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Viral Videos Keys to Success

Posted by GMI Blogger Posted in Social Media Marketing,Video Marketing
April 28th, 2014 at 10:18am

How did YouTube videos like the Evian Baby & Me and the Dove Real Beauty Sketches videos garner more than 50 million views each?

They seem to appear out of thin air and capture millions of views, likes and shares. Although they seem effortless and spontaneous, most viral ads have been well-planned designed. Let us see what you can do to ensure that your video go viral.

Turkish Airlines goes even better with two celebrities in its Legends on Board video.

The story matters

People are not interested in traditional ads anymore. If your video features your product from the start, then customers are immediately turned off. The Ram Trucks Farmer video has a strong story line and the product is mentioned only at the end. It celebrates the Year of the Farmer and pays tribute to an unsung hero in all our lives.


The WestJet Christmas Miracle video is a surprise of a different kind, bringing tears to our eyes and a smile to our lips.

Keep it Short

With so many things going at the same time and so many things vying for our attention, we have a very small attention span. 5 minute video- too long; 2 minutes- maybe; under 1 minute-why not? So unless your video is so gripping that it will keep your audience completely captivated, we would suggest keeping it short, sweet and simple.

Don’t be too proud to Promote

People assume that videos go viral without any effort on the part of the creators. That is not true. As Karen X. Cheng creator of Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (Time Lapse) video says in her blog, she posted on Facebook and Twitter and asked her friends to share it. She also tweeted it at renowned dancers and fellow dance bloggers. Many videos go viral only after it has been picked up by celebrities. The perfect example is the Double Rainbow, an amateur video that has been watched over 39 million times ever since American comedian Jimmy Kemmel tweeted about it.  So make sure that the right people watch your video.


Finally, please remember that not every method is foolproof all the time. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt does not succeed; just keep doing it and you will soon get the hang of it.

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