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Google Analytics Consulting Services


Google Analytics is one of the most powerful digital accountability tools in the market - one that no online brand that’s serious about building its customer base can afford to ignore.

GMI is a leading Google Marketing Platform partner in the UAE. Our team of certified Google Analytics consultants can't only implement Google Analytics on your website but also analyze data trends and assist you in transforming website data into actionable insights. We support small, medium and enterprise level stakeholders and extend our services from requirement gathering, setting up tracking, implementation, analysis and reporting.


Google Analytics Consulting Services We Offer

With GMI, you can be sure that you will get a team of certified Google Analytics pros on-board. As part of the GACP network, we get access to the newest features in beta for testing and improvement. This means that we not only continually work to upgrade our expertise, but we also give clients that critical edge that will help them steal a march on their competition.

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Our Google Analytics consulting services include:-

  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Google Analytics Account Setup
  • Google Tag Manager Setup
  • Tracking and Implementation
    • Cross-domain Tracking
    • Event Tracking
    • Goals and Conversion Tracking
    • Google analytics integrations with other platforms (Google Ads, DV360, Google Search Console)
    • Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce implementations
    • Marketing pixel integrations
    • GA4(formerly App + Web) Implementation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)
  • Analysis and Reporting
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The Kind of Comprehensive Detailed Customer Data That Can Transform Your Business


At its simplest, Google Analytics is a self-examination tool for businesses to understand exactly how visitors are coming to their websites and how they can mould the content to increase this traffic.

The remarkable capabilities of the Google Analytics tools is realised by its inclusive and comprehensive nature, that puts the full data and analytical might of the largest search engine in the world to work for your business. Talk to our experts.

A Google Analytics consultant can help you implement the platform in your website, audit the tons of data that Google throws at you, help you make better sense of it, and understand what exactly contributes to improved performance and how to make this possible in your website.

Google Analytics Consultants Can Help Drive Your Business to its Goals

  • Implementing and Tagging

    Google Analytics doesn't start gathering data about your website right from the moment you publish it. For this, it has to be implemented and connected with your website. A Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) can help you with this implementation and make sure that Google is tracking your website correctly. Additionally, if you have initiated a paid search campaign and would like it tagged to your Google Analytics account so that the results can be tracked more accurately, we can make that possible as well.
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  • Better Understanding of Data

    Google can throw a lot of data at you, and most of it isn't easy understand. A GACP can audit this data and prepare comprehensible reports that give you an accurate picture about how your website and your marketing campaigns are affecting the traffic being drawn to your website

  • Improved Performance

    Any form of improvement always starts off with honest assessment of one’s existing state of affairs. In addition to helping you understand the data, an experienced GACP can also guide you on the changes that you need to make in your website's content, design and coding to draw improved traffic.

  • Trial and Error

    If you are thinking about launching a new campaign and wondering about the impact it would have on your website's performance and traffic, a Google Analytics consultant can help you test out your various design and content options using a virtual sandbox and help you measure the separate impacts.
    Build campaigns that deliver results.

GMI & Google Analytics Consulting

For over two decades, we have partnered with hundreds of leading brands in the UAE, Middle East and India to set up their online infrastructures and effectively build an audience of targeted customers.

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As one of a handful of digital marketing agencies in these regions that are part of organizations worldwide approved as a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Global Media Insight is uniquely positioned in knowledge and experience to best help you implement this remarkable tool into your website and make better sense of the results and how they can be used to attract more customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is Google Analytics free to use?

Yes. Of the two versions available, the standard version of Google Analytics is free of cost but, the premium version (GA 360) is paid.

Q) Why is Google Analytics important?

Google Analytics lets you track several important metrics of your website. It helps you measure the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, onsite content, user experience, campaign analysis, content drill down, and device functionality. Based on which, you can optimise your website bringing more leads and conversions.

Q) Why should I use Google Analytics?

As the old business adage goes, “whatever is worth doing is worth measuring.” There is no success without insightful data gathering and Google Analytics allows you to gather insightful data. With the help of this data about your website and visitors, you can easily understand whether your site is accomplishing its purpose or not. This allows you to take decisions that can help you grow quickly and efficiently, rather than flying blindly and taking wrong turns on the way.

