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As early as 2005, GMI understood the need for SEO for our partners. We ensure that every digital strategy includes a plan that weaves in SEO services, carefully designed by our in-house experts. We create SEO and inbound systems designed to give brands growth across channels. With an integrated approach towards paid search, we give brands a holistic search solution.


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  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO Maintenance
  • Global SEO Services
  • SEO-Friendly Website Redesign
  • SEO-Friendly Content Development
  • Web Analytics
  • SEO Compliance
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SEO for your brands

Search Engine Optimization is the first digital marketing initiative you should take after your website goes live. A website effectively contributes to the marketing of your business only if potential consumers/customers visit your website. Search Engine Optimization ensures organic visitors to your website without the need for paid advertising.

Why Search Engine Optimization from GMI?

  • Over 16 years of digital marketing experience in Middle East
  • Small, medium & MNC clientele across various industry verticals
  • Bilingual SEO capability – Arabic & English
  • Only white hat & sustainable techniques used
  • Advanced web analytics & insightful periodic reports
  • Full-fledged team with rich experience in SEO campaigns
  • Dedicated content writers to enhance/fine tune content
  • Successful track record of delivering Key Performance Indicators
  • Full-fledged digital media experts for total SEO support

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Organic SEO Services

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services

Organic SEO is sustainable. Focusing on what matters to your potential consumers and clients and understanding user behavior has enabled GMI to deliver sustainable organic SEO. The Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) results for a website depend on over 200 factors. Google - the search engine with the largest share of Search Engine usage, keeps improving and fine tuning the factors influencing the SERP results more than 500 times through a typical year. All these changes are carried out to weed out spam & for giving a better user experience. GMI adheres to these changes from the inception of an SEO campaign.

Organic SEO

As a first step to organic SEO, the website’s structural elements are made search engine friendly to welcome crawlers. Every element, right from the page names to the site map are made from the user’s perspective. We emphasize the need for original & relevant content for the target audience. Insights from the marketing and product teams are given great weightage during this process. The need for periodic & systematic generation of fresh content is discussed. Social buttons facilitating content sharing, rating & commenting are introduced as per the client/brand guidelines or corporate guidelines.

We stay away from any unethical or black hat practices like paid link building practices, link farms for organic SEO. No software is used to replicate any human effort. As part of organic SEO, on-going and sustained efforts are put in. Improvements are carried out, both on-page and off-page. In the link building process, link diversity is given great importance. The changes in Google’s search algorithms do not have any adverse impact on them. Organic SEO gives great importance to improving user experience – providing valuable information to users and aligning to what the Google search algorithm supports.

Our SEO Process

Kaizen SEO - the SEO Process of GMI

GMI follows the Kaizen process for SEO. It’s the long-term approach for bringing in sustainable improvement in organic visibility to a website. GMI has created a very successful track record with the Kaizen SEO approach. We methodically seek to attain incremental improvements in the on-page and off-page SEO elements of a website.

Kaizen SEO is the elements of the SEO process evolved & designed by GMI. It starts with understanding the business. We ask client to explain his business which often leads to surprising insights.

Kaizen SEO - the SEO Process of GMI

Kaizen SEO is the SEO process evolved & designed by GMI. It starts with understanding the business.

Understanding the business

Although this seems very rudimentary, we have come to realize that truly doing justice to this phase, while not easy, is the most rewarding aspect of SEO. The greater the clarity, the easier the process. Interestingly when we begin this process, business stake owners and product marketing directors often initiate an introspection of their own business.

Knowing the Competition

From the SEO perspective we have two types of competition viz.

A The list of competing businesses as perceived by the business stake holder. This includes competition in terms of market share, product performance, pricing and marketing.

B The other set of competing businesses, are those that are competing in the digital media space. These include websites that are ranked higher or just lower than your business in search engine results pages for relevant search phrases. There is often an overlap between the listing of competing companies between type A & type B.

Keyword Opportunities

After these steps are carried out, the list of search phrases that potential customers and clients use to reach your website is recorded. This is often done as a joint exercise with the client. Thereafter a research is carried out to analyze search trends in the specific geographic target market. After reviewing the research findings, the keyword phrases are selected for optimization. The web page download speed is analyzed for identifying issues which delay the speed in accessing the website. The user experience is a key element which is again analyzed by a team of experts. The file structure & naming, the folder naming convention and website URL are few of the elements which are identified for change.

