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Social Media Marketing Agency

As one of the pioneering digital agencies in the UAE, Middle East and India, Global Media Insight has been a major influence in the adoption of social media as a marketing strategy by businesses in these regions.

With the explosive growth of multiple platforms, social media has emerged as the quickest and most efficient way to connect with consumers and solve their concerns in real time. More and more businesses are taking advantage of this low-cost opportunity to grow their audience.

We develop effective social media marketing strategies for your brand that factor in the type of activity, your marketing KPIs and the kind of audience you want to engage.
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Social Media Experts

Social media marketing is no longer just an alternative but essential for a balanced marketing mix. It helps to influence the way your customers perceive you and is a key factor in improving traffic and page rankings. By drawing on our sixteen years of expertise, we use the right tactics and platforms to attract followers and magnify your presence.

Polish your brand presence on social media to attract bigger audiences, better traffic and increased revenue.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

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Social Media Management

Expert account management services for every major platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. GMI's management services will help you use the unique capabilities of each platform to connect with your users where it matters. Our social media specialists have the expertise, strategies and resources to build and sustain the presence your brand needs to accomplish your goals.

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Social Media Content

For any type of content to work, it needs context. We generate opportunities for greater reach, deeper engagement, and meaningful interactions with your followers with high-quality content customised for the different platforms used by your brand. Our team of Digital Super Specialists consisting of strategists, creators and storytellers weave brand moments together to create a story that makes your user the hero.

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Marketing analysis
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Influencer Marketing

We focus on certain key individuals within your audience who can influence the decisions of their followers. The purpose is simple: to increase sales of your product through positive word-of-mouth from someone whom your audience trusts. Through the combined expertise of our digital strategists, we gather insights into the purchase patterns of your audience and use this information to connect with the primary influencers in that segment.

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People are informing themselves about your brand online before they even contact your representative. Social media marketing delivers a well-crafted brand message that gives positive information about your business.
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    Instant Communication

    In the past marketers used ads, personal selling and direct mail to communicate with customers, which presented its challenges. Social media makes sharing branded content faster and easier, allowing businesses to interact with their clients without hassles or obstacles. This is important as the average consumer does not have the time or patience to wait for a reply. The quicker your brand responds, the more your brand value increases.
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  • Intensive Targeting

    Social media marketing today incorporates many elements of traditional marketing like video commercials, ads, direct campaigns and published articles. Unlike traditional advertising, however, it has the significant advantage of inbuilt targeting that allows the marketer to define the type of audience they want to reach based on multiple metrics like age group, gender, geo-location, preferences, and more.

  • Better Relationships

    Think of social media like a signboard that can talk to your customers, answer their questions and provide them with assistance. Social media is a useful tool for B2B businesses as well since it simplifies the process of getting in touch with the decision makers at the leading companies in their segment. The key is to treat every online interaction the same way you’d treat a face-to-face relationship, and the right social media marketing can help you turn it into a success.

  • Marketplace Insights

    There are two billion active users on social media and a majority of them use it to make purchase decisions. Furthermore, there are over 50 million business pages on Facebook alone. This provides you with all the sources of data you need to get critical insights on what’s trending, consumer preferences, product adoption rates, and marketing strategies used by the competition. Let our team of specialists help you out.

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    Bring Down Marketing Costs

    Social media is not a replacement for your traditional media but a complement to your long-term marketing efforts. When used as part of a balanced marketing plan, the net result is long-term savings, better ROI, reduced marketing costs and improved brand value.
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