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Landing Page Optimisation


There’s a difference between a landing page and your website’s homepage. Landing pages are web pages created as an extension of an online ad link (like Google Adwords or display ads). Unlike a website page, a landing page’s goal is to sell the particular product or service advertised by the link. Every element of their design from copy to CTA is streamlined to deliver a single message.

The point of a landing page is to coax the visitor into taking one action, and one action alone. It can be a call, a click, a sign-up, a video view, or a download.


GMI & Landing Page Optimisation

If ads are the way to grab a person’s attention, landing pages are the way to maintain and focus that attention on one thing: your conversion objective, be that more clicks, views, or downloads. What we do is design optimised landing pages that help your visitors get there.

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With over 23 Years of experience, we know a thing or two about conversion tactics. Double your digital revenue with a focused landing page


Landing Page Optimisation Services

  • Define goals and objectives
  • Build your first page
  • Analyse the existing pages
  • Drive traffic
  • Get feedback
  • Create a hypothesis
  • A/B test your hypothesis

Turn attention into action
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Why Not Just Use the Homepage?


Studies show that the more things we see, the more each item competes for “neural representation” - that is, our attention. A typical homepage has over two dozen links that divide your visitor’s attention. But a successful landing page focuses attention on one clear headline, one campaign message, and one Call To Action in a stand-out colour.

A dedicated, campaign-specific landing page is like a welcome mat for your visitors. It encourages them to step inside and find out more about your business. Get the specifics of a successful landing page from our team of experts.
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Landing pages are an essential part of conversion optimisation - the things you do to get the action you want visitors to take on your site.

How Landing Page optimisation Rewards You

  • Reduces Bounce Rate

    There are two kinds of landing pages: one compels, the other repels. Whether the fault is too many links, bad design, message mismatch, or more than one CTA, we strip away the clutter to produce landing pages that attract more traffic by keeping it simple.
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  • Better Search Rankings

    People’s searches tend to be highly focused as a result of their need. The problem with many landing pages is that they tend to be broad - like ‘car insurance policies’ instead of ‘cheap car insurance policies in Dubai’. Highly targeted landing pages achieve better search rankings because they better fit the user’s intent.

  • Lower Ad Costs

    A better landing page leads to more conversions. This means your business won’t have to spend extra to acquire customers. You can channel the savings you earn from this into other marketing platforms.

  • More Conversions

    A good landing page boosts the conversion rate - the percentage of visitors that took the action you wanted. It can be the starting point for turning a casual browser into an interested buyer and then hopefully, into a lifelong user.
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