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May 26 2023 at 4:33am

For sharing videos or advertising, there exists no other platform as rewarding as YouTube on the planet now. There has never been a website in the past decade that gives us opportunities to become popular overnight and make money online by just uploading videos.

Video marketing dominates the content marketing industry today. YouTube, the pioneer video sharing platform and the second largest search engine, experienced a 4.9% growth rate in 2021 according to SEMrush statistics. In 2022, the number of YouTube viewers was 210 million in the US alone! As videos continue to impress and engage customers, we are anticipating a huge rise in YouTube viewership in 2023 and beyond. 

Features introduced by the platform of late such as Shorts, Live streaming, Chapters, Premieres, Community Tab, etc. continue to attract more content creators and consumers. As 2023 progresses, we will definitely see a rise in the number of YouTube users and subscribers, thanks to the content diversity it offers. Here, let us explore the YouTube user statistics for 2023 and try to gauge its current relevance. 

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Interesting YouTube Statistics 2023

  • According to the latest Statista reports, over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube per month.

  • India has the most YouTube users in 2023, estimated at 467 million.

  • Technically, YouTube is the second-largest search engine, after Google.

  • YouTube’s global advertising revenue in the third quarter of 2022 equals 7.07 billion U.S. dollars.

  • With 232 million subscribers, T-Series is the most subscribed YouTube channel globally

  • Ryan’s World channel generated the most revenue on YouTube in 2020 (29 million subscribers).

  • In 2023, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music together have more than 80 million subscribers around the world.

  • YouTube is the second most popular social media platform, after Instagram.

  • Every day, people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views.

  • 54.4% of YouTube users are male.

  • 45.6% of YouTube users are female.

  • Most YouTube users fall in the age group of 15-35.

  • More than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices.

  • Music, entertainment, and education are the most frequently watched genres on YouTube.

  • In 2020, the biggest advertiser on YouTube was Apple Inc, having spent $237.15 million.

  • YouTube accounts for around 25% of global mobile traffic.

  • The percentage of OTT watchers consuming YouTube content is 94.5%

  • 16.4% of YouTube traffic comes from the US, 9.2% from India, and 4.8% from Japan. 

  • An average YouTube visitor checks nearly nine pages per day. 

  • YouTube is the most used social platform for research purposes among B2B decision-makers with 50.9% users.

  • There are more than a hundred local versions of YouTube in over 80 languages. 

  • Of the top 100 searches on YouTube, 20% are related to music. 

  • 6% of Google’s ad revenues are created from YouTube. 

  • YouTube Shorts generates more than 30 billion views per day.

  • The average length of a YouTube Short video is over 15 seconds.

  • YouTube is the second most popular platform for influencer marketing.

  • The most popular languages used on YouTube are English and Spanish.

  • It has been observed that as of the third quarter of 2020, about 62 percent of YouTube users in the US access the platform daily. 

  • Me at the Zoo”, the first YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005. 

Here’s an infographic narrating the overall user statistics, mobile user statistics and user demographics of YouTube to help you make an intelligent decision.

Basic Facts About YouTube 

YouTube has been a part of our lives since 2005, entertaining us with videos, ranging from web series to news, product reviews, music, movies, how-to videos, unboxing and vlogs, uploaded by individuals and organizations from various corners of the world.

In the year 2006, Google bought it from its founding fathers, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley for a whopping $1.65 billion.

Now, a decade and a half later, with 2.6 billion users, this video sharing site is the second most visited website after Google and holds a second position in Alexa’s global ranking of websites.

The Second Most Popular Social Media Platform

When it comes to popularity, as a social media platform, YouTube ranks second and Instagram, first.

Check out the list of the most-used social networks in 2023.




2.91 Billion


2.60 Billion


2.00 Billion


1.47 Billion


1.26 Billion


1.00 Billion

FB Messenger

988 Million


600 Million


574 Million

Seina Weibo

573 Million


573 Million


557 Million


550 Million


444 Million


436 Million


430 Million


300 Million

YouTube Users Statistics 2023

Over the years, YouTube has grown and gained a big number of users. We have prepared a few important statistics about YouTube users to help you better understand its audience.

Daily Active Users on YouTube

Daily active users mean the number of YouTube users on any given day. These figures help us know how many people access YouTube daily as part of their routine.

