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Video Production Agency in Dubai

Unleash the power of videos to deliver your business’s messages. Video content production is a fantastic strategy to entertain, inform and educate audiences in an interactive way. Proven to be more effective than other content formats like images or texts, great videos will give your business a powerful voice and increased engagement.

As a full-service video production agency in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East, we at Global Media Insight know the ins and outs of creating stunning videos. We are a creative and passionate bunch of people who find joy in helping businesses generate quality leads. Our strategic video production services will help you stay ahead in the market and outpace your competitors.

Our video production services range over corporate videos, promotional videos, branding videos, motion graphics, animated videos, and more! We promise to help you take full advantage of videos and reap amazing benefits.


From reinforcing social media marketing to enhancing customer outreach, videos are excellent tools for building a brand’s overall identity.


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Our Video Production Services

At Global Media Insight, we specialize in corporate video production. Whether it's an animated video or a live-action video, you can count on us if you have any video needs in Dubai. Our areas of expertise include:


Corporate documentary (& About Us) videos

Ideal for businesses wanting to convey their story, values, and company culture in an inspirational and interesting way. We can help you create engaging Corporate documentaries and About Us videos that can turn your audience into followers.

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Social media videos

More than images, videos (including shorts and reels) have a high chance of going viral. Get noticed on social media with our video expertise. We know how to make your message work in the fast-paced world of social media.

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Testimonial videos

Show your potential customers how happy your existing customers are. But not every testimonial video is effective, it's the storytelling that makes it believable. At Global Media Insight, we have done so many testimonial videos over the years that we know what script works well for you.

Explainer videos (product demos)

How will you convince your customers to buy your product if they don’t know how to use it? You need a video that explains it clearly. But not just any video. You need an explainer video that we can create for you. We pay attention to every detail while creating explainer videos that simplify complex concepts and make them easy to understand.


Marketing/promotional videos

Want to showcase your brand identity? A marketing video is the best way to do it. We are experts in creating stories that stick in people’s minds and hearts. Let us help you boost your business with our video skills.

Training videos

Looking for engaging learning resources for your employees? Try high-impact training videos. Studies say that training videos can improve learning outcomes, reduce costs, and save time. Whether you want to teach new skills or explain complex concepts, we can help you create training videos that suit your needs and preferences.

Improve user engagement by creating and curating powerful videos that captivate, entertain, and educate your audience.
  • Content Compression

    A hundred lines of text information can be compressed and broadcast through visuals and voiceover in a 3-minute video. That's why videos are a necessity when you’re reaching out to time-strapped audiences. No other marketing tactic can combine visual appeal with content compression so effectively.
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  • Increased Engagement

    Studies show that viewers would rather spend more time watching a video than browsing thick lines of text. Video’s emotional appeal is an added advantage. A good story can forge a personal bond between the brand and its users which forms the basis for an active community.

  • Versatile Marketing Collateral

    Videos are not just for social media. They can be used to represent your brand and products in an extensive range of situations including product demonstrations, customer outreach, trade shows, conferences, events, employee training, customer support, and more.

  • Better SEO

    Search engines reward properly tagged videos. Based on this and other factors like video descriptions and user engagement, videos contribute positively to your business’s overall ranking.
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