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Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

As a pioneering social media marketing company in Dubai and UAE. Global Media Insight has been a major influence in the adoption of social media as a marketing tool by businesses in the region.

With the explosive growth of multiple platforms, social media has emerged as the quickest and most efficient way to connect with consumers and solve their concerns in real-time. More and more businesses are taking advantage of this low-cost opportunity to grow their audience.

We are a full-service digital marketing company in Dubai that can assist you in developing effective social media strategies for engaging your target audience

Social Media marketing

Why Choose GMI as Your Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai?

If not done right, Social Media Marketing can be a waste of money and time. Also, with the social landscape frequently changing, you have to keep up with the latest trends to get the most bang for your buck. That's why it's so important to team up with the right people - people who know the game and are confident in their ability to produce the desired results.

Global Media Insight is one such social media marketing company in Dubai that can get you the desired results. We offer integrated social media marketing services to both big and small businesses, as well as some of the most well-known brands in Dubai and the UAE. So, if you're having trouble managing your social media accounts, creating social content, or running social campaigns, we can assist you. We can also advise you on which platforms work best for your company and how to allocate your budget. We can also help you build a brand and grow your online presence because we're a digital marketing company at heart.


Social Media Marketing Services We Offer

Want to enhance your social media presence? Global Media Insight provides a comprehensive suite of social media marketing services designed to help your brand stand out online. From social media strategy development to content creation and influencer marketing, we offer a wide spectrum of social media marketing services.

Social Media Management

From daily posting to interacting with your audience, we can manage your social media in the best way possible, so you have enough time to focus on your core business.

Social Media Advertising

Our expert ad strategies will help you reach more people on social media. We'll create and amplify effective campaigns that drive clicks, conversions, and revenue across all major social media platforms.

Social Media Content Creation

Stand out on social media with our eye-catching graphics and viral videos. Our content creators can create well-thought-out organic and promoted posts to boost your online presence and audience engagement.

Social Media Community Management

Maintain a consistent brand image across all your social channels. By engaging with your followers in a personalized manner, we can assist you in developing strong relationships with them.

Social Media Crisis Management

We will help you prepare for, respond to, and handle reputational risk on your social channels. With swift, professional action and strategic guidance, we'll help you navigate any social media crisis and emerge stronger than ever.

Social Media Design and Setup

Want to create a personalized social profile? We will help you create Facebook business pages, YouTube channels, and other social media profiles in line with your brand identity.

Social Media Strategy

Don't leave your social media success to chance. Usually, social media posts only work if you follow a good social media plan. Our social media strategists can create custom social media strategies aligned with your business goals.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Want to harness the power of influencers to reach new audiences? We can help you find and partner with the right influencers, from nano to mid-level to mega, to create impactful campaigns and engage your audience like never before.

Social Media Reputation Management

Don't let negative comments or reviews hurt your reputation. Our team will monitor your social media channels and respond to feedback in a professional and timely manner.

Social Media Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights into how your campaigns are performing. Our team will track your social media performance and provide regular reports that show your progress and ROI.


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Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Dubai

Social media marketing is a low-cost and effective way in Dubai for you to connect with new audiences. If you’re looking to build a loyal following of customers, you cannot afford to ignore social media because a sizable amount of the Dubai population use it daily.

Through social media marketing, you can achieve higher customer satisfaction by increasing your customer engagement and improving your customer service. In addition, it can help you establish brand authority and create a personal connection with your audience, both of which contribute to brand loyalty. What’s more, social media marketing can drive more sales by increasing your website traffic and generating more leads. With access to data-driven insights, you can make informed decisions too.

Don't miss out on these opportunities - start social media marketing now. If you need help, please let us know. As a leading social media marketing agency in Dubai, we can help you reap all these benefits and more with our tried and tested social media strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is social media marketing and how does it benefit businesses in Dubai?

Social media marketing, or SMM, simply means leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to promote products and services and to connect with customers.

Social media marketing can be a great way for businesses in Dubai to reach out to a large and diverse audience. Since social media has a high rate of penetration in Dubai, it enables businesses to reach, engage, and convert customers, as well as build their brand, increase their online visibility, and generate revenue at an affordable cost.

Q) Why should I need social media for my business?

Around 3.96 billion people use social media worldwide, which is more than 50% of the world population! And the number is only increasing. Social media is currently the simplest and fastest way to reach out to your customers. Regularly promoting your business through social media helps you increase brand awareness, and attract more customers.

Q) What are the best social media platforms for businesses in Dubai?

Every platform has the potential to add value to your business. You should choose them based on where your customers are located and what your business goal is. But, in general, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the best social media sites for businesses in Dubai.

Q) How does GMI create an SMM strategy for a business in Dubai?

When it comes to strategy 'one size doesn't fit all'. Different businesses in Dubai have different requirements. Our strategy is tailored to these particular requirements. However, our approach goes like this: First, we identify the target audience of the business, set measurable goals and objectives, choose platforms based on their target audience, plan and create content that aligns with their brand image, engage with their followers, and finally measure the success of the campaign and draw insights from it to launch the next one.

Q) How do you measure the success of a social media campaign for Dubai?

Before we start a social media campaign for Dubai or any other region, we work with our client to set measurable goals, such as the number of people we want to reach, the level of engagement we want, the click-through rate we have to achieve, etc. These KPIs help us figure out how well our campaigns are doing.

Q) Can you create a social media marketing campaign for my business in Dubai?

Yes, we have planned, created, launched, and managed SMM campaigns for a number of businesses in Dubai, both small and large, as well as for multinational brands. If you're interested in our Social media marketing service, give us a call and we'll discuss your needs.

Q) How can I know if your services suit my business?

If your customers use social media, it doesn’t matter what business you run! GMI’s expertise lies in our ability to understand your business type, study your audience and competition, before creating a custom strategy to drive traffic and sales to your business. Check out a few success stories from our diverse portfolio.

Q) How long does it take to show results?

You can expect a noticeable increase in leads and followers within the first 30 days. Furthermore, we promise immediate results like greater brand awareness, increased word of mouth popularity, and increased brand loyalty.

Q) Do you have any particular strategy for dealing with negative comments and reviews on social media?

Every type of feedback is important. Negative comments and reviews are in fact concerns of an unhappy customer. These are the things that we need to work on, and they must be addressed promptly and immediately before they escalate. We provide Social Listening services to address any negative comments on social media platforms and forums.

Q) How can I keep track of the work?

We send regular reports to help you keep track of the work. Furthermore, upon starting campaign activity, you will be given access to the online dashboards of all your social media accounts so that you can monitor the data in real-time, 24/7.

Q) What are you going to post?

We create posts depending on your brand and goals. Our team shares branded graphics and other sharable content including pictures, GIFs and videos to your audience. We also post blogs and articles, which will be uploaded to your website as well. According to our standard marketing method, 80% of the posts will be created to engage your followers while 20% will be focused on advertising. We can change the ratio according to your requirements.

Q) Are you up-to-date on the latest social media trends and algorithms?

As a leading digital marketing company in Dubai serving international clients, we always stay up to date with the latest social media trends and algorithms to provide them with the best service possible.

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