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Local SEO Services in Dubai

Global Media Insight is the leading 'local SEO' agency in Dubai. With offices in three locations including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, we provide strategic local SEO services to a wide range of clients within and outside the UAE. We can help you rank in local searches irrespective of your industry.

Get found for local searches with our proven local SEO strategies. Local SEO is what you should implement if you are catering to a specific locality. It helps you get found. But, given the high competition at work, it's not easy to get the right visibility for your website. Your website needs to be optimized better than those of your competitors. Not just that, there are a whole lot of things to do, which only Local SEO experts are aware of. We know it and have the necessary experience to help you take on even the biggest brands in your area. We don't stop with optimizing your website for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo but do everything we could to help you get good visibility in Google Maps, leading directories, and social media networks.


Why GMI is the Best Local SEO Company in Dubai

Global Media Insight began doing local search engine optimization long before the term "Local SEO" was coined. Over the years, we have offered Local SEO services to more than a hundred businesses in Dubai alone, which includes boutiques, clinics and hospitals, institutes and universities, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, landscaping services and pest control. So it doesn't matter to us what type of business you operate. We can help you rank in local searches. And why we are known as the best local SEO Company in Dubai, UAE is because we work to improve not only your online visibility but also your business.


Local SEO Services We Offer

Local SEO is more than just optimizing Google Maps and your website. It entails a wide range of activities, beginning with developing a compelling profile for your company. Here are the Local SEO services that we provide:

Local Business Listing

Creating local business listings is crucial to pull off a successful local SEO campaign. We will create & optimise your profile for your location and business. We take an all-inclusive approach that includes (but not limited to) Google My Business optimisation, Google Maps optimisation, review generation, local citation and directory listing to give you the best visibility in your locality. These tried and tested strategies will ensure that your business will show up in the local 3-pack of Google SERPs for queries related to your products and services.

Strategic Targeting

We start our local SEO services with a detailed digital study of the region that the brand operates in. We gather information about the most common relevant searches and service requests being made from the community. Following this, we develop a detailed plan regarding the content of the website, on how best to target local customers.

Social Media Optimization

During this stage we adapt your brand's individual social media profiles to better target local SEO by creating engaging, innovative and stimulating posts directed at local customers.

Multiple Map Optimisation - Google, Bing etc.

There are plenty of navigation applications out there that offer the same service as that of Google Maps. Bing and Waze are two of them, and are very popular among UAE residents. You can never guess your customer’s map preferences. If your business is not optimised for multiple maps, you are going to lose your potential customers to your competition. As part of our local SEO strategy, we make sure that your business is visible to users of Google Maps, Waze and Bing maps by optimising your profile for multiple map results.

Competitor Analysis

During the next stage we collect information about your brand's highest ranking competitors operating in the region, and try to learn from them to develop a strategy on how to rank higher and attract more visitors in comparison.

Performance Reports

ensure and study the effectiveness of our local search engine optimization efforts through analytics and prepare detailed performance reports about how our efforts have improved the number of organic and non-organic visitors to your websites.

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Effective Local SEO Strategies Today Realise Global Ambitions Tomorrow


It is a fact that brick and mortar businesses, especially SMEs, thrive best by catering to local communities and regions where their offices or branches are located in.

This is because, even in a globalised and digital world, for a majority of their daily life requirements and processes, people still, persistently, turn to local businesses.
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The best way for location-bound business to survive and flourish is by making sure that their online presence is able to effectively attract and guide local customers towards them.

Reach Your Local Target Groups and Grow Your Business With Local SEO Strategies

  • Improved Implementation

    That fact that you are a brand operating in the region and most probably have roots in the community gives you a deeper understanding of what local customers want from the service you provide. This helps you better mould your content to have it appear more attractive to local customers - leading to improved CTRs and conversion rates.
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  • More Relevant Visitors

    This is the most important advantage of local SEO. It is much more beneficial to have better rankings in local searches than in global ones. That’s because a major percent of local leads actually result in sales. Customers who search for localized services or products almost always end up making purchases.

  • Reduced Costs

    Local SEO allows you to concentrate your marketing efforts to a smaller region and focus on building an audience that can provide you the most revenue, instead of wasting your SEO budget on strategies for attracting visitors from across the world who might never visit your shop or have no intention or purchasing from you. Optimise your SEO strategies to get the best return on investment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What exactly is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an SEO strategy that aims to increase a business's online visibility in local searches. Local SEO focuses on a specific geographical area as opposed to national or global targeting.

Q) What are the benefits of Local SEO?

Benefits of Local SEO range from increasing your online exposure to attracting local customers to your store. For example, imagine you are running a brick-and-mortar store somewhere in Dubai city. By implementing local SEO, your store will show up for searches happening in and around Dubai city for your targeted keywords. And, chances are high that these customers will visit your store.

Q) How much do you charge for Local SEO services?

The cost of local SEO services depends on various factors such as the area(s) you are targeting, the number of keywords you want your website to rank for, etc. It's therefore not possible to mention the cost before analyzing a project. Please get in touch with our SEO team to find out how much your Local SEO project will cost.

Q) How are you different from other Local SEO companies in Dubai?

Global Media Insight has been providing Local SEO services for more than two decades now. Meaning we are the oldest Local SEO agency in Dubai, UAE and possibly across the Middle East. Moreover, we have experience offering Local SEO services to businesses in different industries including retail, healthcare, education and insurance. Therefore, we have got the right kind of skills to boost your local visibility. We are proud that Local SEO is something we are extremely good at and we know the right formulas to get you in front of your customers.

Q) Can large corporations implement Local SEO?

Local SEO doesn't mean it is solely meant for local businesses. Even large corporations can reap the benefits of Local SEO. As a large company, you may be operating in multiple locations with headquarters in one place and manufacturing facilities in other regions. With local SEO you can promote your business in each region separately to get an edge over your competition.

Q) As a 'local SEO' company in Dubai, will you be able to implement successful local SEO strategies for my businesses in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah?

Yes, of course. We are unquestionably the top 'local SEO' agency in Dubai. But, this doesn't imply that we can only assist businesses in Dubai. In fact, we have provided local SEO services to businesses throughout the UAE and the Middle East. Boundaries are no barrier to extending help. Even if you are located on the side of the world, we can help you with local search ranking effectively.

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