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English Copywriting Services

Selling goes beyond borders. A perfume company in Dubai can have customers in Switzerland. A date farm in Al Ain can ship to markets in the US and the UK. A local Arabic restaurant can attract food-lovers from all over the world. Language is the link between these sellers and buyers, and English is the language of choice.

To connect with diverse international audiences, you need top-quality English copy that uses the right words to communicate your business USP.

GMI & English Copywriting

As one of the leading digital agencies in the Middle East, we work with different types of brands - global as well as home-grown. That’s why we provide copy services in English and Arabic as part of our service package.

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Our multilingual team of copywriters will craft quality English content for your website, campaigns, social media, and other marketing materials. We help you expand your business by connecting with a wider audience.


English Copywriting Services We Offer

If English is not your native tongue, our copy specialists are here to help. We adapt your marketing to reach a wider audience, with well-crafted English content that's nothing less than perfect.

Take Your Brand Beyond Borders
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Mind the Language


When marketing to new audiences, one of the most common mistakes brands make is neglecting the cultural context.

The nuances of English vary between countries. By creating copy that fits the context of your target audience, we raise your profile and drive conversions among your English-speaking consumers.
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400 million people use English as their native language. At 700 million speakers, it’s also the most widely used second language in the world.

Broaden Your Business

  • Bigger Audience

    Imagine the marketing possibilities of an audience that’s eleven hundred million. If you’re a local business owner and believe that there’s no benefit in targeting them, consider this - chances are that your brand is offering something they won’t find in their area. Sell your unique value proposition with a compelling copy.
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  • Better Sales

    English dominates as the language of business, and this is unlikely to change in the future. Companies that use English in their marketing material get better sales than companies that stick to the local language.

  • Improved Reputation

    Nothing dents a brand’s image quicker than a communication blunder. If English is not your first language, use professional English copy services to avoid mistakes that could harm your business.

  • Compete on a Global Scale

    In the long run, companies that can appeal to local and wider audiences will win. We help you communicate with target audiences in multiple countries with our multilingual copywriting services.
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