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Ecommerce Design & Development in Dubai

ecommerce web development

The eCommerce industry is reshaping the way of doing business. Today, an online store is not merely a channel for selling your products, but rather the face of your business that signifies its value, integrity, and expertise. To deliver an unparalleled shopping experience to customers, it is imperative that you create a powerful e-commerce website. But, ecommerce development can often be a complex process compared to normal websites, since the smallest of errors can impact your revenue, profit, and business growth.

Global Media Insight is a leading eCommerce website design and development company in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East, that provides reliable e-commerce development services to help your business stay digitally relevant. With years of experience working in the domain, we have played an instrumental part in helping many businesses effectively and successfully market their products and services on the internet.

We offer you industry leading e-commerce web design and development solutions customized according to the nature and size of your business. We have exceptional design and development teams that combine their creative genius with the powerful capabilities of some of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world like OsCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and Drupal.

ecommerce web development


Ecommerce Web Design Dubai

To have a successful eCommerce website, along with smooth development features, it is important to have a compelling design that converts visitors to customers. A detailed focus on the design aspects of your e-commerce website can help to enhance the platform and bring in sales. Design, when done right, not only impacts the visual appeal of a website but the overall identity of your eCommerce store. That is why you need the expert hands of designers to model your dream ecommerce solution.

Global Media Insight is a leading e-commerce web design service provider in Dubai that can help you design your dream ecommerce website. Over the course of the past 23 years, we have designed several ecommerce stores for businesses of various verticals and ensured a seamless digital experience for our clients. Whether you are new to the digital space or an existing business looking to improve its reach, we can help you grow. We take pride in creating powerful eCommerce websites that are user-friendly and customer centered.



Set up a customized e-commerce portal, designed to cater to your distinct portfolio, tailored to meet your unique business goals.

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Our eCommerce Design & Development Services

Our ecommerce website design and development specialists take care of all the aspects of your online store from creation to setup and maintenance. GMI is your perfect ecommerce partner because we offer all the services needed for your success under one roof. We are the most trusted digital agency in Dubai offering end-to-end ecommerce development and design support. Check out our services below.

shopify ecommerce platform

Integration of systems & applications to your e-commerce store for seamless management

E-commerce web development is much more than just good design and great showcasing. You should be able to integrate your existing inventory systems, CRM, shipping services and online payment gateways into your new ecommerce site. Being a top ecommerce web development and design company in Dubai, our expertise helps build your brand's digital assets to offer more advanced functionalities while facilitating a seamless integration of your site with existing and new applications that help you better manage your business.

Responsive ecommerce website design that offers the same smooth experience across all devices

It is important for any modern online business to ensure that their ecommerce web design is able to offer the same great experience across the variety of mobile and desktop devices available in the market. Opting for responsive web design allows websites to adjust to the screen size of devices used to access them. We offer you a beautifully designed responsive ecommerce site that can offer your customers the same exceptional user experience, whatever device they may visit your website from.

Bigcommerce platform
shopify E-commerce platform

UI/UX designs optimised for intuitive and easy navigation

The modern consumer has short attention spans. Any website that doesn't capture their attention, engage them effectively or offer them what they are looking for within a few clicks will miss out on any chance of selling to them. With our ecommerce web development services in Dubai, we aim to build websites that offer easy navigation and user experience. Therefore, your customers will not only find what they're looking for but also be inspired to return to your website again and again.

Easy content management system to update pages and products with ease

CMS-based websites allow even those with limited technical knowledge to easily manage their websites. Building an ecommerce website on a content management system affords growing businesses the chance to run a dynamic and mouldable digital presence without having to spend money on a dedicated technical team. We can offer you powerful CMS-based websites, customised specifically to your needs while offering powerful functionality and easy management and updation of products and pages.

Bigcommerce platform
shopify ecommerce platform

Search engine friendly design contributing to more search visibility

Modern SEO is about much more than keywords. A website’s design and how a visitor experiences a website has a big role to play in improving its rankings in the search engine results pages, especially with the new updates released by search providers like Google, Bing etc. As a pioneer ecommerce development agency in Dubai, GMI’s e-commerce website development approach is designed keeping these factors in mind to achieve a trifecta of results - improving customer experience, promoting more shares and revisits, and improving the website’s ranking on search pages. Should you desire, you also can engage our SEO & Analytics experts ffor improving your revenue stream through full-fledged search engine optimization conversion rate optimization and cart abandonment rate analysis even after your website has been live for some time.