  • YouTube has over 122 million active users daily.

  • 1 billion hours of content is watched across the world every day.

  • 62% of YouTube users in the USA access the platform on a daily basis.

Monthly Active Users on YouTube

Monthly active users mean the number of YouTube users in a given month. Since only the logged-in users are counted, the actual figures can be higher.

  • YouTube has more than 2.6 billion monthly active users.

  • YouTube Premium and Music together have more than 80 million subscribers in the world.

  • More than ¼ of the world’s population uses YouTube every month.

  • Around half of the internet users around the world have access to YouTube.

YouTube Users by Year

YouTube continues to take the center stage as the main personal entertainment medium. YouTube users have been increasing by leaps and bounds since its launch, for reasons known and unknown. However, simply put, variety is the spice of life for consumers and YouTube rightly provides that. Take a look at the year-on-year YouTube user growth.




2.6 Billion


2.3 Billion


2.0 Billion


1.8 Billion


1.5 Billion


1.4 Billion


1.2 Billion


1.1 Billion


1.0 Billion


0.8 Billion

  • From 0.8 billion in 2012 to 2.6 billion in 2021, YouTube user growth has been tremendous in the last decade. A total of 1.8 billion new users were added to the YouTube user list.

  • YouTube content is currently viewed by more than 2.6 billion people.

YouTube User Engagement

User engagement on YouTube is reportedly high when compared to other websites like Facebook, Twitter and video streaming sites like Netflix. YouTube users consume over 1 billion hours of videos daily, which roughly equates to 5 billion videos. According to estimates, a user sticks to the platform for about 19 minutes and 39 seconds on average.

Looking at the frequency and volume of uploads, over 500 hours of video uploads happen every single minute on YouTube. This makes the platform a warehouse of videos with more than 5 billion videos shared so far. Every single visit that happens on YouTube is counted as 6.95 page views approximately.

YouTube is quite democratic in the sense that it offers its visitors the freedom to express their ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ for videos uploaded. The video that has garnered the most number of ‘likes’ so far is “Despacito” while “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” bags the credit of being the most-disliked video ever on the platform.

By the way, “Me at the zoo” was the first video that appeared on YouTube and it was uploaded in 2005.

YouTube Users 2023 by Country

With local versions available in over 100 countries and 80 different language options to choose from, YouTube is the number one video-sharing platform in the world with more than 95% of the internet population using it.

Now, while looking at the number of YouTube users by country, it is evident that India tops the list. According to the latest statistics, India has the largest YouTube user population, with 467 million active users.

With 246 million users, the USA has the next largest user base for the platform. The other three countries that found a place in the 2023 top 10 list are Brazil (third), Indonesia (fourth), and Mexico (fifth) with 142, 139 and 81.8 million users respectively. Japan comes in sixth place with more than 78 million users. Pakistan has the seventh rank with 71.7 million users, followed by Germany (eighth) with 70.9 million users. Vietnam holds ninth place and Turkey tenth place with 63.0 million and 57.9 million users respectively.

While looking at the top-performing countries, you can easily identify global diversity. All these countries saw a massive increase in users since 2013. Considering the gender of YouTube users, 54.4% of users in 2023 are males while females constitute only 45.6%.


Users (Data as of May 2023)


467 Million


246 Million


142 Million


139 Million


81.8 Million


78.4 Million


71.7 Million


70.9 Million


63.0 Million


57.9 Million

YouTube Views by Country

When it comes to views, the story is quite different. The US leads the chart of the top 10 countries with the highest YouTube views, with 916 billion views per month. This equates to an average of 2,726 views per person. India takes the second position with a share of 503 billion views per month. However, when considering the size of its population, the per capita views are merely 354. The UK secures the third spot with 391 billion views, which translates to an impressive 5,750 views per person. The remaining countries on the list, in order of their views, are Brazil, Thailand, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Japan, and Canada.

CountryViews (in Billion)Population (in Billion)Approximate Views/Population
South Korea2040.0514000

Youtube Views by Region

Now, let’s look at the popularity and appeal of YouTube in different regions. Here, population can interfere with the view count. Out of the six regions, Asia-Pacific stands out as the largest consumer of YouTube content, accounting for 30% of the total views. Europe and North America follow closely, with both regions holding an equal share of 27% views. South America, on the other hand, represents only 10% of all views. Meanwhile, the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) contribute a mere 5% and 2% of the views, respectively.

