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Video / Youtube Advertising

With more than 1 billion active users, YouTube is now a formidable marketing entity and community. It is also the second largest search engine after Google, with people using it at home and on the go, not just for entertainment and information, but much more.

When compared to other forms of content, videos deliver far more engagement and better return on investment. Therefore, using videos and especially YouTube in their advertising and promotional efforts would be a wise decision for any brand.

GMI & Video/YouTube Advertising

For the past 23 Years, GMI has been providing excellent SEO and digital marketing services for major local and global brands operating in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Our process includes conducting studies and targeting your ads based on demographics, interests and locations.

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As a leading YouTube advertising agency in the region, we combine the expertise of our digital marketing and video production professionals to deliver videos that engage your customers and increase brand recall.


GMI's Video/YouTube Advertising Services

  • Our performance media specialists use their expertise to deliver effective digital campaigns.
  • With the help of advanced analytics tools, we keep track of the performance of your campaign and report on it.
  • By tweaking your ads, we attract the right audiences to your business.
  • We manage your expenditure by maximising your return on investment.

Tap into the cost-effective and high reaching capabilities of YouTube ads
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The Most Engaging Form of CONTENT, ON the Most Widely Used Media Platform, Put to Work For Your Brand


YouTube has over 4 billion videos viewed daily, which is why having your brand’s ad played before videos can help you reach an enormous number of people.

Because of the tiny attention spans of today’s digital customers, they are actually much more inclined towards video ads rather than any other form of advertising.
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Evocative, engaging video ads expressed over a medium that inspired the concept of virality has chances of exploding beyond their initial promotional and informational scope and effectively reaching millions across the globe.

Video/YouTube Advertising Can Inspire Unparalleled Brand Adoption

  • Targeting The Right Audience

    With YouTube advertising, businesses can make exact decisions about how and where their ads appear. This can be customised based on specific videos, geographical locations, customer portfolios, preferences and viewing trends. This helps them target their marketing efforts for much more efficient results. Video ads, tailor-made for your audience.
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  • Cost Effective

    Even though there are other digital options that are less expensive to produce, when considering the compelling and engaging nature of videos, the return on investment is much more with them. Additionally, to further enable this cost-effective nature, YouTube does not charge advertisers if the viewer skips a video within the first 30 seconds.

  • Increased Traffic and Conversions

    Video ads can help you connect with your audience at a more emotional level and therefore persuade them to take action much more effectively. This leads them to click on your CTAs and visit your website or buy your products.

  • Improved Visibility

    Instead of displaying ads at the beginning of videos, advertisers can also choose to have their promotional videos appear directly in the search results. This allows them to present their promotional messages directly to customers, rather than hoping they click on a video that’s carrying the ad. Ensure your audiences can find you easily.
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