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Responsive Websites

From tiny smartphone displays to huge gaming console displays, screen sizes today vary according to the convenience of the users. This variety brings with it a challenge for designers. A responsive web page is one which will suit itself to the screen it is being displayed on and will change the size of its objects according to the requirement of the user. Responsive Websites are now becoming a standard requirement of web design.

Blending the borders between devices will help you provide seamless connectivity for your website.

GMI & Responsive Websites

We have been designing web pages over the past 21 Years and hence have kept a close eye on the trends in design and development. Having worked with some of the biggest brands in UAE, Middle East and India, we understand the requirements of different regions and are well equipped to handle any client need and requirement.

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Responsive websites have a single URL delivering a much-improved user experience across devices. Our designers are experts at creating fluid grids that deliver seamless integration, no matter what your website is.


Responsive Design Services We Provide

  • Attractive Layouts
  • Effective Scaling
  • Fluid Navigation
  • Expert Designers
  • Highly Affordable

Engage More Users With Responsive Websites

In a Fast-Shifting Online Landscape,
Flexibility is the Ultimate Advantage


Instead of going for different websites on different devices, using CSS media queries will allow you to optimise your website for different devices easily. Internet traffic on mobile has grown 18-fold over the last 5 years and now accounts for 60% of all data traffic the world over and device sizes are as varied as user preference.

In the field of design, if you do not swim with the tide you risk being swallowed by it. Make sure you plan for the future and go for a design choice that will make you stand out. Different websites for different platforms might limit your brand’s reach. Design your responsive website now.
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A Responsive Webpage Can Boost
Your Brand’ Value

  • Great Looks

    Responsive websites look great on any platform and the elements of the webpage will scale according to the size and resolution of the screen. This allows the website’s features to be reproduced effectively across devices.

  • Improved SEO Ranking

    The improved user experience provided by responsive websites ensures that search engines rank them higher. The fact that responsive websites have just one url is also works to their advantage by lowering the crawl budget.

  • Increased User Engagement

    Using a responsive design will improve the user engagement on different devices as it allows the website to be seamlessly used on various devices. CSS media queries ensure that the website resizes for different devices and adjusts for the resolution requirements.

  • More Affordable

    Having a responsive website is much cheaper than having different websites for different devices. The responsive website will also get better hits and be able to be linked easily to social media sites and apps and hence will have a higher return of investment.


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