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SEO Consulting Services by Expert SEO Consultants

Struggling to make your mark despite having a dedicated SEO team? It’s time to elevate your strategy! With our professional SEO consulting services, we’ll guide you to reach your SEO objectives, whether it’s more visits, more conversions or more revenue.

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We are a professional SEO consulting company guiding businesses through SEO challenges for over 23 years

When it comes to SEO consulting, we provide performance-driven SEO services. So, the result is guaranteed in 3-6 months. With our expert guidance and strategies, you can achieve a higher ranking on Google, Bing or any other search engine of your choice. We have offered SEO consulting services to small to enterprise-level businesses worldwide. If you are interested, we can help optimize your website to its fullest potential.

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An SEO consultant is someone with advanced expertise in Search Engine Optimization, who can help you achieve your SEO goals by offering the right guidance and advice.

Increased visibility

75% of searchers never go beyond the first page of SERPs. So, achieving higher search rankings means you're more likely to be noticed, potentially leading to increased clicks and visits.

More quality traffic

Organic search accounts for 53% of total web traffic. As a result, you have a higher chance of attracting qualified and interested leads for your business.

Local Search Dominance

With Local SEO, you will be able to capitalize on local searches and attract nearby customers./p>

Credibility and trust

When your business ranks high in searches, it looks more reliable, which helps users trust it.


More than half of the web traffic comes from mobile devices. With SEO (Mobile SEO), your website becomes responsive and user-friendly across devices, able to capture mobile traffic.

An SEO consultant is someone with advanced expertise in Search Engine Optimization, who can help you achieve your SEO goals by offering the right guidance and advice.

What is SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is a specialized service that SEO agencies or experts offer to businesses on an ad-hoc basis. Businesses typically seek this service when they come across challenges that their in-house SEO team finds difficult to handle alone. These challenges could range from improving rankings and increasing organic traffic to fixing technical issues and adapting to changes in search engine algorithms.

An SEO consultant possesses robust expertise, authority, and wide acceptance in the field, and is proficient in a broad range of SEO tools. They can even provide training services to a business’s in-house teams. Once the task is completed, their role with the business ends.

They help tailor SEO strategies to fit your business needs, employing the latest SEO methods, tools, and software. They also assist with keyword research, site content optimization, resolving technical SEO issues, improving site navigation, enhancing mobile rankings, and boosting rankings for non-brand keywords, among other tasks.

SEO Consulting Services

Our SEO consulting services are designed to address any specific issues or challenges that your in-house SEO team may be struggling with, such as improving visibility, moving from page 2 or 3 to page 1 of Google search results, decreasing bounce rate, and more. If you require us to implement SEO strategies or run a full SEO campaign, you can opt for our comprehensive SEO services. Here is the list of SEO consulting services that we offer:

Why Choose Our SEO Consulting Services

Keeping You Ahead

Our SEO team stays updated on the latest trends and algorithms. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of our cutting-edge SEO tools without having to purchase them.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance

Avail professional SEO guidance without the burden of a full-time team, keeping costs in check and results at their best.

Results That Last

We're committed to sustainable success, employing ethical SEO strategies aligned with Google's guidelines and industry best practices for enduring impact.

Transparent Collaboration

We prioritize transparent communication, delivering regular, clear reports and recommendations. We value your input and actively listen to your concerns and feedback to enhance collaboration.

Global Media Insight is a prominent digital marketing company in the UAE, with a 23-year legacy.

When it comes to search engine optimization, it's our forte. With 40+ professionals, we have a robust team that wields advanced tools to achieve more in less time. This translates to faster growth for our clients. Our speciality lies in creating tailor-made SEO solutions that snugly fit your needs and budget.

We have worked with over 225 companies - that means 225+ optimizations. And 90% of these businesses continue to use our services, which makes us the best SEO company in Dubai. Whether you're aiming globally or locally in English, Arabic, or Russian markets, we've got your back!

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How we achieve
our incredible results

SEO is a long process, consisting of many steps. Every step here is vital to give you the desired results. Here is how the SEO process works.



Identifying areas needing improvement on your website.



