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App Store Optimization Agency in Dubai


Increase the visibility and organic installs of your mobile app with GMI's App Store Optimization (ASO) Services. We can help your customers find your app easily on any app store that you prefer - whether it is Google Play, Apple App Store or any other.

With millions of apps vying for top positions, your app is likely to get buried in the app store, if no proper ASO is initiated. Need better rankings? We can optimise your app for higher search rankings; we have been offering ASO services in Dubai for years. We are based in Dubai, UAE, but we can offer ASO services across the world. If your mobile application is not performing the way you intended, fret not. Leave that burden to us and focus on your business.

GMI is a leading app store optimization agency in Dubai with enough experience in the trade. We've worked with several businesses and app publishers to help them achieve their goals.


GMI & ASO Services

Search engine optimization is in our DNA - whether it is for websites or mobile applications, we can do it with ease. Ever since apps started ruling the web, app store optimization service has become our priority much like SEO services and it is our key mobile app marketing strategy because we believe it is a success determiner of your campaign.

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So if you've stepped into the app business, ignore ASO at your own risk. Being SEO experts, we know what it takes to get you on top of the search game. We can promise a higher search ranking and more downloads for your app in minimum time.
You might have found it hard to develop your app. But the truth is it is even harder to make it discoverable on app stores, particularly for non-branded keywords. If your app appears nowhere in app store search results, never mind, we can help.


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ASO Services in Dubai

ASO is a process. From choosing the right app category to A/B testing, it involves various techniques, which when combined can drive results. Having worked on ASO for several years, we know the process through and through.

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We are based in Dubai but we can offer ASO services to businesses irrespective of geographical location. If you are targeting any specific audience in any country, our app listing localization services can help. We provide multilingual SEO services in almost all Asian and European languages including Arabic, Russian, French, Portuguese and Chinese, so app listing localization service is easier for us. If you want translation support also, we can help.

Preview Video and Screenshots

Preview video and screenshots are crucial for driving downloads. We can help you create a preview video for your app based on Apple App Store and Google Play guidelines. Sometimes, you may not be able to figure out the best screenshots for your app listing. Our ASO consultants can help you choose the right one. In case you need technical help to create one, we can help you with that as well.

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App logo

Your app logo is the identifier that differentiates your app from other apps. We can suggest or create one that fits your requirements best and goes well with your business identity.

Content optimization

How you describe your app lets your users find and download your app. Both App Store and Google Play offer specific content fields for this purpose including title, description and metadata. Optimizing the content with relevant keywords will give your app the push it needs to reach on top.

Brand website designs
UI UX optimized

Keyword Research and Optimization

We offer keyword research support for app optimization. We collect relevant keywords from multiple methods such as competitor analysis and using advanced tools.

Our App Store Optimization Process

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We follow proven strategies for app store optimization; we can describe our ASO process in three simple steps.

Understanding the fundamentals

We begin by analysing various aspects such as your competitors, audience, type of business you are doing, the purpose of your mobile application, the category your app is listed under, etc.


After understanding the project, we get to work. We start optimizing your app for better search rankings; we look at all areas including copy, logo, screenshots, preview video and reviews and ratings. With relevant keywords, we optimize title, app description and metadata. All this is done based on A/B testing because we believe conversion rate optimization is equally important.

Ongoing ASO

Just like SEO, ASO has to be ongoing. Your position in the App Store fluctuates with competition and algorithmic changes. So, we track your position and keep improving your app store listing accordingly.

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By 2018, 80% of global net users will access the web on their smartphones, which means that the importance of ASO is going to rival that of SEO.

ASO is Advantageous for Your Brand

  • Discoverability

    When you have to compete with millions of apps for the user’s attention, it makes sense to invest in strategies that are designed to push your app to the top.
    Get your app optimised by our team of experts.

  • Visitor Traffic

    Visitors to an app store use search queries to find apps that can solve their problem. By optimising for the store’s search algorithm, we can help you target relevant keywords to draw visitor traffic to your app’s page.

  • Relevant Users

    To be in the space and not be found is a waste of marketing efforts. Your app is like an extension of your business, created to serve your target customers. App Store Optimisation ensures that the relevant audience discovers your app and thus your business.

  • Outrank the Competition

    Through ASO, a publisher can outrank competing apps for certain keywords and categories. This enables them to stand out and gain visibility.
    Optimise your app for the keywords that matter.


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