Q) Can Google Analytics help my business grow?

Certainly, Google Analytics can help you grow your business. Hire us once as your website analytics agency to see this for yourself. We can support your business by providing key data about how your customers are behaving on your website, what type of content is working in your favour and what needs to be changed.

Some of the benefits you can get from our analytics client reports are:

It will help you devise better marketing strategies and improve ROI

It will help you understand customer demographics and provide valuable consumer insights

It will help you know your competition better

It will help you take the right steps to maximize conversion

Q) Do you analyze data and give us insights?

Yes, we do. We begin by performing a free analytics audit of your website. The moment we get on board, we start providing you with periodic reports. Our reports are insightful and help you effectively lay down strategies towards growth. We also offer ad-hoc support to answer your specific questions and troubleshoot technical issues related to analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Q) Can I use Google Analytics for any website?

Yes. You can use Google Analytics to improve the performance of any type of website you get access to, be it a static website, a blog or an eCommerce website. Google Analytics is available for use by small, medium and enterprise-level businesses.

Q) What is Google Analytics 4? And, how does it impact my current analytics?

The new GA4 (Google Analytics 4) properties ( 'App + Web' properties) consolidate data from websites and mobile apps into a single set of reports, allowing you to perform cross-platform analysis. It is true, GA4 is going to be the future. But, Universal Analytics is still in the mainstream. So, we recommend adding a Google Analytics 4 property to your existing Google Analytics account. This allows GA4 to run side-by-side with Universal Analytics, keeping your UA data intact and accessible. So, you get the best of both worlds and can experiment with GA4 as it matures.

Q) What are the benefits of upgrading to GA4 from the standard Universal Analytics?

You can combine website and mobile app usage data into a single GA property, which is more powerful than individual Universal Analytics property.

GA4 creates more solid reports by allowing cross-device and cross-platform analysis.

It allows free integration of BigQuery. Earlier, this feature was limited to the paid version (GA360) only.

It has an enhanced measurement feature which enables automatic tracking of certain types of events.

GA4 property provides a debug view report through which you can validate your analytics configuration for apps.

Q) Can I upgrade my UA property to GA4?

Yes, you can. If you have a Universal Analytics account, you can find a new option ‘Upgrade to GA4’ in the admin section of that property, using which you can create a new Google Analytics 4 property. GA4 cannot reuse your existing tagging in UA property. So, you'll need to add the Analytics tag yourself to begin viewing data in your new Google Analytics 4 property. GMI can help you get GA4 up and running on your website in no time.

Q) Can Google Analytics help measure social media traffic?

Yes, you can track social media traffic using Google Analytics source report.

Our website analytics services include (but not limited to):

* Providing insights into social media channels driving traffic

* Analysing the performance of social media campaigns

* Calculating ROI for social media campaigns

* Identifying the target audience

* Setting up social media goal and tracking conversions

Q) Do you provide Pixel implementation?

Yes. Our analytics experts can help you with pixel implementation for Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

Q) Is it beneficial to use Google Tag Manager?

Yes, Google Tag Manager can be very advantageous for your business. It has a free version, which is advanced and hence, sufficient for small to medium level organisations. Without any developer support, it allows you to:

* Track different levels of website interactions

* Send data to Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and a host of third-part tools

* Manage all tags in one place making debugging easier

* Implement Pixel much faster

Q) Who all can use Google Tag Manager?

Anybody interested in managing website tracking codes by themselves can use GTM. It proves helpful for digital marketers, web analysts, SEOs, PPC specialists and e-commerce business owners. GTM helps analysts in taking control of what is being monitored and measured on their platforms.

Q) What industries do you work with?

We work with diverse industries from small and medium enterprises to large corporations in the UAE, GCC and across the globe. We operate in Healthcare, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Automotive, Education, Law, Finance and FMCG. Companies like Nestle, OIC Motors, OSN, etc. are some of our satisfied clients.

Q) Are these services customizable?

Yes. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution in analytics. So, we tailor our services to suit our client’s requirements.

Q) How much does the Google Analytics service cost?

The rates for Analytics service packages vary depending on your website goals and the scope of work. Let’s know your purpose and we’ll calculate a fee accordingly. We’re pretty confident that our Analytics packages will be affordable to you.

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