Identifying key search terms that people use to find you on Google.


Content Creation &

Creating/modifying content with keywords to serve user intent.



Creating a user-engaging, search-engine-relevant website by making necessary changes



Making your website search engine-friendly with technical improvements.



Improving site relevance and authority with quality backlinks and Digital PR

SEO Case Studies



To increase the number of appointments booked through the dental clinic's website.

What we did
  • As most traffic was coming from mobile devices, a mobile responsive website was recommended
  • Multiple areas of content gap were identified & these gaps were addressed with the creation of new content - copy and images
  • Through the SEO engagement, we achieved a great ranking for non-branded terms
  • The optimized site was further targeted with high converting keyword research so that bookings increased



To increase traffic and the number of appointments booked through the brand's website.

What we did
  • Implemented link-building on local and industry-related sites for improved SERP
  • URLs made SEO friendly
  • Internal linking of targeted keywords

Nestle Middle East


To Increase the visibility for brand awareness for the Nestle-Family website and enhance the Organic Traffic to the website from the Middle East.

What we did
  • Detailed SEO Audit and Constant Monitoring.
  • New Responsive website was suggested and launched.
  • Internal Content Duplication of Recipes and Recipe images were rectified with the help of Development team
  • Recipe Schema Tag was implemented that resulted in higher Traffic and CTR for the Recipe pages in the website.
  • Middle East country wise content based link building activities were undertaken to promote the targeted keywords from the website.
  • Acquired Backlinks from High quality Content marketing channels for both English and Arabic sections
YOY Increase in Organic Traffic



To increase the organic visitors from Dubai and improve the business leads.

What we did
  • Fixed the Technical Architectural and URL Issues in the website. Fetched and Updated the pages which were not indexed in Google & other Search Engines
  • Performed Content Gap Analysis. Enhanced the existing Service Pages in the website to improve the existing content.
  • Created new Service pages which are relevant to improve the traffic to the website.
  • Backlinks were acquired from High Authority UAE websites through Content Marketing channels
100 - 130%



To Increase keyword rankings and overall traffic to the course pages.

What we did
  • Technical issues such as 301 redirects, Broken links and historic backlinks were identified and fixed
  • Content Marketing initiatives were undertaken on both Onsite and Offsite
  • Targeted meta tags updation and tweaks for the webpage at periodically
  • Acquired backlinks from local and high authority sites through content marketing channels
  • Wikipedia page creation & maintenance
  • Leverage insights from Google Analytics data to tweak the SEO elements within the website
  • Google Business Listings were created, optimized and monitored.
  • New course pages were created and optimized in major search engines
  • Course and Topic relevant blogs were created and published

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions about our SEO consulting services. Our goal is to address any doubts you have before you consider partnering with us.

Who is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant is someone who gives businesses professional advice on what SEO strategy works best for them and how to implement it to achieve their SEO goals. SEO consultants can be an SEO company or independent consultants with years of experience in search engine optimization. Additionally, they will be up to date on the latest algorithmic changes, SEO techniques and trends.

What are the benefits of hiring an SEO consultant?

Hiring an SEO consultant offers numerous advantages. Here are some of them:

  • You can gain access to expert services without needing to recruit anyone within your company.
  • You can benefit from their advanced tools and software without having to purchase them.
  • You can receive strategic guidance without a significant investment.
  • When they collaborate with your in-house team, the latter can learn the tactics, eliminating the need for additional training.
  • They can help your business adapt to the latest changes in SEO trends.
  • You can concentrate better on your business as they take care of your search optimization needs.
How much does SEO consulting cost?

The cost of SEO consulting services can vary based on several factors. These include the nature of the project, its complexity, and its duration. The location of the consultant and whether you’re hiring an individual or a company can also influence the cost. To get a quote for our SEO consulting services, please contact us.

What should I look for in an SEO consultant?

When you are looking for an SEO consultant, you should ideally consider their experience, track record, knowledge and expertise, communication skills, ethical practices like White-Hat SEO, proficiency in tools, the industries they have worked in, their success stories, reviews, and pricing.

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