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PPC or pay-per-click advertising is one of the most disruptive advertising mediums of the digital age. It has revolutionized how brands promote their products and services online. PPC allows businesses to pre-plan their advertising budget, implement unique strategies, and target audiences right when they are searching for products and services similar to theirs. Pay per click advertising services is also the only advertising model that allows businesses to completely and accurately measure their ROI.

What truly sets PPC apart from other advertising mediums is that you are never paying for the placement of the ads, but only for the relevant leads and customers who have actually clicked on the ad.

Global Media Insight is an established PPC agency in Dubai and UAE with credible experience in conducting successful PPC advertising campaigns for many renowned companies. We drive campaigns that are strategically formulated, optimized, and ROI focussed to help businesses receive quality leads.


Why Choose as Your PPC Advertising Services?

With more than 23 Years of experience in providing world-class SEO and PPC advertising services in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East, we are best placed in terms of experience and expertise to guide your business's online marketing efforts to success. We are also one of the first Google Certified Partners in the country.

At GMI, we take a highly personalized approach to each of our PPC advertising campaigns. To begin with, we try to understand your business at an in-depth level. Following this, historically best-performing platforms are identified based on your business type, our market research, and the customer segment we will need to focus on. Building on the strengths of the chosen platform, we create your customised PPC campaign, strategically formulated to serve your unique marketing goals.

Each of our campaigns is customized and optimized to target your select group of customers in the desired region, using carefully selected keywords. Our campaigns are entirely ROI focused to offer the best returns for your advertising investments.

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Our PPC Management Services in Dubai

We drive meaningful campaigns that are transparent, highly effective, and handcrafted to meet your unique goals. That is why we are among the leading PPC management services in Dubai.

  • Landing Page Optimisation for Better Conversion Rates

    We recommend using separate landing pages for PPC campaigns. Our experts can help you build a customised landing page that’s optimised in terms of content and design to better convert the leads and visitors generated through the campaign.

  • Keyword Research

    Based on your industry, product type, and target audience, we conduct detailed research and analysis for the most relevant and searched keywords to target for your campaign. These are the keywords we will bid on through PPC platforms.

  • Campaign Setup and Management

    We set up a highly customised campaign for your business, factoring in your advertising budget, your target audience, and what exactly you're trying to achieve from the campaign.

  • Split Testing of Ad Copy

    Through the early periods of your campaign, we experiment with multiple ad copy options to compare customer reactions, before we settle on the copy that’s able to draw in the maximum number of visitors to your website.

  • Daily Tracking/Optimisation

    Our duty towards you doesn’t end with the campaign going live. In fact, that's where it really begins. We have one of the best PPC management teams in Dubai, who continuously monitor the performance of each campaign and optimise it to deliver better results.

  • Re-Targeting/Re-Marketing

    We amplify your chances of conversion by retargeting visitors who have displayed an active interest in your product. This is done through condition-based cookies, which helps us interact with them on other online platforms they might use.



  • Google Adwords Advertising
  • Yahoo and Bing Advertising
  • Youtube Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  •  Facebook  Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising



The PPC advertising model can be moulded to serve the online advertising needs of any kind of business. Whether you're an ecommerce website or a business with completely offline products and services, PPC can help you reach new audiences.

Even a business with an established online audience and high organic search rankings can benefit from PPC. In fact, since the quality score of a website is a major factor in determining the cost per click, it can be very cheap for websites with good rankings to advertise through PPC. So, using PPC, even established brands can amplify their online outreach at very little additional costs.

There are very few advertising mediums out there that can offer the kind of targeted, budget-friendly reach that PPC can.

Benefits of PPC Advertising Services

  • Pay-ONLY-per-click: This is what sets PPC apart from all other advertising practices in existence. When you launch a PPC campaign, you are only ever paying for instances where a customer actually clicks on your ad. This means that you are paying only when your ad has had a successful impact. This ensures that you are getting maximum returns on your investment.

  • Highly Focused Targeting: With PPC you get to target customers searching for specific keywords on search engines and other websites. In other words, you are targeting customers who have displayed a genuine interest in your type of product or service. And if they happen to click on the ad to visit your website, you can retarget on other platforms using condition-based cookies.

  • Relatively Quick Results: When compared to other advertising strategies, PPC can deliver faster results, since you are specifically reaching out to customers who are actively searching for your type of products or services. This ensures more leads and higher chances of conversion.

  • Easy to Measure & Track: The performance of PPC campaigns can be continuously tracked and monitored to ensure that they are able to deliver the results that you are looking for. The strategic knowledge gained from this monitoring allows PPC managers to make changes to the ad copy, landing page etc. until they achieve the intended results.

Our PPC Campaign Process

Creating a successful PPC campaign is a structured process that requires careful planning and execution. At Global Media Insight, we have devised a comprehensive six-step approach to ensure that your PPC campaign aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

  • Step 1: Understanding your goals

    The foundation of any successful PPC campaign lies in a clear understanding of your business goals. Whether your aim is to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales, we work closely with you to ascertain your objectives. By grasping the details of your goals, we can tailor a campaign strategy that precisely aligns with your business vision.

  • Step 2: Keyword research

    Keyword research is a pivotal step in the PPC campaign process. Our PPC Ad experts delve into identifying the keywords most relevant to your target audience's searches. This strategic selection ensures that your ads appear when potential customers search for those specific terms. Moreover, we assess the competitiveness of each keyword and consider the cost per click (CPC) to optimize your campaign effectively.

  • Step 3: Ad creation and landing page optimization

    Crafting compelling ad copy and optimizing landing pages are crucial elements in capturing audience attention and encouraging action. We ensure that your ads resonate with your target audience and that your landing pages provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. Clear calls to action are incorporated to guide visitors on the next steps, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

  • Step 4: Campaign launch and management

    With meticulous planning in place, we launch your PPC campaign and closely monitor its performance. Our ad experts continuously assess the data, making necessary adjustments to optimize outcomes. Tracking conversion data is a priority, ensuring that your campaign not only attracts clicks but also translates them into tangible results aligned with your business goals.

  • Step 5: Reporting and analysis

    Transparency is key, and our team provides you with regular reports on your PPC campaign's performance. These reports will show you how your campaign is performing in terms of clicks, impressions, conversions, and cost. They will also work with you to analyze your results and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Step 6: Campaign Optimization

    The final step in our meticulous PPC campaign process involves continuous refinement to ensure sustained success. This includes tracking your conversion data, adjusting your keywords and ad copy, and testing different bidding strategies.

By following these six steps, Global Media Insight can help you create a successful PPC campaign, ensuring agility, effectiveness, and alignment with the evolving dynamics of the digital landscape. Partnering with us means embarking on a journey of continuous improvement and success in achieving your business objectives.


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