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GMI has over 23 Years of experience in the UAE, Middle East and India; we help businesses of all sizes and sectors manage their social media like pros. Our Digital Super Specialists will help you get the best out of your social pages, even over rapidly-changing platforms like Facebook.

Focus on your strengths. Save more time and generate better results with our personalised management services for Facebook.


GMI & Facebook Management

Setting up a Facebook page is easy, but acquiring a strong presence takes time, expertise and effort. In a field where sixty million brands are fighting for visibility, it pays to hire dedicated managers for your online brand. That’s where GMI’s experts can help you out.

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Our social media managers give you complete control over your Facebook presence by delivering strategic management services and providing your followers with value, in the form of excellent content and customer service.


Facebook Management Services We Offer

As the pioneering digital marketing agency in the UAE, our Facebook management services are one of the best in the Middle East. Grow your business with the versatility of Facebook. Consult with our experts today.

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What is Facebook management anyway? Sharing quality content is a part of it, but content can’t talk. Facebook management gives a human, personal touch to your business by attentively interacting one-on-one with people who reach out.

By entertaining, informing, and engaging with your followers on time, Facebook community management personifies your brand and acts as the online face of your customer support.
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Did you know that 87% of visitor comments on Facebook Pages go unanswered? The reasons could be many - such as lack of time - but the results can damage your reputation.

Amplify Brand Sentiment With Facebook Management

  • Professional Expertise

    Facebook is one of the largest and most rapidly changing social networks today. A dedicated social media manager can help you creatively mine the range of services, tools and updates it has to offer.
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  • Build Your Brand Persona

    Consistent community management helps to establish a unique persona and tone of voice for your brand. This persona can be adapted to different mediums and used to drive brand recognition.

  • Responsive Customer Service

    When someone complains about your brand on your page; wants more information about a product; or wants to profess their love for your brand, social media managers can provide the answer. Through timely, thoughtful one-on-one interactions, we boost positive sentiment for your brand.

  • Control Over Your Reputation

    Through professional expertise, consistent community management and addressing negative feedback, we achieve the ultimate goal of Facebook management - control over your online reputation.
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