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International SEO


International SEO is one of the most powerful business development tools for any brand or company operating across the world and catering to customers who speak different languages and live in different geographical and time zones.

Not only does it help you expose your brand to an enormous market base and improve its international standing, international SEO strategies also deliver remarkable returns on investment.


GMI & International SEO

Implementing international SEO requires taking into account the range of cultural, political and traditional sensitivities of a global audience. Over 23 Years of operating in the digital space in the UAE, Middle East and India, and collaborating with some of the biggest global brands in these regions, we have gathered a vast amount of experience, knowledge and expertise on how best to design and build a brand's online presence to successfully target customers across the world.

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We realize our results through innovative, engaging, and highly customized content and copy created in different languages by our in-house copy, design and creative teams.


International SEO Consulting Services We Offer

  • We help you choose appropriate country-specific top-level domains, subdomains and URL structures.
  • We ensure the correct language and country configuration is in place.
  • We help you set up correct "hreflang" tags (HTML code for language declaration) during the development process.
  • We optimize your website’s meta-tags for geo-targeting.
  • We set up appropriate country targeting in the Google Search Console.
  • We ensure your mobile presence correctly adheres to international optimization.
  • We troubleshoot common international SEO issues.

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Any Kind of Global Outreach Starts Off With Your International Search Rankings


International SEO helps you effectively configure the content and design of your existing website to target a varied demographic of audience.

Smart businesses can use our customized international SEO strategies to effectively target customers with varied interests, economic means and preferences, using the same domain space.
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Implementing international SEO strategies offers you access to an almost unprecedented number of customers who can fuel the growth of your business, your revenue, and the reputation of your brand.

International SEO Strategies Can Launch Your Brand on its Global Growth Trajectory

  • Global Clientele

    International SEO allows you to effectively target a wider demographic of customers, with varied economic and purchasing strengths, from all across the world. In addition to increased popularity and revenue, it also provides to you feedback from a wider variety of clientele - thereby giving you clearer insights into how best to mould your marketing efforts and product portfolio to attract more customers.
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  • Higher Return on Investment

    Implementing international SEO in your existing website is much cheaper than building separate websites to target different countries or different regions of the world, and delivers a much higher return on investment.

  • Improved Brand Reputation

    By giving you access to global customers, international SEO can exalt you as a multinational company and a global brand. In addition to improved reputation among potential customers, it also leads to increased loyalty among existing ones.

  • Customized Targeting

    Even though international SEO strategies are designed to target customers across the world, we do not realize this through one-size-fits-all solutions, but through customized targeting strategies that shape your content and designs to target the unique sensibilities of specific demographic of global customers. We can help you target your unique cross-section of audience.
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