RegionViews %
North America27%
South America10%

YouTube Demographics 2023

YouTube is home to all types of content. From tech news to entertainment and housekeeping ideas– you can find them all on YouTube. As a result, the user demographics of YouTube is diverse. Let’s break down the user demographics by age and gender to get a better idea of its popularity. 

YouTube Gender Demographics

Considering the gender of the users, YouTube is more popular with men than women. Male users amount for 54.4% of the YouTube viewing population, while female users account for only 45.6% of visitors.

YouTube Age Demographics

There’s a YouTube video for literally everyone, no matter what age they belong to. If we break down YouTube viewership by age groups, we can see that 82% of YouTube users fall between the ages of 18 to 65+. When we take a closer look at these groups, we see that the 25-34 age group is actually the biggest consumer of YouTube content with 20%, followed closely by the 35-44 age group (16.7%) and the 18-24 age group (15%).















YouTube Penetration

It’s no secret that YouTube has long been a haven for both content creators and binge watchers. With more and more people discovering its potential for earning money and entertainment, today, in 2023, YouTube usage is higher than ever in the world.

Here’s the global YouTube penetration statistics for 2023. The UAE has the highest YouTube penetration rate in 2023, with 98.7% of the population using it. Netherlands and Norway come in second and third place with 92.7% and 92.1% respectively. The UK is very close behind with 91.9 % penetration rate followed by South Korea (91.6%), Israel (91.3%), Hong Kong (91.3%).



YouTube Penetration


United Arab Emirates









United Kingdom



South Korea






Hong Kong



Saudi Arabia








YouTube Video Statistics 2023

  • It is estimated that more than 500 hours worth of new content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

  • On average, a user spends 19 minutes 39 seconds on YouTube every day.

  • In total, almost 5 billion videos are watched by users on YouTube every single day.

  • According to Statista, the average length of a YouTube video is around 11.7 minutes.

  • Among all the categories on the video platform, music video content was found to have the shortest video length, with an average duration of 6.8 minutes per video.

  • It is calculated that there are at least 800 million videos on YouTube, and if not, possibly many more than that.

YouTube Device Statistics 2023

  • Nearly 90% of all user visits as of November 2022 came from mobile and smartphone devices worldwide.

  • Desktop computers accounted for 10.5 percent of global traffic to as of November 2022.

  • Almost 70% of the users in the US access YouTube through their smartphones.

  • The YouTube mobile app had over 10 billion downloads on the Google Play store as of May 2023.

YouTube Channel Statistics 2023

It’s difficult to keep up with all the new YouTube channels that appear every other hour. To offer you a clearer view, below are some major statistics about some popular YouTube channels in 2023.

Top 10 YouTube Channels Revenue

YouTube offers a share of its advertising revenue to its content creators (or YouTubers). So, if you have interesting YouTube video ideas, know how to wield camera, and use YouTube video editing software, it is pretty easy to make money online with YouTube. There are hundreds of thousands of professional YouTubers today, earning a decent income from their channels. Here, we look at the top ten highest-grossing YouTube channels of 2020. (2023 data is not available, we will update it as soon as we get it).



Revenue (2020)


Ryan’s World

$29.5 Million


Mr Beast

$24 Million


Dude Perfect

$23 Million


Rhett and Link

$20 Million



$19.5 Million



$19 Million


Like Nastya

$18.5 Million



$17 Million


David Dobrik

$15.5 Million


Jeffree Star

$15 Million

Top 5 YouTube Channels

There are hundreds of thousands of YouTube channels created by both individuals and brands. Based on their subscriber following, the channel that comes first is T-Series (235 Million). YouTube Movies secures the second place with 162 Million subscribers, followed by Cocomelon with 153 Million subscribers. Set India takes the fourth position amassing 151 Million subscribers and Music channel, the fifth with 118 Million subscribers.




235 Million

YouTube Movies

162 Million

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

153 Million

SET India

151 Million


118 Million

Top 5 Most Subscribed YouTubers

With 132 Million subscribers, MrBeast is the most-subscribed YouTuber in 2023. His channel deals with challenges, stunts, and charities. The Swedish-born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie in the YouTube world, is the second most subscribed YouTuber with 111 Million subscribers. Felix started out by streaming Live video games as he played them and giving humorous and relatable commentary. He expanded his content range, over the years, to include vlogs, reaction videos, etc. 

