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Dubai's Favourite Website Development Company For 21 Years

By choosing Global Media Insight as your web development company, you have a team of over 60 people on board, who are experts in website development, web application development, UI/UX web design, website content writing, and SEO services, to help you create a powerful web presence - whether it is a CMS website, e-commerce website, corporate website, personal blog or simple landing page. When you trust us, you are trusting a fully systematised development process and quality assurance designed to meet the timeline and quality expectations of the website for the target audience.

"A good website for a business is like oxygen for a human being, and since sowing is necessary before harvesting, useful content, intuitive user interface and UX are essential to increase leads/ consumers for your brand." Elizabeth Kalarickal, Director of Strategy

In addition to developing a website that positions your brand online, we can help your business succeed in the highly competitive online media space. With 360-degree digital marketing services under one roof, you don't have to bother having multiple vendors.

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We develop websites that are not just beautiful, but also have interactive capabilities for creating a better user experience and driving user engagement & conversions.

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Our Web Development Services in Dubai

Starting from logo design, branding to building a mobile friendly website, we offer all related services in the digital marketing ecosystem. After we develop & launch a website, we offer Website Annual Maintenance Packages, SEO services, Web Analytics services for measuring, tracking & bringing about ongoing improvements in enhancing website engagement, the customer acquisition journey, bounce rate analysis. Our Analytics teams offer digital dashboards for showcasing the performance of your website, online campaign, social media channels. We have a niche Wikipedia team, wherein we develop & maintain Wikipedia pages for individuals & corporates. Our media team manages digital marketing campaigns right from search ads, social media ads, video ads, programmatic ads using the very best DV360 from Google.

Thus, GMI can offer you all services from A to Z related to the life cycle of your web development. So whether you're only exploring your digital marketing journey with the first steps or you are mature in leveraging all the bells & whistles, GMI's 130+ team members have the skills and passion to take your organization's online journey to the next level.

Our website development services in Dubai include dynamic, responsive websites, CMS-based websites (on platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), and web application development like CRM (Customer Relation Management), lead management systems, and chatbots. On request, we can also offer mobile application development services - be it native, hybrid, cross-platform or progressive web apps.

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Dynamic Website Development

As expansive and evolutionary digital spaces that allow constant transformation, easy updates, and easy management, dynamic websites are the most pertinent solution for any growing business. GMI can offer you customized, powerful, responsive and intuitive dynamic digital real estates that evolve and grow to meet your changing business needs.

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Corporate Websites

Corporate websites are powerful tools that enable conglomerates to unite their multiple brands and institutions under a single online entity. Our development process studies your history and culture and then customizes your website and your comprehensive digital presence to narrate your unique story and legacy most effectively.

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Personal Websites

GMI's web development teams are highly capable and insightful at building smart and customized personal websites that help individuals, freelancers and entrepreneurs to express their creativity, showcase their talents and skills, and build long-term business connections.

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WordPress Development

WordPress is an incredibly capable and easy-to-use content management system that enables SMEs and entrepreneurs to manage gorgeous feature-filled websites without any long-term developer support. GMI can help you take advantage of the remarkable capabilities of the platform to build a customized and robust online presence for your business.

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ASP dot net

.NET Development

As a highly capable cross-language platform, forged by global leaders in personal and corporate computing, .NET is the perfect framework for you to build your website upon. GMI can help you exploit the unique possibilities and the industrial-grade security of the language to offer your customers the most expansive powerful and customized web solution in the market.

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Drupal Development

An expansive, open-source content management system, Drupal can offer businesses scores of features and faculties in an environment of enterprise-level security. Working with the platform since its early days, we understand its immense potential and can help you unleash its most intrinsic and capable aspects.

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Joomla Development

As one of the most cost-effective, robust, and versatile content management systems in the market, Joomla is the preferred choice for many leading companies and international government agencies. GMI can offer you a highly capable and passionate team of developers that can help you harness Joomla's many advantages and realize engaging and efficient online business solutions.

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CRM Integration with Website

As a single window for managing and streamlining all the most important processes within a company, the right CRM solution can be transformative for any organization. We can help you choose the perfect one for your unique business requirements and integrate it efficiently and robustly into your infrastructure.

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Lead Management System Development

Lead Management Systems handle the most important tasks within an organization - effectively gathering, collating, and assigning generated leads, and automating the processes that follow. With a unique strategy that starts off with gaining a deep understanding of your business, we are best placed to find the most appropriate solution for your business needs and integrate it into your existing system.

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Website Testing & QA Checks

What a thorough QA check can achieve for the efficiency of your business website is unparalleled. None of the websites that we build - any size, any platform, any industry - are ever deployed without being first put through a series of systematic, rigorous and demanding QA checks that ensure that they are free of any bugs or issues that might affect customer engagement or brand value.

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Website Maintenance

Like any other tool that you might lean on as part of your business, your website also requires to be constantly updated, re-secured, and maintained. We can offer you a series of customized website maintenance services like search optimization, server and infrastructure maintenance, performance improvements, and high-level security improvements.

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Chatbot Development

GMI can help you integrate powerful next-gen chatbot technology into your online infrastructure to empower and automate your customer interactions. This not only gives you a whole new means to engage your customers but also offers them uninterrupted service and solutions.

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Mobile Apps Development

We have an extraordinary team of mobile development experts who can help you build powerful, personalized mobile apps that not only turbocharge your business, but also provoke engagement and draw results from among millions of your potential and existing mobile customers.

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Android App Development

Engage from the single largest direct access customer base in history, to build your brand and grow your sales using scalable Android mobile apps. Working over app development frameworks like PhoneGap, Xamarin, and jQuery Mobile, we can offer you custom apps, games, APIs, database-driven applications and much more.

