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As one of the foremost web design, development and digital marketing agencies in Dubai, the UAE, the Middle East and India, GMI is honoured to have worked with hundreds of leading global brands over the past 16 years, helping them build distinctive and extraordinary digital identities that attract customers, provoke engagement and inspire growth.

We define a website's design as a combination of all the visual elements visible to the end user. This includes everything from the colours and images used in the website and the aesthetic decisions contributing to the overall visual appeal to the positioning of content and organization of information throughout the web pages.

Our design strategies adopt a holistic view of the impact of design on a website's success and therefore integrate multiple factors like organizational history, branding aspects, user inclinations, regional and cultural preferences, trends across industry verticals, and much more into the creative deliberations that lead to customizing and personalizing web design for the individual brands. Have a peek at our work.


What many newly digital brands and organizations fail to realize is that web design has an imperative and unparalleled role to play in their development process, and has the ability to influence how customers respond to a website - at par with the quality of the content or the value of the products offered through the portal.

Outstanding, customized web design strategies that provoke engagement and inspire growth.

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UI/UX determines how a user interacts with a brand's website and how they effectively feel about it. We understand that this emotional opinion, in addition to the website's ease of use, a user's access to information, the transaction processes and the clarity of the communication, is paramount towards building a website's UI/UX. Our UI/UX services incorporate comprehensive search engine optimized, mobile optimized, usability-focused designs, layouts, and interfaces.

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Online Branding

Through our online branding strategies, we focus on building a distinctive visual identity for your brand on the internet, that not only recognizes and highlights your brand's most pertinent features, but helps it stand out and make a mark. This form of branding helps consumers seek out and access the brand's services and products from among hundreds of its contemporaries. GMI's online branding services involve using personalized logos and designs, and customized means of visual storytelling like videos and photographs that contribute to building a unique visual personality.

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Brand Microsites

Brand Microsites are a form of focused websites with minimal pages that are usually built to promote a single product or a service from the brand. They can offer businesses a remarkable form of marketing focus that allows them to advertise and retail their products to a specific set of customers through specific channels. For customers, brand microsites can be a simplified online point-of-contact where they can learn about, access, and interact with the brand regarding specific products. GMI can offer you design, development and content support for product-focused, region focused, search engine optimized microsites built with targeted strategies to improve sales.

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WordPress Websites

As the most popular digital presence solution among businesses and individuals across the world, WordPress is a powerful content management system that offers tons of features and capabilities over a remarkably user friendly backend interface and a robust, bug-free framework. As an incredibly easy to use solution that can be managed by anyone with little to no programming knowledge, WordPress is perfect for growing businesses and entrepreneurs. Our team of WordPress designers and developers can help you truly exploit the incredible capabilities of the platform to build compelling web solutions using highly-customised, demographic-focused, mobile responsive designs, strategically chosen to improve branding, sales and inspire growth.

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E-Commerce Websites

A well designed, user-friendly e-commerce website can be a powerful business development tool for any growing business, not only facilitating sales, but also offering customers a portal to interact with and learn more about the brand and its solutions. GMI can offer you a range of highly customized design solutions for your e-commerce website like layouts optimized for increased conversions, planned page appearance based on customer purchasing trends, product showcasing, promotional banners and much more.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

As a new mobile-focused technology built to offer brands and their mobile customers sleek, fluid, and lag-free websites and platforms to connect and interact, Accelerated Mobile Pages stand a whole generation ahead as a digital business development tool. We can help you take advantage of the lean and dynamic framework with comprehensive customization and gorgeous designs that do not compromise on speed and smoothness, but can transform how your customers view and experience your content on mobile devices.

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A truly great web design can empower your digital presence in unprecedented and unparalleled ways.
  • Better User Experience

    This is the foremost means and measure of adopting great design into your websites. The design and UI/UX of your website determine how your customers interact with you and the kind of experience that they have on your website. Offering smoothness and ease of interaction can contribute to compelling visitors to adopt the brand over the long term, thereby turning leads into conversions.

  • Brand Value

    A beautifully designed website is a feather in the cap of any brand or business. Not only does it contribute to improving visitors' opinion about the brand, it also elevates its value among existing customers. Smart and unconventional web designs can also be used as a tool to educate customers about the creative and innovative capabilities of the brand.

  • Improved SEO

    It is no secret that Google loves a well-designed website. This is because a website's UI/UX has a direct and lasting impact on customer behaviour and reaction, which in turn influences conversion rates, exit rates, time-on-site etc. Google's algorithms make a decision about where a website ranks in the search engine results pages based on these metrics.

  • Customization

    Design can offer a uniquely potent kind of customization that's beyond the scope of anything else. This customization can prove very effective at branding the website and expressing its unique visual identity and personality. Design can also be used to headline new business campaigns and for implementing targeted marketing strategies.