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YouTube SEO – Your Miniature Guide

YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google, is the next best site that internet users visit for information. From hilarious cat videos to fascinating facts from around the globe and inspiring stories of our favourite idols, the list is endless.

With a spike in digital trends and the growing importance of videography as a medium of presentation, getting ourselves out there is important.

Now, let’s say, we managed to build our presence on YouTube. So, what next?

Getting noticed.

There’s been a rise in the use of videos in educational institutions, corporate organizations, industries and within households. With a spike in demand, the supply has also risen. The end result is increased competition in various niches on YouTube. Hence, standing out becomes all the more important.

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New features for visually smart video ads on Facebook

The world is moving faster than ever. Technology gets outdated in no time, attention spans plummet and brands compete with each other to gain a strong online presence. Videos on Facebook enjoy a whopping 100 million hours of viewership every day and each moment can make a big difference for advertisers. Facebook video ads can take your business to success and add value to your brand.

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Dubai Video ranks in Top 6 Viral Videos of 2014

2014 is only half over, but we have plenty of contenders for the best viral videos of the year. From Oscar fever to Base Jumping from Burj Khalifa, we have gone through the best (and some of the worst) videos of the year to bring you a list of must-see viral videos of the year. We have not ranked them in the order of views since we cannot help but listing the Dubai video on the top of the list. Enjoy!

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