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For sixteen years, Global Media Insight has been delivering full-fledged digital marketing and SEO services to leading brands in the UAE, the Middle East and India. As part of our service line-up, we have a team of ‘Listeners’ for Arabic and English who use the best tools to track conversations about your brand.

Thanks to their scale and reach, the internet and social media is a rich source for gleaning data on customer perceptions and competition. Listening is the process of monitoring online conversations, understanding consumer sentiment, analysing customer data from a range of online channels including social media and review sites, and converting this data into practical insights.

Our Listening experts use sophisticated technology to observe conversations round-the-clock. Through our insights, we help you build favourable relationships with your customers and a superior service experience.
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Efficient listening goes beyond monitoring mentions - it provides an accurate view of consumer sentiment. By combining online data with feedback from social channels, listening provides opportunities to benefit from positive conversations and tackle negative feedback before they become damaging.

Listening pinpoints problems that cause negative feedback and creates opportunities for your brand to solve them. The result - positive brand sentiment and more sales leads.


Our Listening Expertise


Insightful Reporting

GMI’s team of Listening experts gather data around the clock from across the web and convert it into practical findings for your business. We are experts at fishing out insights by filtering the chatter with advanced technologies like Meltwater Buzz, Synthesio, Radian6 and Brandwatch, as well as the tools you already own. With Listening, we can: 1) Analyse the impact of your social media; 2) Know the unbiased public opinion about your brand; 3) Discover new leads; 4) Identify trends as they’re developing; 5) Get research data for a new product line; and 6) Get data to justify your marketing decisions. Discover where your real audience is hanging out and align your marketing efforts accordingly.

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Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring is a means of tracking, mining and compiling data from conversations on social media to accurately understand customer opinion and feedback and use that info to derive actionable improvements to your product, business model or marketing efforts. GMI has an extraordinary team of listening and social media professionals who will trawl through multiple social media channels to analyse conversations and complaints involving your brand to gain insights into how your brand is being perceived online. This info is then used to either suggest real time resolutions or condensed into easy to understand reports for changes over the long term.

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Listening gathers information from a range of sources including blogs, websites, forums, review sites, social networks and much more.
  • Perception Analysis

    Listening mines customer opinion to determine if they are saying positive or negative things (or staying neutral) on different online channels. It gives you a real, unbiased view about how people perceive your brand.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Listening is not just for the benefit of your consumers. By monitoring conversations surrounding your competitors, you can gain valuable intelligence, especially on problems that your rival brands can’t solve.

  • Customer Service Enrichment

    Most comments about your brand don’t use your official handle. In other words, many conversations are about you rather than with you, and your business is missing out. By including such discussions as part of the process, listening gives you the opportunity to surprise your customers by weighing in even when they don’t mention you directly.

  • Reputation Management

    The massive volume of information on social media makes it challenging to control and address negative conversations about your brand proactively. If left unaddressed, they can cause long-term damage to your business reputation. Listening comes to the rescue by pinpointing where the conversations are happening so that your social media managers can resolve them on time.

  • Actionable Data

    In the shop, on the streets, through Facebook - conversations happen everywhere. But thanks to the scale and reach of social media, they are amplified and multiply quickly. An expert listening team helps to filter out the noise and pinpoint the data that is critical for your business.

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