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It’s always better to have all your data compiled in one place. Thanks to technological advancements, you don’t need to go through the trouble of checking your digital analytics on different platforms. A digital analytics dashboard does the trick; it is a collection of widgets from numerous platforms that provides you with a summary of the reports and metrics that matter the most to you.

With Dashboards, you have the option of monitoring many metrics at once, this way you can check if there are correlations between different platforms.


GMI & Digital Analytics Dashboard

Having spent 16 years in the area of digital marketing, GMI skilfully manages to up its game every time with new and creative ideas. GMI’s custom-built online marketing dashboard displays your performance indicators across platforms, giving you a clear overview of how your digital assets are performing real time.

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You can conveniently avoid the hassle of checking into multiple platforms and determine your real business time from one location.


GMI Digital Analytics Dashboard Services

  • Custom build the Digital Marketing Dashboard
  • Performance indicators across platforms
  • Real-time overview of the performance of your digital assets
  • We plug into several data services such as:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest and much more

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Have an Overview of All the Widgets in One Page


The information presented in the analytics dashboard is reliable beyond doubt. The digital analytics dashboard helps entrepreneurs and consultants to bring their products to market quality, differentiate themselves from their competitors and create revenue opportunities.

Instead of checking in on multiple platforms, it makes more sense to check in through a single centralized dashboard. The digital analytics dashboard can reduce the time and resources spent on monitoring multiple platforms. Getting it a simple matter. Talk to our experts.

A web analytics dashboard provides you with an overview of widgets from various platforms.

Get a Real Time Overview of the Performance of your Digital Assets

  • Lesser Time and Effort

    A social media dashboard makes digital analytics easier by reducing the time and effort spent on shuttling between various platforms. This way you can avoid wasting time logging in and out of different platforms. It can be accessed through mobiles, tablets and television. Take advantage of it today.

  • Several Platforms in One

    It’s not only a time saver but having all your digital analytics compiled in one online dashboard is going to help determine the growth of your business in a convenient way. A digital marketing analytics dashboard consists of analytics from Google, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Bing, etc. all under one single panel.

  • Catch Up With Your Competitors

    With Google analytics dashboard it will be easy to assess how you can bring your products to market quality and several other ways to bringing your business to level with your competitors.

  • Custom Build Your Dashboard

    You can custom build your dashboard by determining how you want your dash to look and what analytics you require. You get to compare campaigns and products just by logging into one dashboard. Introduce your audience to your best version of you. Get in touch.