Our eCommerce Web Development Platforms

It is important to choose the right ecommerce platform as the efficiency of your online store depends on it. To help you reap the maximum benefits of selling online, we offer ecommerce development on almost every major platform. Our experts will analyze your business needs and will help you choose the most ideal option. Check out the ecommerce website development platforms we use to grow your business.

magento ecommerce development platform

Magento Ecommerce Websites

From layered navigation, advanced search, wish lists, favourites, product comparisons, multi-store feature, email list, grouped products, and content management system, Magneto has a host of features for static pages as well as SEO performance. As experts in ecommerce development services in Dubai, Global Media Insight can leverage the Magento platform to create ecommerce websites that stand out from the crowd.

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Woocommerce Web Development

One of the most popular platforms used for ecommerce web design, the open-source Woocommerce comes loaded with plug-ins. WooCommerce arms you with immense possibilities and variations for your online store. You can sell your products, be it physical or digital in multiple variations and configurations. Offering ecommerce solutions to various companies in the UAE, Middle East, and India, Global Media Insight has the capacity to provide WooCommerce plugin development, theme customization, and maintenance services, supported by our agile team of ecommerce developers and designers.

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woocommerce - ecommerce development platform
drupal ecommerce platform

Drupal Ecommerce Website Development

The user-friendly, feature-rich, and robust Drupal ecommerce platform works as a superlative Content Management System and ecommerce platform. Drupal ecommerce lets you create smart ecommerce websites with complex and robust capabilities that can be maintained with a web browser. Backed by decades of expertise in digital marketing, GMI's ecommerce web development experts can build highly customized and scalable Drupal ecommerce websites that will drive your business.

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Ecommerce Websites Using WordPress

One of the most popular content management systems used in the world today, WordPress is a favourite even among the top Fortune 500 companies. With the innate capacity which allows users to manage and update content, WordPress comes with several add-on features and plugins and now can be evolved into a stable ecommerce website. The WordPress Store Manager is easy to manage and lets you add an unlimited array of products to your store under numerous categories. GMI's expert team of web development specialists can assist you in building robust, customizable, scalable, and efficient ecommerce solutions with WordPress.

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wordpress CMS platform
shopify ecommerce platform

Shopify Ecommerce Stores

Packed with a multitude of personalized business strategies, Shopify is capable of drastically cutting down on development and design resources, costs, and processes while offering a fantastic opportunity to set up your dream ecommerce store in Dubai. With in-depth store analytics, order updates, store upgrades, and much more, which can be accessed even from a smartphone, Shopify has no hidden fees and can help you start your online venture. GMI's team of agile ecommerce website development experts can help you build user-friendly stores with the Shopify platform.

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BigCommerce Development

With an average uptime of 99.9%, BigCommerce merchants are growing at a steady 28% every year. BigCommerce lets you customize your website, manage shipping and payments, list online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay with remarkably low costs compared to the other ecommerce platforms in use today. Over the years, we have built digital assets of some of the biggest names in business, and our expert team of ecommerce specialists excels in creating online stores that can maximize your online sales.

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Bigcommerce platform
oscommerce platform

OsCommerce Websites

The popular free shopping cart, OsCommerce, has a huge user community that has developed several additional plug-ins to extend its functionality. With feature-rich functionalities, one can easily manage multiple product ranges. It is also easy to integrate into your existing website due to its flexible infrastructure. GMI has been at the forefront of the digital landscape of the UAE, Middle East, and India since 2001. Our technical prowess and full-service portfolio allow us to develop robust, stable, efficient, and high-performing OsCommerce solutions for various industry verticals.

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Ecommerce is a reliable way to grow your business and reach and target new and even customers across the globe.
  • Drive sales through ecommerce website

    Reach out to a global audience and increase your sales.

    An ecommerce store is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity as more and more people are choosing online platforms to make their purchases. Customers today expect every business to have an online presence. An e-commerce platform has no geographical limits or time constraints and therefore you can reach audiences across the globe. A well-designed online store will always drive conversations and lead to a boost in your sales volumes.
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  • Save operations cost

    Save on operational costs with an optimized and automated workflow

    From inventory management to orders and shipment, every step of the workflow is automated, which results in decreased running costs. An E-commerce venture does not have the same overhead costs as that of a regular retail storefront or outlet.

  • Attract new customers to online shop

    Use detailed analytics to identify, target, and attract new customers

    Ecommerce websites provide you detailed analytics of your customers' buying behaviour, unlike a brick and mortar store. By using this data, you can focus on attracting potential customers and retaining existing ones through personalized marketing strategies.

  • E-commerce Store Promotion

    Build a strong online presence easily

    Ecommerce websites bring awareness to your online presence as search engines index your website. Right keyword insertions will drive traffic to your online store and will bring in visibility and greater brand awareness.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do you define a good ecommerce website?

A good e-commerce website is always well-designed, fast and secure.

