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Oct19 2015

There’s always an answer

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Who is the King? From Google’s perspective

People usually ask questions when they need to know something or when they are in a state of doubt. One of the most popular discussion was – ‘Who is the King’.


There is no one in the world, who answers so many queries like Google. Every day many of us ask Google a variety of questions. Google always answers. Many of us know some parents or teachers who sometimes get irritated and stop answering. But that’s not the way Google grew up in the last 16+ years. Google’s parents Larry Page & SergeyBrin, always trained Google to respond promptly. This training has had its results. Google also knows the Bible very well. The more you give, the more you get.

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Sep28 2015

HoloLens – A Boon or Bane

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Way back in the 80’s when film directors visualized a world where drawing shapes on air could create holograms in movies like Star Wars, Back to the Future 2 etc., such a possibility was then unimaginable. Over the years to date, several movies have brought to life this very concept and it has now become a reality with Microsoft’s recent introduction of the HoloLens.

HoloLensWith marvelous ingenuity, this technological masterpiece is all set to revolutionize our world. There is not a screen to touch or a mouse to click, holograms can be created and shaped just with gestures, while communicating with apps using voice. HoloLens is engineered to comprehend gestures, gazes and voice, making any interaction with it as natural as possible.

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Sep14 2015

History of Google Analytics Code

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Google Analytics is one of the most popular Web Analytics platforms to monitor website and mobile application traffic.

Google Analytics Usage Stats 2015 According to BuildWith Trends data as on 2015 September, Google Analytics is being used in 59% of the total websites across the globe.We can understand its importance from the fact that the following web analytics platforms; Quantcast Measurement and Facebook Domain Insights, are only used by 4% of the users.There’s no doubt that Google Analytics is one of the most preferred web analytics platform used by businesses and service providers in Dubai, just as in other cities within UAE. It has become a de facto standard to track the online performance and gain meaningful insights about a website’s performance.

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Jun8 2015

Periscope in Dubai

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Periscope App LogoThe Periscope app from Twitter made its debut in Dubai this week. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is the first in the Middle East to broadcast a live streaming video on the new Periscope app. Since the broadcast was done without any fanfare or media publicity, the maximum number of users viewing the live transmission was less than 10. The amateur video showed live footage of the DIFC Quest event and was transmitted live during office hours on 6th June 2015. The video coverage was poor with the camera frequently panning the floor and feet of people attending the event or even passersby. It’s also possible that the event was transmitted without the consent of the DIFC higher management.

To those of you who are not aware of Periscope, it is a live broadcasting app – and you can install it on your smartphone. It’s used in conjunction with a Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can easily start an account from the Periscope app in less than 2 minutes after downloading the app on your Apple or android device.

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Nov12 2014

SMEs Don’t Care About Data Security

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The title of this post is meant to be a generalization and to grasp your attention because it’s an important matter – data security that is. The bigger companies seem to understand its importance, and many do take the necessary precautions to maintain some level of data security. They don’t always do it very well, but quite often they have the basics covered. SMEs on the other hand very often don’t have much demonstrated concern for the privacy or security of their website visitors.
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