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With over 16 years of experience in providing exemplary digital services to leading brands operating in the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI has played a pivotal role in the growth and widespread acceptance of search engine optimization into the digital marketing best practices in these regions.

For a business setting out on building its online presence, the decision to optimise the discoverability of its website through search engines should be the foremost and most pertinent gesture towards long-term business development objectives.

We can deliver highly customised SEO strategies formulated through an in-depth and extensive study of your unique brand motivations, customer preferences and the specific factors that positively affect your bottom-line. Have a peek at our work.


Search Engine Optimisation effectively modifies any website to attract the highest amount of organic or natural traffic through search providers like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., by appearing high and in the first few pages of search engine results.

Empower Your Online Presence to Attract Unparalleled Traffic and Extraordinary Brand Value

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Our SEO Expertise


Core SEO Services

A list of what we believe as the most essential and basic SEO practices that every brand should adopt. This involves everything from a comprehensive SEO consultation and audit to zooming in on the individual factors that can stimulate and attract your stream of customers and developing content for both on-page and off-page optimization. Our core SEO solutions also include services like Keyword Research, SEO Content Development, Landing Page Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation, and Online Reputation Management.

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Geo-Targeted SEO

We fix our sights on certain geographical areas we believe can drive the most growth for your brand and then tailor SEO strategies to better target customers in these areas. We make this possible through some of the most powerful, effective and relevant Local SEO, Arabic SEO, Multilingual and International SEO implementations in the region. This ensures that you are able to direct your marketing and optimisation efforts to be inclusive of your most relevant set of customers, the ones who are most likely to buy your products or services, instead of spreading it out globally and wasting investment and resources.

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SEO Tracking and Analysis

Any kind of appreciation or evolution in business practices can only be initiated following a detailed analysis of the status quo. As a long-standing Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), GMI is uniquely positioned to help you integrate Google Analytics and Tag Managers into your existing web infrastructure, analyse your traffic from different angles and generate meaningful reports that can guide your digital marketing efforts.

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Industry Specific SEO

SEO strategies, tailor-made to target specific industry verticals like E-commerce, Medical, Insurance, Hospitality and much more. We draw from over 16 years of experience to understand the specific strategies that work best for your unique segment of operations and deliver the kind of exceptional optimization that not only draws customers, but builds relationships.

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Link Auditing and Penalty

Not all SEO actions deliver positive results. Some of them can cause Google to deem as unethical and penalize you. Some others, like unfavourable backlinks to your website, can pull your website down in the search rankings. We can help you recoup your rankings by auditing and removing damaging backlinks and implementing measures that help you recover from Google's penalties.

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Mobile & Video

Mobile and Video are the pivotal digital channels of the future. While mobile is the all-powerful medium through which a majority of the world's population today accesses the internet, video is the most engaging form of content on the web and delivers an impact beyond the scope of most other marketing strategies. Our mobile and video SEO services elevate your business's digital presence and offer optimisation for mobile devices, mobile apps and online video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion.

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Search engine optimisation can do more for the online growth of your brand than any other digital marketing strategy in existence.
  • Perpetual Marketing

    Optimizing your website for search engines is like employing a marketing team that works for you 24/7, perpetually drawing relevant traffic to your website - potential customers who are actively searching for your products and services. Therefore, the customers that you draw to your website due to search engine optimisation are much more likely to engage with you and adopt your brand. There is no other marketing strategy, physical or digital, that can offer brands this kind of service or draw results that are this long term.

  • Cost Effective

    When compared to any other advertising or promotional strategy, search engine optimization is remarkably cost-effective and can offer you incredibly long-term and far reaching returns for your investment. This is true especially when compared to marketing strategies like cold calling and digital and physical advertising with regards to return-on-investment, since most people would most probably lean on search engines when hunting for a service or a solution.

  • Rise Ahead of the Competition

    Since more than 90% of the online population turns to search engines as a first step to explore both physical and digital products and services, appearing higher in the search engine results pages effectively gives you higher chances of being chosen over your competitors. High search rankings inspire more leads and therefore more conversions and sales, which means that SEO also offers you an unparalleled financial advantage over your competitors.

  • A Better User Experience

    Since Google places great value on user experience, any kind of optimization would involve redesigning your website to deliver a more attractive, streamlined and user-friendly interface. Beyond Google, great design is also a means of ensuring that customers engage with your website more readily and effectively, and are less likely to browse away. Therefore, this kind of guided refinement can have consequences beyond just drawing visitors to your website, and can help in transforming leads into conversions.

  • Brand Awareness

    Brand awareness is the marketing currency of the modern age. Not only does optimising your website to be positioned at the top of the search engine results pages lead to improved exposure for your brand and more customers being directed to your website and accessing your products, but it also helps improve your brand's reputation, as customers view brands that appear high in search results more favourably and are more likely to recommend it to others in their network.