAE Population & Internet Users

Of the total of 9.58 million people, around 8.81 million are active internet users. That is an amazing 92% of the population, a figure that is beaten only by Canada and is significantly higher than countries such as USA, UK and Germany

Global Internet Use Stats 2015

Internet Usage around the Globe – Source :-

Social Media in UAE

UAE Social Media Stats

More than 56% of people in the UAE are active in the social media, whereas the global average stands at a paltry 29%. Of more than 5.4 million active social media accounts in UAE, close to 4.6 million are mobile accounts. That means close to 85% of social media user’s access their accounts through their mobile devices

Web Traffic across Devices

Now let’s take a closer look at the usage patterns across devices and average time spent
Traffic Across Devices 2015

More and more people across the UAE are hopping on the smartphone bandwagon, with 50% of the internet users browsing with the help of their mobile devices. But mobile users spend only 3 hours 45 minutes online on average. The PCs and laptops are not far behind, with 44% of internet users still using them to access the net. PC and laptop users spend more time online, on an average more than 5 hours.

Tablet usage is slowly gaining momentum as witnessed by the 6% of internet users who go online using a tablet. But tablet users spend on an average 3 hours and 35 minutes online.

Mobile Internet Usage

Mobile Internet Users Stats UAE

Did you know there are more than 7.27 million active mobile internet users in UAE? This constitutes about 76% of the total population of 9.58 million. Of these, 52% use social media apps, while 45% regularly watch videos on their mobile phones. The percentage of the population who play games on their mobile phones stands at 33%, and nearly 31% use mobile banking services.

Additionally, mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, WeChat and Facebook Messenger have shot to the top ranking, indicating that our digital behaviour is shaped around the mobile. With all this data in hand, we expect that the mobile will further push the internet penetration to its peak in the days to come

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