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What’s More Important – Your Website Or Facebook Page?

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September 24th, 2014 at 08:02am

Social Networks have very wisely made it very easy to setup a digital presence without the need to get all technical with domain names, hosting accounts, programmers, and other potentially complex things(and it gets easier every year). Facebook is a great example. It takes little more than five minutes to setup a profile, upload a few nice photos, and voila – you have a digital presence, albeit a very basic one.

They even give you the option to select a vanity URL, and your Facebook Page’s SEO ranking can potentially reach something quite respectable in a short span of time. The only catch is that you’re forced to constantly create and publish content in order to maintain an active and engaged audience.

Confused of startting a website

With a website, you have to get yourself a domain name and hosting account; and, of course, get somebody to build you one. It takes a considerable more time to setup than a Facebook Page, and in the era of Social Networks, do you really need a website anymore? Is that hassle worth it? Well, dear Reader, the answer is yes…

As beneficial (and potentially crucial, depending on your situation) as having a strong presence on one or more Social Networks can be, you are governed by somebody else’s rules and regulations. You don’t own the platform, and never will. Ultimately, your investment resides on a website owned and operated by another entity. Your website, however, is owned by you and is your safety net in the long-term. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t invest in having a Facebook Page – we’re huge advocates of Social Media, and we have a dedicated team to support any requirement you may have in this area. We are, however, saying that your website should take fair share of importance. It might not bear the immediate fruits that Facebook possibly can – but it is your golden nest egg, the mothership that your digital marketing will eventually return to, and a platform you can always rely on.

Don’t be like the many we’ve seen that take their websites for granted and leave them to rot while they focus on their social endeavors. Treat them as the siblings they are, and invest in them both. Your website will stand strong against the tides of change, and if coupled with your presences on Social Networks, will benefit your brand a great deal.

We’ve been in the business for over a decade now. With a large (and growing!) team of highly experienced web designers, developers, and strategists, we can support you from planting the seeds to harvesting the fruits of your investments. Give us a call today!

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