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Pinterest Marketing

People tend to view Pinterest as the online version of a scrapbook, but it also offers plenty of creative opportunities for business marketing. At present, 150 million monthly users are actively browsing Pinterest for ideas, inspiration and interesting content.

Unlike other social media channels, the function of Pinterest is not to broadcast content but save it for later. By creating compelling content for Pinterest, marketers can achieve higher rewards in the form of stronger brand recall and increased sales.


GMI & Pinterest Marketing

Every social media channel offers unique opportunities to promote your brand. With over 21 Years of experience in digital media, we help you handle the exciting opportunities on Pinterest to your business advantage.

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Research shows that people utilise Pinterest for purchasing decisions. Ninety-two percent of Pinners use the platform to plan for purchases, 52% have seen a Pin and purchased online, and 64% look at items they’ve pinned while shopping at an offline store.

Pinterest Advertising Services We Provide

  • Understanding the Business Objectives and Campaign Goals
  • Formulating Campaign Strategy and Planning Campaign Setup
  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Optimisation
  • Fine-tuning Strategy & Re-implementation
  • Reporting
  • Campaign Performance Assessment
  • Continuous Monitoring and Optimisation

Convert Your Pins into Actionable Results.
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Enjoy Increased Organic Reach Through Pinterest


Pinterest displays content in four ways; on a Pinner’s home feed based on interest and relevance; in response to a keyword search (e.g., wedding dress ideas); in categories like “Sports”, “Architecture”, “Celebrities”; on your profile boards.

Through the ways above, interested users can discover your content organically, regardless of whether they know or follow your brand. Pinterest also has plenty of features that enhance a Pin’s reach like Promoted Pins, group boards and Pinterest Lens, their image matching search tool.
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The majority of Pinterest’s demographic is female, but the percentage of male users have grown by 120% in 2016.

Drive Business Results with Pinterest

  • Deeper User Engagement

    Compared to other types of social media, a higher percentage of people actively use Pinterest to plan or make their next purchase. Businesses with visually appealing products like e-commerce and B2C have a better chance of connecting with their target users on Pinterest.
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  • Value Added Marketing

    To get noticed on Pinterest, you need to pin more than just your product. It’s important to post a variety of pins based on topics that your audience is interested in and relates to your product in some way. It has the added benefit of giving value to your audience and increasing brand appeal.

  • Perfect for Product Discovery

    72% of users have stated that Pinterest introduces them to new brands and services. Pinterest also has a set of tools and features to help you make the most of your content like Rich Pins, Save button, Buyable Pins, Pinterest Analytics and more.

  • Increased Purchase Intent

    Data from the platform reveals that Pinners who see Pinterest ads have forty percent greater awareness of new products and fifty percent higher purchase intent. Eighty-seven percent of pinners buy an item because of content they see on Pinterest.
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