The third position is occupied by Like Nastya. The 8-year-old Russian-American YouTuber is now a star among kids with her content, which includes songs, educational videos, unboxings, vlogs, and roleplays. She has 104 Million subscribers today. 

The Canadian singer Justin Bieber takes fourth place with 70.9 Million subscribers. An internationally acclaimed pop musician, Bieber has managed to gain a huge fan following since 2007. 

In the fifth position with 56.1 Million subscribers is Christopher Comstock. He is known in the YouTube community as Marshmello. He is an American DJ and music producer who has certified platinum hit songs and has been featured on the Billboard Music Charts. Both Justin Bieber and Marshmello gained top spots by sharing music videos through their channels.




132 Million


111 Million

Like Nastya

104 Million

Justin Bieber

70.9 Million


56.1 Million

Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Based on Monthly Views

As usual, music videos and kids’ content dominate the charts in terms of views. According to the most recent data available for 2022, Wiz Khalifa’s Music channel ranks first in terms of monthly views, with 5.99 billion. Wow Kidz comes in second place with 5.02 billion views. T-Series, which is the biggest channel on YouTube, takes the third spot with 2.72 billion views. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes and SET India takes the 4th and 5th positions with 2.42 billion and 2.33 billion views respectively.



Wiz Khalifa’s Music

5.99 Billion

Wow Kidz

5.02 Billion


2.72 Billion

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

2.42 Billion

SET India

2.33 Billion

Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Videos

Out of the top 5 most watched YouTube videos, 3 are kids’ rhymes. Perhaps kids all over have been dancing to catchy tunes on YouTube. 

Baby Shark Dance has the highest number of views with 12.30 billion. Despacito- a single by Louis Fonsi, takes the second position with 8.10 billion views. The oldie but goldie song- Johny Johny Yes Papa is in the third position with 6.59 billion views. Another popular rhyme-Bath Song comes in fourth place with 5.96 billion views, and Shape of You – a very successful single by Ed Sheeran, comes in fifth place with 5.89 billion views. 

Video Title


Baby Shark Dance

12.30 Billion


8.10 Billion

Johny Johny Yes Papa

6.59 Billion

Bath Song

5.96 Billion

Shape of You

5.89 Billion

YouTube Monthly Traffic by Country

Although India has the highest YouTube User population, the most monthly traffic volume to the website is generated by Users in the United States with 11.7 billion visits. South Korea gains the second highest position with 8.25 billion visits, while India is in the third position with 4.2 billion visits per month. Brazil is in the fourth position with 3.6 Billion visits to the site monthly.



United States

11.7 Billion

South Korea

8.25 Billion


4.20 Billion


3.60 Billion

Distribution of YouTube Users Worldwide

By analyzing the distribution of YouTube users worldwide in 2023, we can see that the highest percentage of users are in the age group 25-34 in both Male (11.90%) and Female (8.80%) categories. The lowest percentage of male users are in the elderly category of 65+ (4.20%), but the lowest percentage of female users are in the age group of 55-64 (4.40%).

Age Group





















YouTube Premium Statistics 2023

YouTube Premium, the premium version of YouTube, was introduced to cater to users’ desire for uninterrupted viewing. Originally launched as Music Key in 2014 and later rebranded as YouTube Red in 2015, it finally settled as YouTube Premium in 2018. As of 2023, YouTube Premium and Music boast over 80 million subscribers.

Apart from being ad-free, YouTube Premium offers users access to YouTube originals, music, the ability to download videos, and background play. It is available as a one-month subscription that can be cancelled at the end of the subscription period.

To further promote the use of Premium among users, the channel has added new features in 2023, such as video queuing for mobile devices, live sharing to watch videos with friends and family, a resume-watching feature, smart downloads, and 1080p videos.

It is estimated that by 2024, approximately 27.9 million users in the United States alone will subscribe to YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium Subscribers Over the Years

YouTube Premium had a humble beginning, with users not fully understanding its potential. The subscription slowly grew from 1.5 million in 2015 to 3 million in 2016, but then declined to 2.8 million in 2017. However, starting in 2017, subscription numbers began to see a strong upward surge, increasing from 10 million users in 2018 to 80 million users in 2022.


