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For the past 16 years, GMI has been at the forefront of helping businesses in the UAE, the Middle East and India adopt the most cutting edge digital technologies into their marketing and business development efforts. As a leading web solutions agency, we have been instrumental in helping many businesses effectively and successfully market their products and services on the internet.

In a world turning digital at an extraordinary pace, the need for any B2C business to have a robust e-commerce presence is nearly imperative. An online store not only offers businesses a space to sell their products and services on the internet, but also gives them an advertisement medium and a portal to reach out and connect with customers.

At GMI, we have exceptional design, development, content and SEO teams that combine their creative and marketing genius with the powerful capabilities of some of the biggest e-commerce solutions in the world, like OsCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Drupal etc. to offer you highly compelling online storefronts that not only help attract customers, but also offer them a remarkably user-friendly interface.
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A customized e-commerce portal can be a shot in the arm for any business' retail and sales efforts, in addition to being an online space to implement personalized marketing strategies. It can also save businesses the cost of setting up and maintaining a physical store while allowing easy expansion and growth.

A gorgeous, powerful, search optimized website, tailored to meet your unique business goals.

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magento ecommerce development platform


From layered navigation, advanced search, wish lists, favorites, product comparisons, multi store feature, email list, grouped products and content management system, Magneto has a host of features for static pages as well as SEO performance. Global Media Insight has delivered robust ecommerce websites built on the Magento platform that stand apart from the other storefronts on the web today.

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Woocommerce Ecommerce Website Development

One of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the market today, the open source Woocommerce comes loaded with plug-ins. WooCommerce arms you with immense possibilities and variations for your online store. You can sell your wares, be it physical or digital in multiple variations and configurations. With 16 years of experience in offering digital marketing solutions to the companies in the UAE, Middle East and India, Global Media Insight has the capacity to provide WooCommerce plugin development, theme customization and maintenance services, supported by our agile team of ecommerce developers and designers.

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woocommerce - ecommerce development platform
drupal ecommerce platform

Drupal Ecommerce Website Development

The user-friendly, feature-rich and robust Drupal ecommerce platform work as superlative Content Management Systems and ecommerce platform. Drupal ecommerce lets you create smart ecommerce websites with complex and robust capabilities that can be maintained with a web browser. Backed by more than 16 years in digital media, GMI’s ecommerce experts can build highly customized and effective Drupal Commerce websites that can grow as your business expands.

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WordPress Ecommerce Website Development

One of the most popular content management systems used in the world today, WordPress is a favourite even among the top Fortune 500 companies. With the innate capacity which allows users to manage and update content, WordPress comes with several add-on features and plugins and now can be evolved into a stable ecommerce website as well. The WordPress Store Manager is easy to manage and lets you add an unlimited array of products to your store under numerous categories. GMI’s expert team of ecommerce Super Specialists can assist you in building robust, customizable, scalable and efficient ecommerce solutions with WordPress Ecommerce.

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wordpress CMS platform
shopify ecommerce platform


Packed with a multitude of personalized business strategies, Shopify is capable of drastically cutting down on development and design resources, costs and processes while offering a fantastic opportunity to set up your online shop whether it be on social media or on online marketplaces. With in-depth store analytics, order updates, store upgrades and much more, which can be accessed even from a smartphone, Shopify has no hidden fees and can help you start your online venture. GMI’s team of agile ecommerce website development experts can help you build user-friendly stores with the Shopify platform.

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With an average uptime that 99.9%, BigCommerce merchants are growing at a steady 28% every year. BigCommerce lets you customize your website, manage shipping and payments, list on online marketplaces like Amazon and EBay with remarkably low costs compared to the other ecommerce platforms in use today. With more than 16 years of experience in building the digital assets of some of the biggest names in business, GMI’s expert team of ecommerce Super Specialists excel in create online stores that can maximize your online sales.

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Bigcommerce platform
oscommerce platform


The popular free shopping cart, OsCommerce has a huge user community which has developed several additional plug-ins to extend its functionality. With feature-rich functionalities, one can easily manage multiple product ranges. It is also easy to integrate into your existing website due to its flexible infrastructure. GMI has been at the forefront of the digital landscape of the UAE, Middle East and India for more than 16 years. Our technical prowess and full service portfolio allows us to develop robust, stable, efficient and high-performing OsCommerce solutions for various industry verticals.

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Ecommerce is a reliable way to grow your business and reach and target new and even customers across the globe.
  • An online presence that drives conversions and sales

    An ecommerce store is no more a luxury but imperative for any business as more and more people look online to make their purchases. Customers of today expect an online presence. If not they will head to your competitor’s portal to complete their buy. An ecommerce shop has no geographical limits or time constraints and therefore you can reach audiences across the globe. A well-designed online store will always drive conversations and lead to a boost in your sales volumes.
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  • Save on operational costs

    From inventory management to orders and shipment, every step of the workflow is automated, which results in decreased running costs. An ecommerce venture does not have the same overhead costs as that of a regular retail storefront or outlet.

  • Understand and attract new customers

    Ecommerce websites provide you detailed analytics of your customers’ buying behaviour, unlike a brick and mortar store. Ecommerce stores come with the added benefit of traffic from search engines to help you build your business.

  • Boost brand awareness

    Ecommerce websites bring awareness to your online presence as search engines index your website. Right keyword insertions will drive traffic to your online store and will bring in visibility and greater brand awareness.
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