6 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid in Adwords

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Apr 30 2014 at 5:57am

1. Targeting your ads for people outside your targeted location

Google Adwords mistakesIt’s a common mistake that many people choose the Google recommended option. But we have to make sure whether we need to target those who are located in your targeted location or those who are not located in your location but searching for services in your targeted location. If you are doing a local business, its waste of money targeting your ad to people located outside your targeted location.

Geolocation targeting Adwords

2. Lack of Negative keywords

Negative keywords control irrelevant traffic to the website. These keywords have to be added to the campaign periodically. This can also help you control your spend and increase the Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Once we are able to avoid our expense on unwanted users, we can allocate our budget only for potential users. Your money can be utilized effectively. The negative keywords can be added at account, campaign and ad group levels.

3. Too many keywords in an ad group

It is advised not to have more than 20 similar keywords in an ad group. This will help in the formation of a tightly themed ad group. A tightly themed ad group can bring users of same interest to a single landing page using an ad copy of same theme. This can improve the CTR of your campaign.

4. Not using the keyword in the ad copy

Using the keyword in the ad copy improves the Ad Relevancy which attracts clicks from the users. This increases CTR which gradually improves Quality Score of your keywords.

5. Not taking advantage of using Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions increases the number of clicks and the CTR. The ad extensions include site links extensions, location extensions, call extensions, app extensions, review extensions, dynamic search ad extensions, and so on. Additional offers or services, location of service, phone number, etc can be added with these types of extensions which will help you to attract users who are searching for your service and can help you to serve them better.

Google.ae Adwords Result

6. Bidding for the top position

The higher bid helps your ad to appear in the top position. This will increase the Average Cost-per-Click (Avg. CPC) and will result in spending a higher amount. If you are focused on increasing the reach of your ads, serving ads at first position will increase the number of clicks. If you are ROI focused, the other factors like ad relevancy and landing page relevancy play an important role than the ad position.

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