The user will easily be able to browse as well search products, glean more details about the products that he/she is interested in and eventually add those to cart as well as finally purchase the products.

The website also should reflect the credibility of the brand which means that the website design and the language used on the website should be professionally designed and well crafted.

Ultimately, the user experience should be seamless and the buyer should have all his concerns as well as questions readily answered about a product or the website's policies.

Q) How do I choose the right platform for my ecommerce website?

Setting up an ecommerce store requires careful planning. Before diving into the process of ecommerce web design and development, it is always important to choose the right platform. Some platforms have the capability to handle inventory tracking, multiple product options while others do not.

Features and functionalities vary from one e-com platform to another. It’s important to go for features and functionalities which make sense for your first website so that your prospective client base and your current scale of business is well handled. Discussing with our Client Service Executive will give you a better understanding of the platforms which can better meet your requirements.

They will guide you through the technicalities involved in successfully establishing your ecommerce business including choosing the right platform, payment gateway integration, currency options, website security, third-party app integration, pricing, etc.

Q) What are the important aspects of ecommerce website design?

Design requirements change depending on the products you propose to sell and the audience you wish to target. For example, the visual appeal of an ecommerce store selling bridal gowns will be way different from that of an electronics store selling branded products.

The top design elements considered are - navigational ease to the products as well as the categories. A seamless UI/UX experience can increase conversions at every stage of the user journey. Depending on the products/service offered, the design elements should convey trust and taste.

Simple, easy to understand process from add to cart to check out will make your customer know the stages of transactions and have the right expectations. These are important elements of an online experience.

Keeping the visitor to the site engaged and finally leading them to making the purchase is important. The distinct features of the products you offer should be uniquely highlighted by the design elements. Your website has to be intuitive with an optimum user experience as well.

Q) Why should I choose GMI for ecommerce website development service?

GMI has more than 23 years of experience in crafting digital experiences for clients across the MENA region and the Indian subcontinent. Our ecommerce team comprises software specialists, web developers, UI/UX designers, copywriters and testing engineers. With project experiences across a wide variety of verticals, we can take on projects of any scale and size. Check out our portfolio to see the samples of the work we have done.

Q) What technologies do you use?

Like every leading ecommerce development company, we too help our clients build their dream ecommerce business using the best technologies on the market. We have worked on platforms such as Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce and also have expertise in pulling off large-scale ecommerce projects on Drupal. We've also made dozens of our clients happy by providing a better ecommerce solution using BigCommerce, OsCommerce and WordPress.

Q) Does GMI offer custom ecommerce solution?

Yes, GMI offers you custom-built ecommerce websites that can help you set your ecommerce website as per your requirements.

Q) I already use an ecommerce platform but I want to switch to another one. Can you migrate my store to another platform of my choice?

Yes, we can help you switch your store's current platform to the one you prefer.

What is the cost of your ecommerce development service?

The price of an ecommerce website depends on various aspects. From the complexity of the project to development, design, integration, support and maintenance. Custom functionalities will cost more than a template. Particulars like product data, past order/customer data imported can also add to your website development cost. Developing your ecommerce website on platforms or on third-party systems also adds to the price range. Overall, the cost of ecommerce website development service varies from agency to agency. Choosing the right ecommerce web development company will help you stay within your budget.

Q) Is testing included in the pricing?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of QA specialists and test engineers who perform thorough testing before giving your website for review.

Q) What about the security in my store?

Ensuring the security of your e-store is our primary concern. We adopt multiple measures to strengthen your site’s security. Talk to us and we will discuss in depth about our comprehensive security audit service.

Q) How long does it take for development?

We'll be able to give a reasonable time-frame only after we know your store-size and the platform/customizations you require. Connect with us by email, online form submission on our website, by WhatsApp, or even a call. We will assess the project and get back to you with the detailed timeline for developing your ecommerce venture.

Q) Will I be able to review the progress of my ecommerce website development?

At GMI, your project will be well taken care of, with regular updates being sent to you on the progress. We work like a professional ecommerce website development company. There will be a dedicated project manager to coordinate the activities between your team and ours and to assist you at various stages of development and further.

Q) Will my ecommerce website be mobile friendly?

We follow the mobile-first policy in ecommerce websites to create engaging and responsive websites that intuitively adapt to mobile interfaces. You can be sure that your ecommerce website will be user-friendly, easy to navigate and scalable across multiple screen sizes. So, you can think about mobile app development later.

Q) Why is responsive web design so important for e-commerce?

The users may access your e-commerce website through different devices. It is important that irrespective of the device being used, users should receive the same user experience. Responsive web design allows your eCommerce website to offer the same experience to users, no matter whether they are browsing through smartphones, tablets, desktops or any other devices.


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