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OsCommerce has been in existence for over 14 years, and powers nearly 75,000 online stores operating across the world today.

It is a powerful, free, open-source, robust, highly secure and feature-rich e-commerce solution that allows easy management and maintenance. It comes packed with tons of ecommerce web development business development tools and is trusted widely by developers and brand owners alike.


GMI & OsCommerce

Over the past 23 Years, we at GMI have been mindful of the growing retail power of e-commerce portals and how they have come to redefine purchasing trends across the world. As a web design and development agency operating in the UAE, Middle East and India we have gained unique insights into how user behaviour, in relation to online shopping portals, extends far beyond just the quality of products offered.

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Learning from these insights, GMI has been helping leading brands across these regions build customized e-commerce websites that not only help them promote their products, but also inspire brand growth.

OsCommerce Development Services We Provide

Our expert team of creatives and website developers can build you gorgeous, user-friendly, SEO-optimized storefronts using cutting-edge e-commerce technologies like osCommerce. Our solutions are designed to provoke brand loyalty and enable business growth.

Our varied areas of expertise (SEO, web design and development, copy and content) enable us to partner you beyond the scope of just developing your website, and actually assist you in helping your portal sail out to the masses in the first few months of its existence.

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Everything a Modern Digital Storefront Needs - In a Rich, Customisable, Easy-to-use Package


OsCommerce is a feature-rich solution that is supported by thousands of add-ons. It stands out for its remarkable degree of malleability and robustness.

A highly customizable platform, it allows developers to realize all kinds of unique business requirements with ease.
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Built with a focus on business growth, OsCommerce comes pre-loaded with SEO functionalities. It offers the customers a highly secure and easy-to-use environment to browse and make purchases.

Power Your Online Marketplace on the OsCommerce Framework

  • Ease-of-Use

    Even though osCommerce is an open source web solution, it is built for users. It offers a remarkably user-friendly and secure front and back-end system, enabling easy browsing and searching for customers, and easy adding and removing of products and product categories for website owners. The platform also integrates contact tools like e-mail, phone and live chat, making it very easy for customers and brands to communicate with each other. Your own online business presence, ready for the market.
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  • Customizable

    OsCommerce is a highly adaptable platform that can easily be merged with your existing website. Additionally, the platform offers tons of design templates and over 6,000 free add-ons to customize the look, feel and features of the storefront.

  • Expandable

    OsCommerce expands along with your business and lets you add features and services as you go along. The platform supports multiple languages, multiple currencies, shipping support, newsletter subscription and much more. You can increase the size of your product portfolio to include as many products as you want. As an SEO-friendly platform, it can also be used to achieve your business development objectives.

  • Secure

    OsCommerce integrates a lot of security features that enable you to concentrate on growing your business without worrying about DDoS attacks or hackers. The platform offers features like certified payment gateways, high level of confidentiality, secured transactions, password-protected admin panel etc.

  • Robust

    OsCommerce is a highly trusted open-source platform that is supported by a passionate community of developers. Further, the platform also offers 24/7 technical support and total and complete maintenance assistance. Everything you need to get selling online.
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