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User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the means and measure of how your customers interact with your website and how they feel about it afterwards. Smart brands understand the remarkable impact that UI/UX can have on building an online customer base - it decides the level of engagement that a website offers and how customers connect with it emotionally.

This emotional connection can boost sales in the short-term and build credibility and authority in the long-term.


GMI has been providing digital marketing and web solutions for leading brands across the UAE, Middle East and India for the past 23 Years. And one of the biggest facts we have learnt over these many years and through the thousands of online assets we've created, is that how customers feel about a storefront or a website is just as important as the quality of the brand's products and services.

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This is why, in all our projects, we go to great lengths to ensure that the surface that the customer interacts with & the experience that the customer has on using the website is engaging, seamless, creative, informative, inviting & functional.


UI/UX Services We Offer

  • Planning, wire-framing, prototyping, design mock-ups, and layout options.
  • Demographic-focused designs.
  • Mobile-optimized designs.
  • Designs optimized to attract search engine traffic
  • Usability-focused designs, layouts, and interfaces.
  • Integrating varied technologies like HTML, HTML5, CSS3, animations and much more to deliver the most seamless and engaging user experience.

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Compelling, interactive UI/UX
is just what your website needs


Irrespective of the quality of your products and services, and the SEO strategies that draw users to your website, if you do not offer your visitors an inviting, captivating and user-friendly experience, your conversion rates will remain low.

Just like people are more likely to visit and revisit physical stores that are neat, organized, customer-friendly, and easy-to-navigate, websites that offer a clean user interface and an engaging user experience have more chances of pulling in customers and making sales. Let our UI/UX experts help you.
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Offering a memorable experience and a perceptive user interface not only builds consistency and loyalty among existing customers, it also improves your reputation among potential ones.

Fuel The Growth Of Your
Brand With Enhanced UI/UX

  • Improved Lead Generation and Conversion

    Compared to other options, customers are much more likely to make a decision to purchase or sign up with a beautifully-designed website that offers an easy-to-use, informative interface & a smooth, seamless user experience that marries functionality & comfort. We can help you better understand this relationship between UI/UX & conversion.
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  • Google Loves Good UI/UX

    In fact, Google's recent algorithms don't consider a website worthy of the search page if it does not meet certain standards of UI/UX, functionality, and performance. SEO metrics like conversion rates, exit rates, time-on-site etc. are a direct result of the user experience on your website. Therefore, how an incoming visitor reacts to your website decides how it is ranked in the future.

  • Improved Brand Value

    For most visitors, a website's interface and user experience is an expression of the business's creative and technical capabilities. Brands that take the time and effort to create a well-designed, user-friendly and functional website earn more respect and are considered more professional by customers.

  • Increased Customer Interaction

    Just like with purchases, customers are also more likely to interact & connect with websites that are easy on the eyes & make them feel welcome. This helps brands build a loyal customer base & gather relevant feedback, which can be used & implemented to attract more customers. Your customers are talking to you right now. We can help you talk back.
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