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Google Ads Location Targeting

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June 9th, 2020 at 12:32pm
Location targeting in Google Ads

Are you showing your ads to the wrong locations? Location targeting in Google Ads

One of the targeting options of google search ads is the location targeting option. Google gives us the option to include as well as exclude locations where the ads should be targeted. This is a very important aspect to be considered. 

Money spent on media advertising can be easily drained off due to wrong set up of this critical element. Only proper attention to this can save media money & ensure the relevant leads come in. 

How do you know your Google Ads account is suffering from a wrong set up in location targeting? 

Review the leads. Specifically, the locations from which you get leads. This will point to if your location set up has been done incorrectly or not. If you have any doubt, speak to your team managing the Google Ads account or your agency. You may also contact us. We offer campaign audit services at affordable rates.

Coming back to the topic, here is where you can see the option to select the type of audience connected to the location. The 3 options available in Google Ads Campaign set up are shown below:

1. People in, or who show interest in, your target Locations (Recommended)

 If they are in your targeted location or  If they show interest in that location, meaning that they don’t have to actually physically be in that location. They could be searching for it from another location.

2. People in or regularly in your target locations

This is good If you run a local shop, you sure don’t want searchers from 1,000 miles away to be clicking on your ads.

3. People searching for your targeted locations

This option lets you show your ads to anyone who searches on Google for your targeted location. If a person doesn’t specify a location in their search, then the system uses their physical location for targeting.

Case Study

We have different types of clients, clients who take your word and those who don’t. In this particular case the client wanted to try & see the results. The client was a legal entity based in Dubai. We knew after discussing that the most likely conversions for the client would be from Dubai itself. 2nd most likely potential clients would be from the rest of the UAE. The others beyond UAE, we had told the client we will target with SEO. Thus paid Media was restricted to the UAE. SEO was across the board with UAE primary focus & GCC secondary focus. 

Here, in this case, the client wanted us to do a test even though we had suggested that the 1st option was the best option. We had done a test to see which works between the first two options.  And it was found that the 1st Option gave many leads from the higher number of impressions & clicks coming from the relevant audience.  The 90% of the leads were from Dubai. A few were from the rest of UAE & only less than 5% was from outside UAE.  The client also understood that it was in his best interest to move ahead with the 1st option as he may lose out on those outside Dubai who had legal issues there.

Whereas when option 2 was taken, the impressions decreased drastically. Correspondingly the clicks & the leads were extremely low. 

Other observations when choosing among the 3 options

In UAE the clicks and impressions reduced drastically when the ads were run with the second option but the average CPC did not have much of a change.

  • When we changed the targeting from Option 1 to Option 2 the conversions reduced by 83% and when it was set to option 1 again the conversions increased by 250%
  • the 3rd option is to be used only when you are looking for aircraft parts in Dubai. Then even if the person is in Kuwait or any country in Africa will be relevant. 

In this location-based audience targeting, we suggest that in the case of hyperlocal businesses like dental clinics, supermarkets etc the 2nd option where people in or regularly in the target location be used. And for other businesses like lawyers – the first option is recommended. 

If you wish to run the Google ad campaigns, do not hesitate to contact us first by filling up our form.

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