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Brand Microsites

A Brand Microsite is build to highlight or launch a product or promotional activity. These focused websites can go a long way in augmenting your existing marketing campaign, even better than your current website. The single or small collection of pages can engage your customers giving them the information they are looking, for in a creative fashion.

Brand Microsites stand apart from the company’s main website and are created to serve one single purpose, eliminating all clutter and other distractions. They are created with strong CTAs to achieve the purpose it was built for.

GMI & Brand Microsites

We have been offering web design and development services to leading brands in the UAE, Middle East and India for over 23 Years. A major part of our digital platform involves building microsites that help our clients create a direct-access digital space that doesn't require too many resources, but still offers their customers a place to visit and interact with the brand.

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We understand the kind of marketing focus that microsites can offer businesses and we are highly capable of helping them take advantage of this to realize long term organizational goals.


Brand Microsite Development
Services We Offer

  • Targeted campaigns, designed to improve sales
  • Product-focused microsites
  • Region-focused microsites
  • Search engine optimized microsites
  • Content management and creation
  • Product fact-sheets and infographics
  • E-commerce microsites

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The Smallest Websites,
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The major purpose of microsites is to promote a more targeted form of marketing space to realize improved sales and build brand value. For large brands, it would be wise to build separate microsites for products that are generating a unique interest among consumers.

Without microsites, customers visiting a primary brand website, looking for a product, might tire themselves searching for it and leave without a purchase.
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Microsites help brands focus their marketing efforts and implement focused campaigns that are optimized for localized results.

Brand Microsites Can Turbo-charge the Evolution of Your Brand

  • Focused Showcasing

    You can build a microsite towards any singular objective: product-focused, brand-focused, or demographic-focused. This gives you an open canvas directed right at your intended customers and ready to incorporate design and layout strategies that are most likely to succeed for your unique objectives. Realise improved targeting for your products.
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  • Improved Customer Service

    Building a microsite for a unique product or service gives your customers a separate forum for them to bring their grievances and find support. This gives them more confidence in your brand, and therefore leads to more conversions.

  • Targeted Campaigns

    Brand microsites help you easily manage and compartmentalize your marketing efforts and run targeted campaigns for both localized and international results. The campaigns can be implemented through both cultural advertising and region-focused SEO strategies. This kind of marketing focus helps you connect with sets of audiences individually and improve your chances of sales and conversions.

  • Improved Engagement

    Targeted approach also helps you engage audiences much more effectively and build relationships. To this end, brands can incorporate local pop-culture references into the content to help customers better understand and connect with them. This leads to improved product awareness and more sharing and word-of-mouth support from consumers. Demand your customers’ attention.
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