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Social Media Advertising Dubai


As one of the pioneering social media advertising agencies in the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI has crafted remarkable brand journeys for businesses across different sectors for 23 Years.

Identifying the right audience on social media and setting up optimised campaigns to reach them is a complicated process. The wrong steps can lead to a loss of money, reputation, or worse, acquiring the wrong target audience.

Our Digital Super Specialists will help you get the right message across with social media advertising campaigns. Take advantage of our expertise to stay ahead of the latest updates, tools and features as they happen.
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As organic reach continues to decline, particularly on the leading networks like Facebook, the best opportunities for your business lie in laser-focused, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising platforms like Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, Instagram advertising, etc.

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Our Social Media Advertising Expertise


Facebook Advertising

Push your business ahead of three million advertisers with our Facebook advertising services. As one of the oldest social media platforms, Facebook has one of the largest audience bases and most sophisticated targeting capabilities. You can be sure that there is an audience on Facebook for every type of business, big or small.

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Twitter Advertising

As one of the first Twitter advertising agencies in the UAE, we help your brand stand out from the noise with highly targeted Twitter ads. Position your product perfectly with our management options for promoted tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts. From account setup and marketing strategy to campaign management and performance reports, we do it all.

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LinkedIn Advertising

High-quality management services for the world’s leading lead generation platform. LinkedIn is a boon for B2B businesses due to its capability of targeting individuals based on their organisational role, job descriptions, connections and experience. Our skilled managers will enable you to get in touch with the decision-makers at the leading companies in your sector.

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Instagram Advertising

Put your best picture forward with the power of visual marketing. Our Instagram advertising services contain a comprehensive range of activities including audience targeting and segmentation, keyword research, strategy development, creative development, campaign setup, monthly reporting, competitive intelligence and engagement pattern analysis.

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Pinterest Advertising

Inform and inspire 150 million people. Get the benefits of our expert Pinterest advertisement services by our Digital Super Specialists. Think of Pinterest as a digital scrapbook. Over 75% of Pins are taken from brands, and Pinterest currently has over one million businesses. We help your brand get discovered by promoting your best pins along with carefully curated boards.

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Social media advertising is not about broadcasting but about building relationships through conversation
  • Marketplace Insight

    Due to its vast reach and advanced targeting, social media is an excellent research tool to gain information that will help you know your customer. By monitoring the activity on your profiles, we gather valuable information and customer opinions you might not have access to in a physical store.
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  • Better Brand Awareness

    Everyone uses the web to find information, so if your business is not on social media, it might as well not exist. Social media is one of the most cost-efficient and quickest ways to increase a brand’s visibility and reach more people.

  • Improved Search Position

    While social media advertising doesn’t directly influence search rankings, using it wisely over an extended period can cause your rankings to go up and generate positive results for your business. By posting high-quality content, we build a community that likes and shares your content and eventually get you in front of influencers, which further boosts your search rankings.

  • More Inbound Traffic

    Social media is a critical source of incoming traffic. Every post and advertisement you place on a network is a gateway to your online business. Through social media, you can reach beyond your local fanbase and connect with customers all over the world.
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