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With over sixteen years of experience as the one of the leading SEO firms in the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI knows that the right SEO strategies can reap rewards for your brand. We focus on white hat SEO solutions like Wikipedia Optimisation to grow your business organically and provide tangible results for your company and brand.

People look at Wikipedia as a trusted source of information. More than 460 million people visit Wikipedia and rely on the information posted there. The Encyclopedia of today’s age, this open source website allows people to post, create or modify content.


GMI & Wikipedia Optimisation

For the past 16 years GMI has been an active player in the digital marketing and online advertising space in the UAE, the Middle East and India. We have worked with some of the leading national and international brands, helping them to create and update their Wikipedia pages to boost their online presence.

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Wikipedia pages must be supported with reliable references, formatted correctly and written in accordance with Wikipedia’s style manual. GMI’s expert Wikipedia editors can help you, whether you are a business, celebrity, individual or a non-profit organization.


Wikipedia Optimisation Services We Offer

  • Wikipedia page with guaranteed approval
  • Wikipedia monitoring
  • Creating press coverage
  • Concept development
  • Crisis editing
  • Reputation management
  • Wikipedia translation services

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Wikipedia pages act like a comprehensive database with a history about your business or about yourself. Having a Wikipedia page is a valuable digital asset as it is one of the top most visited websites today. Even Google’s search algorithms use data from Wikipedia to populate its Knowledge Graphs.

Wikipedia pages are well ranked within a topic’s search results. GMI’s Wikipedia Optimisation services also encompass Monitoring to check for any malicious content and offer translation of your page to interact with the community you want to reach out to.
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A Wikipedia page is the first thing people see on SERPs. Ranked as the 7th most visited website globally, Wikipedia lends you credibility, popularity and opens opportunities for you and your business.

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  • Brand value

    A study conducted in 2012, revealed that 96% of the tested group trusted the Wikipedia page of a brand more than any other source on the internet. Also, a company or brand with a Wikipedia page is considered more trustworthy than companies which do not have a page.
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  • Visibility

    Increase your visibility on websites with a Wikipedia listing. People from all over the world rely on Wikipedia for authentic and reliable information. A Wikipedia page gives you an edge over your competition and gives you a legitimate route for link building.

  • Boost search engine results

    A Wikipedia page can boost your search engine results. Considered as a high-authority website, Wikipedia also allows you to link to your website, and this can help raise your profile online.

  • Grow your business

    A by-product of a Wikipedia page is increased sales. As people check out your Wikipedia page and find that you are a credible entity, they follow through by clicking on the link to your website and finally end up buying your product or service.
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