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Optimizing your brand to perform better in Baidu searches gives you an almost exclusive access to one of the largest and heavy-spending individual markets in the world.

Baidu dominates over 81% of the search engine market of one of the most powerful and fastest growing economies in the world - China. This gives this localized search engine unprecedented financial and marketing clout.


GMI & Baidu SEO

As the leading web development, digital marketing and SEO services agency in the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI was one of the first in the Middle East to recognize the remarkable capabilities of Baidu and help brands in these regions harness it for their growth.

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We offer a range of unique Baidu-focused SEO services that help you optimize the content of your website to target Baidu’s algorithm, and reach out to customers in China.


Baidu SEO Services We Offer

For the past 23 Years, operating in the digital domain, GMI has been paying careful attention to the growth of the Chinese digital space, right from its infancy, through the exit of Google from the mainland in 2010, to the rise of Baidu as the most popular search engine in the country, and beyond.

This has helped our Chinese SEO experts garner unique insights and knowledge that make them highly capable at developing innovative and cutting edge SEO strategies directed at Chinese search engines and fine-tuning your website to succeed in the Chinese market.

Make sure your marketing strategy accounts for the largest population in the world
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Optimising Your Website for Baidu is the Most Dynamic Launch to Your Global Ambitions


China, with its population of 1.3 billion, is one of the largest and most heavily spending economies in the world today, and Baidu has an almost exclusive access to this gigantic market.

This means that optimizing your brand website for Baidu is imperative, not just for brands whose products cater directly to the Chinese market, but for any brand serious about improving its global sales.
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As one of the major powers of the modern world, China’s influence in driving the direction of the world economy is unprecedented. Any business that’s serious about building an international portfolio would be wise to implement strategies for this gigantic market.

Extraordinary SEO Strategies That Build Your Brand Influence

  • Untapped Market of One Billion

    The Chinese online market is subject to a lot of censorship and government restrictions, barring the biggest digital brands in the world access to the country. This means that, even though the Chinese economy has grown to become of the largest in the world, it is more or less a rather untapped market. So, implementing Baidu SEO in you website offers you a rare access into a market of more than a billion high-spending customers. We can help you ensure that you’re not leaving behind any potential customers.
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  • Chinese UAE Community

    Even if your brand operates and serves primarily in the UAE, you can still benefit greatly from Baidu SEO for your website, since a lot of Chinese expatriates live and work in the UAE, and primarily use Baidu for their online searches.

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition

    Since implementing Baidu SEO is not yet a strategy adopted by a lot of businesses in the Middle East region, you would be able to beat your competitors to a large and untapped market that offers a lot of opportunity for businesses that are willing to seize it.

  • ROI

    China is a concentrated and gigantic market with a serious appetite and proclivity for exotic and foreign products. Optimizing your website for Baidu SEO is, therefore, a high return-on-investment strategy.
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