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Google Penalty Recovery


Have you noticed a sudden slump in your search rankings and site traffic? It’s probably because your website got penalized by Google. Your site rankings can be affected by a Google penalty due to algorithmic updates or a manual review by Google’s Search Quality Team.

If your site has been penalized, don’t panic. With the right tools and recovery services, you can get back in the race and win back your lost rankings and traffic.


GMI & Google Penalty Recovery

23 Years of experience in search engine optimization has taught us that failing to update your SEO techniques can hurt your business in the long run. At GMI, our expert analysts research your site content, SEO and marketing to pinpoint how, where and why your website might have provoked a penalty.

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With the combination of the right tools and strategies, we help you get your website back on track. Take a look at our work to see


Penalty Recovery Services We Provide

  • Analyzing traffic at the time of the drop
  • Pulling backlinks from multiple sources (Google Search Console, Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz, etc.)
  • Analyzing the backlinks obtained based on its Authority, Age, IP and multiple other factors
  • Analyzing backlinks based on link types (content link, blog, forums, commenting, social networks, etc.)
  • Manually checking the relevance of the backlinks and taking action
  • Performing onpage changes based on the penalty
  • Contacting the external website owners for the changes
  • Disavowing the low quality backlinks and adding change requests

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Why Did This Happen?


Google’s job is to provide the most relevant search results with high quality content. While some actions can result in an immediate penalty from a Google employee, others are the result of a highly evolved and constantly changing algorithm that protects the search engine from being manipulated by websites.

The important thing to remember is that your website can be rescued. Google penalty recovery services can identify the type of penalty, the factors that caused it and the strategies needed to fix it. Place your website on the road to recovery.
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95% of penalties are triggered by backlinks that Google considers as low quality.

Benefits of Penalty Recovery Services

  • Research and Identification

    Our experts will do an indepth analysis of your site to identify the triggers which might have caused the penalty, such as duplicate content, low-quality content, link purchasing and keyword stuffing.
    Let us help you.

  • Ethical Erasure

    No tricks or shortcuts - we use 100% certified white strategies to restore your site to its former position in the SERPS. Our team invests effort in painstaking manual processes to erase the Google penalty and ensure that your website is restored to its former ranking.

  • Restore Your Traffic

    We will help you win back your hard-won traffic which had been impacted by the penalty. Our goal is to ensure that your marketing efforts and resources do not go to waste.

  • Reinstate Your Credibility

    Credibility is the most valuable asset any business can own. With penalty recovery, you will regain your hard-won credibility in the online marketplace. Let us help your site on the road to recovery.
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