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Amazon SEO Agency in Dubai

Amazon Optimization is the process of optimizing your product to rank higher in Amazon search results. Most customers do not go beyond the first-page result on Amazon, and thus, it is important to optimize your products with the keywords your customers are searching for.

Optimizing your product listings makes your products show on top of the search results. Furthermore, it helps Amazon find your products to show before prospective buyers.

We are a pioneer Amazon SEO agency in Dubai with a dedicated team of SEO specialists to optimize your Amazon product listings for more sales. Our team uses the best methodologies to help your products rank at the top of the search results. With performance-driven Amazon SEO services, we will help your business and your products become the choice of shoppers worldwide - providing more revenue and growth for your company, and further opportunities to expand your business.

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Our Amazon SEO Services in Dubai

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Promoting your products on the biggest e-commerce platform in the world will indeed help you grow - but there is so much competition. You need to get your brand noticed in the crowded marketplace. GMI’s result-oriented SEO services can help you get the best visibility.

Whether you’re new to Amazon, or an established business, our SEO experts can help you lead over the competition and sell more products.

Account Setup

Our experts will set up your seller account, update your products, and create your shipping plans. We make sure that everything is proper, and your account is ready to start selling.

Account Audit

We review your existing account to develop a result-oriented strategy based on its current performance. Our team will come up with relevant keywords, optimize current listings and fix errors.

Listing Optimization

Our copy team will prepare catchy product descriptions, and the SEO experts will optimize the titles and content to make your customers buy. Moreover, we will add high-quality images and videos to your product listing.

Category and Sub-Category Optimization

Our dedicated Amazon SEO specialists research and optimize your products to include them in the most relevant categories and sub-categories.

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Amazon PPC

Our PPC specialists will make continuous improvements to your paid ads to attract more buyers. Our experts use different kinds of sponsored ads to boost your ROI.


Our Amazon SEO Process

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Industry/Competitor Research

Our team conducts in-depth research about your industry and competitors to develop smart and informed strategies to increase your traffic and conversions.

Strategy Development

After understanding your market and competitors, we create a fail-proof Amazon SEO strategy - that covers everything from the number of products to the end goal.

Amazon Keyword Research

Keywords are very important in Amazon SEO. Our expert SEO analysts find out high-value keywords that describe your products, to help you rank high.

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Product Listing Optimization

We integrate relevant keywords to your product titles and descriptions, and also ensure the product images comply with Amazon policies.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Our SEO experts focus on constant product optimization that involves tracking your keyword rankings and adding high-value keywords to the titles and descriptions.



Important Things All Amazon Sellers Should Know

Amazon SEO is the best way to make your products visible to potential customers, and help boost traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Benefits of Amazon SEO Services from GMI

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Dedicated Amazon SEO Specialists

GMI has a team of top Amazon specialists who have years of experience marketing on the platform. The team develops ROI focused Amazon SEO strategies for your brand.

In-depth Research

GMI’s expert team will conduct thorough research on your market and competition before finding relevant, high-value keywords for your products.

High-quality Designs and Copywriting

We have a team of experienced copywriters and designers who will create compelling text and images to improve your ranking and conversion rate.

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Regular Reporting

GMI uses industry best analytics tools to deliver regular insights about your product performance and sales. Our operations are fully transparent and you can access reports 24x7.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What are Amazon SEO services and why are they important?

Amazon SEO services are used to optimize your products to appear on top of Amazon search results. It is important because there is so much competition, and it is essential to be visible to your customers in a crowded marketplace.

Q) How does Amazon SEO work?

Like Google, Amazon evaluates the search results using an algorithm. It uses multiple parameters to compute the relevancy of millions of products in its database to answer the search query of users. Amazon SEO is a set of processes used to optimize your products to make them relevant to the algorithm.

Q) Why should I implement Amazon SEO?

If you are selling on Amazon, you should implement Amazon SEO, because most people buy stuff that appears on the first page. If you don’t optimize your product listing, there are very few chances for you to appear on the first page results.

Q) What is the advantage of Amazon SEO?

Amazon is the largest search engine for products in the world, and there is so much competition. You cannot overlook the importance of optimizing your products to be visible to your customers. In short, Amazon SEO is so powerful that it can decide the sales of your products.

Q) How do Amazon SEO keywords work?

Amazon keywords are similar to any other search engine. Keyword research is the first and most important part. It helps you find the search terms users would enter while searching for your products. The keywords are then included in your product titles, meta descriptions, and the content of your product pages.

Q) How do you track the ranking of Amazon keywords?

We use industry best tools to track your keyword ranking. Our team will provide regular reports with your ranking details, keyword positions, and traffic data.

Q) What is the difference between Amazon and Google SEO?

Google is basically a question-answering machine, while Amazon wants to make money through sales. Amazon SEO is different from Google’s as you have to understand your buyers requirements and the keywords that they would type in to make a purchase. Moreover, Google SEO focuses on long-tail keywords, whereas Amazon concentrates on short-tail keywords.

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