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Shopify - Ecommerce Design And Development

Shopify is a remarkable all-in-one e-commerce platform that’s powerful, feature-rich, and can efficiently and easily fulfil the online marketplace needs of all types of modern SMEs and large enterprises.

Shopify offers businesses extraordinary opportunities for retail growth, by implementing highly personalized business strategies, even while cutting down on development, hosting and design resources, costs and processes.


GMI & Shopify Development

Over the past 18 years, GMI has witnessed and participated in the growth of digital and social marketing platforms the UAE, Middle East and India, right from their infancy. This offers us a unique insight into the minds of the digital shoppers in these regions.

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We combine this knowledge with the unmatched expertise and creative genius of our design and development teams and the powerful capabilities of the Shopify platform to deliver remarkable e-commerce solutions that meet the distinct business needs of growing modern businesses.

Why choose GMI for your Shopify Website

  • Over 18 years of experience in the digital sphere.
  • Highly customized design and development support to meet individual business requirements.
  • Remarkably talented and creative design and development teams that take their time to understand the intricacies of your business, your customers’ purchasing trends and then customize your e-commerce website to offer your business amazing growth and success.
  • Dedicated SEO support.
  • A long track-record of delivering similar, successful services and products for leading SMEs and MNCs operating in the region.

An e-commerce presence that attracts users and drives sales
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Powerful Storefronts, Realized With Extensive Customization, to Deliver Extraordinary Targeting and Unparalleled Results


One of the reasons why Shopify is so popular among businesses, especially entrepreneurs, is because it's a remarkably efficient and intuitive web development platform that hosts content on its own servers and takes care of all backend upgrades and maintenance, giving brands the freedom to concentrate on growing their business.

If you are a business with very little time to spend on developing your e-commerce website, Shopify can offer you an exceptional quick-to-market e-commerce solution that meets all your unique needs, while making no compromises in quality or robustness.
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With its comprehensive range of services, Shopify is a one-stop-destination for all your e-commerce business requirements, offering you solutions for everything from product inventory, secure checkouts, and shipping, to digital marketing and hiring.

Power the Growth of Your Online Business with Shopify

  • Easy Customisation

    In addition to an array of both free and paid pre-configured templates, Shopify also offers powerful editing tools for businesses to easily customize e-commerce websites to accurately match their customers’ unique requirements. Your storefront, tailor-made for you.
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  • Extraordinary Customer Support

    Shopify is famous for its incredibly helpful and intuitive customer support. Their support team is on-hand and available 24/7 over e-mail, chat and phone.

  • Highly Versatile

    Whether you’re a startup, an up-and-coming SME or a large organization with tons of products, product segments, markets and product types, Shopify can manage it all very effectively, while offering you extraordinarily robust and efficient services with very little downtime.

  • Analytics Support

    Beyond just offering businesses a medium to sell their products online, Shopify also contributes to the growth of the organization, by allowing businesses to track their sales and tweak their strategies to improve their brand’s appeal and retail performance.

  • Unlimited Inventory and Management

    Shopify expands to fit the growth of your business. In addition to allowing you to create an unlimited number of product pages, Shopify also lets you track, manage and direct shipping from a single online location. Don’t let your e-com presence stand in the way of brand growth.
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