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Social Media Campaigns


A social media campaign is like a power-up for your social game - it creates a quick boost for your fan following and engagement, provokes direct responses from your customers, and generates brand awareness for the long run.

Social media campaigns are focused marketing efforts on one or more social media platforms for the purpose of assisting a business goal. They differ from your usual posting schedule because of their highly targeted nature and increased measurability.


GMI & Social Media Campaigns

With over 23 Years of experience in brand management for the social space, Global Media Insight has a team of specialists dedicated to building and converting brand campaigns into favorable user actions. Our work over the years has left us with one clear insight: it pays to optimize.

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From startups to big businesses, we invest our time and expertise in analysing the target audience for every type of client, and craft highly optimized campaigns that yield high returns on investment.

Social Media Campaign Services

  • Social media campaign strategy
  • Social media campaign execution
  • Branding campaigns
  • Promotional campaigns on social media
  • Engagement campaigns on social media
  • Campaign content production
  • Social media campaign analysis
  • Insight driven social media campaigns

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Your Brand Needs Social Sales


Social media campaigns are good for more than just getting attention. A well-crafted and intelligently targeted campaign can help you uncover user pain points, get feedback from customers, build email marketing lists, increase website traffic and drive sales toward your business.

By identifying the specific action you want your users to take, and building a campaign around that goal, you can achieve all of the above and more. The best part: for a minimal cost, your brand delivers a far greater impact compared to a traditional advertising blitz. Make social media a part of your sales line-up.
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The best social media campaigns are direct response, which leads to a deeper level of interaction with users and helps you uncover what your audience is thinking.

Grow Your Market with Smart Social Campaigns

  • Enhance Your Social Capital

    When people interact with your campaign, they’ll mention your brand name; this is visible to their friends and followers. Interested audience members will follow your business for news and updates - the more people that follow and talk about you, the more valuable your brand will appear. If you can interest influencers into following you, your brand’s authority and visibility will soar.
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  • More Conversion Opportunities

    Every interaction on social media has the potential for conversion. But campaigns tend to witness a spike in conversions during and after due to the increased visibility. Due to the growing follower count, you’ll have a great number of opportunities to interact with them and leave a positive impression, which can eventually lead to a conversion.

  • Get Better Customer Insights

    You can monitor user comments and reactions to gain insights into what your audience is thinking. You can observe the kinds of content and messaging that generate the most interest, and then produce more of that content.

  • Precise Measurability

    Social media campaigns are measurable by design, which gives them a distinct edge over traditional media. By running different types of promotions on multiple social platforms and measuring the click-through rates, you can identify the best-performing channels and focus your budget on those channels.
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