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E-Commerce Design

Design is a major factor when it comes to engaging visitors in an E-commerce website and converting them into customers. Just as consumers are more attracted to physical stores that are attractive, organized and clean, they are also more likely to shop at online stores that are well-designed, user-friendly and offer a pleasant user experience.

This includes the layout of products and product pages, the contrast and colours, the patterns, the background, the buttons and much more. How you design your E-com presence just might decide the amount of success you achieve with it.


GMI & E-Commerce Websites

For the past 21 Years, we have been offering web design services to some of the leading national and international brands operating in the UAE, Middle East and India. This success stems from the creative and technical genius of our people and the keen insights we've developed over these years about how even the most latent factors can contribute to subconsciously affecting customer purchasing decisions.

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Rather than short-term leads and conversions, we believe that how a person connects with a brand is much more important for the long-term growth of the business. Which is why we make it a point to implement world-class UI/UX and cutting-edge design elements into all of our creations.


E-commerce Design Services We Provide

  • Layouts optimized for increased conversions
  • Customized UI/UX design
  • Planned page appearance based on customer purchasing trends
  • Product showcasing
  • Promotional banners
  • Landing pages

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Stunning Designs to Turbocharge
Your E-commerce Website


Design is a major factor when it comes to engaging visitors in a website and converting them into customers. Just like physical stores incorporating colourful contemporary designs, with neatly ordered products and aisles, have much better chances of retaining customers and increasing sales, e-com stores that are visually appealing, organized and user-friendly are similarly sought-after.

In fact, the need for great design is only amplified in E-commerce websites, since most purchases start off as leisurely browsing. If the brand is not able to deliver a good experience on this end, customers will not move on to the next step.
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Great design not only helps you stand out among competitors, but also offers your customers a pleasing and engaging environment that they are more likely to visit and revisit.

A Gorgeous Online Storefront is
Everything Your Business Needs

  • Improved Sales Figures

    A well-planned E-commerce web design strategy coupled with quality E-commerce website development can guide you towards displaying your products more effectively on the website. You may constantly tweak website elements based on E-commerce web analytics reports, to ensure that your customers are much more engaged, spend more time on site and are more likely to make purchases. To know how to realise this,

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  • Targeted Marketing

    Design can be used to offer customized marketing, wherein some products are highlighted either to certain customers or sections of customers. This kind of targeting is also implemented using design elements and content that speak directly to customers in their tongue, making it much more likely for them to engage and connect with the brand.

  • Build Brand Value

    Not everybody has a well-designed E-commerce website. Not every brand can implement layout and designs that are targeted to respond to individual purchasing trends. This kind of professionalism speaks out to your customers and makes them trust in your efficiency and capabilities as a brand.

  • Improved Search Rankings

    It's no secret that Google loves good design. If you are able to offer your customers a clean, elegant and well-designed user experience, Google will take notice and push you up in its rankings. Let your design guide you to the top of the search page.
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