Premium Subscribers


80 Million


50 Million


30 Million


18 Million


10 Million


2.8 Million


3 Million


1.5 Million

YouTube Shorts Statistics 2023

YouTube Shorts was introduced in 2020 as Google’s answer to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Now available in 100 countries, these 60-second videos have managed to capture users’ attention, receiving 15 billion views every day. To encourage more “Shorts”, the company has started providing monetary incentives to Shorts creators and has also introduced Shorts on TV.

Here are some interesting statistics related to YouTube Shorts in 2023:

  • In 2023, YouTube Shorts reached 50 billion daily views, compared to 30 billion daily views in 2022.

  • The 5-Minute Crafts Family video “FUNNY DIY FOOT SOAP” has the largest number of views. In 2023, it received 10 million likes and 33,000 comments.

  • YouTube Shorts has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users.

  • YouTube Shorts videos grew by 135% between 2021 and 2022.

  • 72% of YouTube Shorts have a time span of more than 15 seconds.

YouTube Monetary Statistics 2023

  • In the first quarter of 2023, YouTube generated $6.69 billion in revenue.

  • YouTube’s advertising revenue by itself accounted for about 11.35 percent of Google’s overall revenue in 2022.

  • YouTube generated $28.8 billion in revenue in 2021, a 30.4 percent increase from the previous year.

  • The average revenue earned by any YouTuber on YouTube is around $18 per 1000 ad videos, which is highly dependent on views.

  • About 68% of AdSense revenue is paid out by Google. Accordingly, the content creator receives $68 from Google for every $100 the advertiser spends.

YouTube Search Statistics 2023

  • Every day, more than 3.5 billion searches are made on YouTube.

  • BTS, Pewdiepie, ASMR, etc. are the top globally searched terms on YouTube in 2023.

  • Aaj Tak Live, Tv9 Live Telugu, Jabardasth Latest Episode, etc. are by far the top search terms on YouTube in India.

  • Pewdiepie, ASMR, Music, etc, are the most searched-for worldwide terms on YouTube in the US.


Now, coming back to the question…should you be using YouTube to market your business? Of course, it’s an emphatic yes! When studies say that 95% of internet users watch YouTube, you’re missing out on incredible opportunities if you don’t include video marketing in your digital marketing mix.

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Disclaimer: GMI acknowledges that though we try to report accurately, we cannot verify the absolute facts of everything that has been represented on this infographic. The information represented is based on information researched from various sources on the internet. We are not liable for any errors, financial loss, or damages of any kind that may result from the use of, or reliance on, the information herein.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many YouTube users are there in the world?

YouTube has been accelerating in growth as the number-one video-sharing platform, with more than 2.6 Billion active users. No other platforms have come close to achieving such a large audience through a video-sharing service.

2. How many YouTube Channels are there today?

Taking advantage of the exposure to a global audience and a free unlimited cloud storage option, YouTube hosts over 51 Million Channels from people all over the world.

3. How many videos are on YouTube?

YouTube has hosted over 694 hours of video spread across 800 million videos. These videos are shown among the 37 million channels on this platform.

4. Which YouTube Channel has the most subscribers in 2023?

T-Series is the most subscribed YouTube Channel as of 2023 with 235 million subscribers. A film production company and music record label, T-Series posts Bollywood songs and movie trailers on their channel.

5. Which is the most subscribed YouTube individual in 2023?

MrBeast is the most-subscribed YouTuber in the whole world as of 2023. He has a whopping 132 Million subscribers on his channel.

6. Which is the longest video on YouTube?

The longest YouTube video which totals 571 hours, 1 minute and 41 seconds has been created by Jonathan Harchick. It consists of a slide show that shows photographs of Harchik’s trip to Chile.

7. How many people use YouTube daily?

Over 122 million people access YouTube on a daily basis.

8. How many YouTube channels are there in India?

There are more than 40,000 YouTube channels in India.

9. How many YouTube users are there in India?

There are 467 million YouTube users in India.

10. Who was the first YouTuber?

Jawed Karim, also the co-founder of YouTube, was the first person to post on the channel. It was an 18 second video called ‘Me at the Zoo. 

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