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iphone mobile app

iPhone App Development

Maintain engagement with an invaluable set of high spending audiences over the most polished and secure mobile platform on the planet. Through app development frameworks like Objective C, PhoneGap and Xamarin, GMI offers you customized apps, games, m-commerce portals, APIs, database-driven applications, and much more.

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Windows App Development

Build a personalized mobile app for your brand on one of the fastest-growing mobile platforms in the market, with the added advantage of extraordinary cross-device reach. GMI's Windows app development team offers you apps, games, M-commerce portals, APIs, and mobile widgets that are market optimized, region optimized and tailored to your unique business requirements.

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Windows phone
Website and mobile apps

Progressive Web Apps

Drive engagement with your users online and offline through technology that combines the rich UI of native apps with the accessibility of mobile websites. Enjoy the added advantages of cross-device and multi-browser reach with this next step in mobile evolution: an entity that combines the features, functionalities, and benefits of the app and mobile technology.

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AMP Website Development

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the latest in a line of technologies designed to improve how we consume content on mobile devices. GMI's development teams are highly talented at exploiting this minimal framework to implement fluidity and speed for mobile customers, without sacrificing on website's design and aesthetic appeal.

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In the 21st Century, an optimized digital presence will form the foundation from which the entire marketing strategy of an organization will be built up.
  • acquiring website audience

    24/7 Accessibility

    One of the biggest advantages of a personalized digital presence is the ability to maintain constant connectivity with your customers, resulting in more convenient and efficient communication, and therefore enhanced relationships and better credibility for the brand.
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  • time for expansion

    Easy Expansion

    The possibilities are truly endless with an online presence. While offering new services or facilities from a physical storefront would require a lot of deliberation and significant investment, it is far easier with a website or an app. Not only are the costs involved far lesser, but the number of processes and the amount of time leading up to deployment is also far smaller.

  • return on investment

    Cost Free Visibility

    Once you have built your website, beyond maintenance, there really isn't much that you need to invest into it. Unlike other forms of advertising, a website is your permanent, marked-off real estate on the World Wide Web that can offer you far better reach than traditional marketing methods and realize higher ROI.

  • analyse and adapt business strategies.

    Analysis and Improvement

    If there is something exclusive to digital marketing, it is the ability to gather immediate and real-time data about customer behavior and feedback. This allows organizations to modify and adapt their marketing and business strategies to respond better to what customers are really seeking, without having to rely on intuition or educated guesses.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What web development frameworks are the GMI team skilled in?

For over 21 Years, GMI has developed CMS-based websites on Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Custom PHP, ASP.Net. The E-commerce website platforms GMI has developed websites include Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Video enabled e-commerce. Our skilled developers have developed CRM-based websites, chatbots, mobile apps in iOS, Android & Windows platforms.

Q) What's your time frame for website development?

We take from 3 days for a small website to a few months for a larger website. A few key aspects which increase or decrease the time period for web development include web design approval & approved content.

Q) What aspects of the development process can GMI provide assistance?

1) Domain name selection, 2) Web development platform choice 3) Mockup design & Web design finalization 4) Content curation 5) Hosting environment choice 6) Quality assurance 7) Demo & Go Live 8) Recommended next steps

Q) Which languages have GMI developed websites in?

Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese are some languages we have developed websites. We can develop websites in other languages as well.

Q) What is the cost of developing a website?

Websites have become a bare necessity for a business, today. Therefore, we keep our web development services affordable for everyone; we can offer our development service starting from AED 5000 (variable depending on the features and functionalities). For ecommerce websites, the cost is based on your choice of the ecommerce platform plus custom web design service.

As part of our lead generation strategy, we also create landing pages to bring potential customers to your business. In addition to website designing and development service, we also provide ongoing A/B testing, Heat map studies towards improving conversion rates.

Q) Do you develop Landing Pages for digital campaigns?

Yes, we do. In addition to providing Landing Pages for lead generation, our team provides ongoing A/B testing, Heat map studies towards improving conversion rates.

Q) Can you give one good reason to hire GMI to develop my website?

One of our USPs that we would like to share with you is the long-term relationship and strong bonding that we have with our clients. About 40% of our present clients have been associated with us for more than 5 years. Among them, 25% have an 8+ years relationship with us. These include multinational companies (MNCs), leading regional companies, Government & semi-government companies, small & medium enterprises (SME's), start-ups, personal websites, and blogs.

As a full-service web development company, we have built corporate websites and brand websites for companies in the healthcare sector, real estate & construction sector, education sector, retail sector to name a few.

Q) Do you offer existing website redevelopment/redesign services?

Whether it is redevelopment or redesign, we can handle your projects seamlessly, thanks to our development, design, and project management teams. We provide all kinds of website development services along with top-quality digital marketing services. When redeveloping an existing website, we incorporate features and functionalities or upgrade/change the website development platform.

While redesigning an existing website, the look & feel of the website can be changed partly or totally, we can incorporate the responsive web design elements. Thus, you can see we can implement all services relating to website development. The cost would change depending on the scope of the work. Generally, this is a fraction of developing a new website from scratch.

Q)How are you going to help me stay ahead of the competition?

More than a website design company, we would like to call ourselves a digital agency that is focused on delivering full-stack corporate branding solutions and digital marketing services including brochure design, logo design, video production, company stationery, social media marketing, and much more. Web development for us is not a standalone service. It is a process of creating a rewarding digital experience for a user (or a potential customer) by integrating the perfect mix of graphic design elements, site structure, copy, SEO tactics, coding, etc. and we provide all this and even more towards your business growth.

Apart from web designer support for your website and graphic designer support for your marketing collaterals, we can even provide you on-demand mobile app development service for your business. In short, we can offer complete end-to-end digital services as well as branding services to support your business growth.

Looking for a better digital marketing solution to accelerate your business growth?