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Mobile Advertising

Studies show that there are more than 7.27 million active mobile internet users in the UAE which is reason enough to consider mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is done through text ads via SMS, or banner advertisements in websites, in downloaded apps or in mobile games. Google and Facebook design ads based on the individual’s web browsing history, geographic location and data collected using the person’s shopping habits.

It is a way of making your products and services visible to your potential clients no matter where they are.

GMI & Mobile Advertising

Here at GMI our prime goal is to provide your brand with all the exposure it requires and ensure that it benefits from our services. We have been providing digital marketing and SEO solutions to leading companies in the UAE, Middle East and India for over 16 year.

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This amount of experience has enhanced our knowledge and helped us evolve as an agency. Our advertising experts understand all the nitty-gritties of Mobile Advertising. They know what can capture your target audience and how to relate to them on a personal level.


Mobile Advertising Services We Provide

  • Understanding the business objectives and campaign goals
  • Formulating campaign strategy and planning
  • Campaign setup
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and optimization
  • Fine tuning strategy & re-implementation
  • Reporting
  • Campaign performance assessment
  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization

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Mobile search growth has been skyrocketing as most of the users search for products and services on their smartphones. Studies show that more than 50% of all the searches performed are through mobile devices, this comes to show how much people have come to rely on their mobile phones.

As a business, it is crucial that you make the most use of this service considering that the usage of mobile searches has been drastically increasing these days.

With the help of mobile phone marketing, you can easily get in touch with customers who browse the web on their phones and connect with them on a more personal level.

Mobile Advertising can change your audience’s perception of your brand

  • One Version for Different Phones

    You can use just one version of an ad and reach your mobile web audience across various platforms; this is because mobile sites can be responsive in their design. Depending on whether your customer is browsing through a small screen smartphone or a tablet, a responsive design adjusts itself based on each device’s display capability.
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  • Cost Efficient and Easily Accessible

    It is a major cost cutter for you as it lets you maintain one version of your site or ad, this way you will be less affected in the case of an operating system update. It will also be supported on new smartphones and tablets with changed screen sizes and resolutions. This way your company can save a lot of money and time since there would be no need to create new ads in different sizes.

  • Easy access

    Considering that installing an app takes a lot of time, mobile advertising is a lot less time consuming since it is just a click away. This way it is made easier to view the ad display.

  • Various Users and Availability of Cookies

    More people use the mobile web when compared to apps, as there are many sites available. A website covers a sea of topics when compared to apps, and so it has different types of users accessing it. Cookies help you spot your users and personalise your ad messages, which, in the end, improves your campaign’s overall performance.
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