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Accelerated Mobile Pages - Design

Accelerated Mobile Pages have revolutionized how we view and experience content on mobile devices. Spearheaded by Google, in association with some of the biggest publishers in the world, AMP is a powerful, open-source content streamlining technology that significantly reduces the load that websites place on mobile devices, by cutting down a major chunk of the in-built JavaScript and HTML, to realize fast access and smooth browsing.

Well designed, elegant and engaging AMP websites are a rarity, and can effectively prove an asset in the marketing efforts of any brand.

GMI & Accelerated Mobile Pages

As a leading web design and development agency operating in the UAE, Middle East and India, we have been creating innovative, cutting-edge, and value-building online spaces for some of the leading brands in these regions for the past 23 Years. We believe that mobile devices will define digital trends in the future, and were therefore one of the first in these regions to adopt mobile-focused technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages.

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Even today, we remain excited by how such technologies challenge us to test our creative capabilities to build beautiful and engaging mobile websites without affecting their smoothness or functionality.


AMP Design Services We Provide

  • Gorgeous designs that do not compromise on speed and smoothness
  • Comprehensive customization to meet your unique requirements
  • Demographic-focused designs
  • Powerful branding integration
  • Search engine optimized designs
  • Cost-effective AMP integration into existing online assets
  • Targeted campaigns built for AMPs

Accelerated mobile pages that look great and engage audiences
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Captivating Accelerated Webpages To
Transform Your Mobile Presence


Design is one of the major factors contributing to the online growth of a brand, and has a huge impact on conversion rates. But when it comes to mobile, there is often a trade-off between great design and smooth user experience.

This is where the right mix of Accelerated Mobile Pages and an experienced web design agency can push the boundaries of UI/UX to make your online presence beautiful & engaging, without overloading it with content that makes it laggy & slow. Let’s help you create stunning accelerated mobile pages.
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While your competitors remain hindered by the creative restrictions of accelerated mobile pages, you can offer customers a potent and powerful user-experience that marries the speed and fluidity of a bare-to-the-bones mobile website and the elegance and appeal of great design.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Can Pilot Your Long-Term Brand Ambitions

  • Higher Conversion Rates

    Beautiful design and fluid interface are a potent combination. One of the biggest advantages of delivering an improved user experience to customers is that they end up spending much more time on site, which increases their inclination to purchase your products and services. Our AMP designs help you turn leads into conversions.
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  • Improved SEO

    Google's algorithms place great importance on how customers respond to a website. It's, therefore, no secret that the search engine loves pages that load faster and offer a smooth user experience. Add modern and engaging design to the mix and you go a long way to ensuring priority in search results.

  • Brand Value

    Brands that take the effort to build a well-designed AMP website get automatic points with both existing and potential customers. The improved user experience further encourages participation and connection, and leads users to reach out and engage with you.

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition

    AMP is a powerful new technology, yet to be widely adopted. Which means that using beautiful and smooth Accelerated Mobile Pages to transform your online mobile presence puts you several steps ahead of your competition. Have your mobile experience stand out. Talk to us.


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