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Keyword Research


Keyword research is a part of search engine optimisation services and is used to discover a particular set of search terms. The goal of keyword research is to identify relevant terms entered by people and utilise them to achieve better rankings in search engines. Keyword research is also used to measure the competition (the number of brands that are using that keyword) as well as similar keywords and alternatives.

The best keywords are the ones which have less competition and a high number of searches. These factors are conducive to high ranking for that particular search term, leading to increased web traffic.


GMI & Keyword Research

We are an SEO and digital marketing company that has been working for leading companies in the UAE, Middle East and India. Our experts are dedicated to providing your website with the most relevant keywords for your brand.

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At GMI, our job is to help your business get noticed. With tools like Keyword Planner, our experts will generate an accurate list of search terms relevant to the audience you want to target.


Keyword Research Services We Offer

  • Identify Your Keyword Universe
  • Expand the List
  • Prioritise Your List
  • Categorise Your Priority Keywords
  • Identify Preferred Landing Pages
  • Refine Your Keyword List Over Time

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Draw the Right Customers with Keyword Research


Successful search marketing is backed up by research. Simply targeting high-traffic keywords at a glance will only result in three things: 1) An uphill battle against better-placed competitors 2) Attracting the wrong kind of traffic 3) Higher bounce rates when visitors realise you don’t have what they searched for.

Eliminate the above problems with keyword research. By analysing the data and targeting the relevant set of keywords, we help you draw the highest number of qualified customers to your site.
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The right set of keywords can lower advertising costs. When a user gets content that closely matches their query, they are more likely to stay on the website, explore the business and convert into a buyer.

Right Keywords Equal Best Results

  • More Conversions

    A search query is simply an opportunity to solve a problem. By using keywords which match with that query, your content can draw an audience that relates to your brand and the problem you’re trying to solve. If the content provided is useful to them, the conversion rates will also increase.
    Improve conversion rates for your web presence.

  • Uncover the Latest Trends

    By studying what people are searching for at any time, keyword analysis is an excellent opportunity to discover the latest market trends. This up-to-date knowledge can help you adapt your offerings to give customers what they want and draw them away from the competition.

  • Higher Precision through Long Tail Search

    Did you know that long tail keywords (e.g., “kids blue booties size five canvas sole”) generate 70% of search traffic? Unlike a generic term like “boots”, long tail search phrases are easier to target and more accurately reflect your audience’s intentions. Choose the best long tail phrases through keyword research.

  • Proper Placement of Keywords

    Now that you have managed to find the apt keywords, the next step is to place them in the right locations - page title, alt text, URL and anchor text, etc. Choose the right spots and use judiciously - avoid keyword stuffing.
    Let our keyword experts show you how.


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