On-page optimization

The page title, meta description, header tags, bread crumbs, and footer links are reviewed from the perspective of the finalized keywords. Best practices are followed when implementing these. Copy requirements are analyzed during this stage. We often notice that the existing content requires either tweaking or additions from the perspective of the finalized keywords. We often add a few pages with certain appropriate keyword phrases not covered by existing pages during this phase.

Off-page optimization

In the real world, it’s important how others perceive you as an individual or as a business. Similarly, in the digital world too, what and how often other websites refer and mention about your website is very important. When relevant websites mention your website, it adds to the credibility of your website. Basics of off-page optimization will include having a presence in the various maps like Google maps, regional directories and directories of relevant business verticals. We increase the volume of off-page optimization depending on the type of optimization campaign you have signed up for.

Analytics, review & reporting

Measurement is central to any digital marketing initiative. Web analytics, webmaster & the SERPS are reviewed from this perspective. The progress made and the next steps in gaining further improvement are assessed. The need for online competition study is considered periodically on a need basis at this stage. The reports are discussed with the client. Further insights about market scenario and the ongoing marketing initiatives are understood from stake holders or the marketing/product directors.

Arabic SEO – Multilingual SEO

Look no farther for the best Arabic SEO agency.

GMI provides exceptional Arabic SEO services that are aligned to meet the needs of the Middle East market. A majority of our clients in UAE have bilingual websites in Arabic & English. Our Arabic SEO team, who are native Arabic speakers, has a successful track record of delivering great results for Arabic websites. The process for Arabic SEO is similar to the English language SEO campaign. Depending on the target market, due importance is given to the nuances of the Arabic language used by the target country/region.

The Arabic content team works with the SEO team ensuring that the client inputs are incorporated into the content. Arabic SEO content elements are crafted using research & insights on product and service nomenclature that is commonly used by the consumer. Blog and social media page contents are also aligned towards the SEO objectives of the brand.

Arabic SEO is strongly supported by the development and creative team, allowing us to provide 360 degree digital media services that includes video optimization, image optimization, on-page optimization and complex website structure optimization. Our clients include multinational brands, government agencies, regional companies and SMEs. They have recorded substantial gains in their SERP thanks to GMI. Get in touch with GMI’s SEO division to learn more about these exceptional Arabic SEO success stories.

As part of our multilingual SEO services we offer SEO in Russian, Chinese, French, Hindi & Malayalam in addition to Arabic & English.

How does SEO help?

When a proper Search Engine Optimization is carried out, depending on the goods/services offered on your website, it will start appearing on the search results pages of search engines like Google or Bing. If your website appears on the first search engine results page, the probability of a prospect clicking on your website is 85%. Conversely if your website appears only in the second page, only 15% of the people will consider visiting your website.

Appearing first in the search results page increases the online visibility of your business, boosts online branding & increases visitors to your website.

SEO to improve your Business Esteem & Credibility

In the brick and mortar world, the most well established businesses have outlets near important roads. Thus consumers associate outlets near major roads to be well established, having credibility & esteem. After your website is made SEO-friendly it will automatically appear higher on the search results pages of search engines. Consumers associate credibility & esteem to a business entity which has high ranking for their websites.

SEO to Grow your Business for Prospective Customers

When you have a product or a service which customers want, it is wise to opt for search engine optimization. You know that it’s important to have a good sales and marketing team for selling your goods & services. A Search Engine Optimized website is like having a 24x7 sales army. When your website appears on the first page of Google – it is actually working day and night, which brings in sales and revenue, thereby growing your business.

SEO to Improve your Return on Investment

Marketing professionals agree that an SEO campaign gives the best ROI when compared to any other marketing spend.
Organic SEO gets the relevant search traffic and leads niche traffic of potential customers to your website. While there are hundreds of ways to leverage digital advertising, like e-mail advertising, banner advertising, social media advertising, website sponsorship, search advertising and video advertising, seasoned marketing professionals agree that SEO gives the best ROI.
If you have a good product or service and can convey a value proposition on why the consumer should seriously consider what you have on offer, they are most likely to contact you and seek further details.